Trollbeads Inspiration: Limited Edition Blue Quartz


IMG_0065Goodness… what a party that was!  Thank you to all you amazing ladies who came out, messaged, tweeted and phoned in to help make our Trollbeads Day 2015 so much fun!  I hope that all of you had a great time at the event, and are now happily ensconced, playing with all your beautiful new treasures!


IMG_0063Melanie and I were having such a lovely time, chatting with so many of our favorite Trollies, that we almost were distracted from the new releases… (*Almost*)… With not one, not two but three new releases in June, there’s a lot to keep track of.

IMG_0059First came the City Series of beads with complex and fabulous silver designs for Amsterdam, London, Rome, Shanghai, Seoul, New York, Tokyo and Capetown.  These delightful treats are only available worldwide until the end of June, after which you will have to find each bead only in its home country.  We have some of these lovelies in stock, and

IMG_0060can still fill your wish lists, but time will run out quickly, so let us know if you’d like any of these and we will be sure to save you some!

Next came the immediately legendary Trollbeads Day 2105 Limited Edition Glass.  We are currently out of stock on those lovelies, but let us know if you are still searching for that elusive creature and we’ll do our best to fill orders if at all possible!

IMG_0057Finally, the Limited Edition Summer Stones series launched for 2015… and there are some great beads in this set!  We’ve taken some time to play this week, and there are so many colour combinations that benefit from the addition of one of these stones.  The Citrines are gently lovely, and blend effortlessly with everything from pastels to

IMG_0055Ambers.  Howlite is a welcome addition to the collection of White Trollbeads.  Often in all-white combinations, texture and clarity become the focus, so Howlite with its distinctive grey veining and shape offers a fresh new option.  Orange Agate is brilliantly beautiful and will be drop dead gorgeous with jewel tones such as turquoise, emerald green, lapis blue or rich royal purples.


Carnelian shows a wonderful range from light honey to nearly blood red, all of it so natural and warm.  It is particularly well suited to earth toned bracelets, but is surprising and so beautiful with peachy pinks as well.  The matte finished Green Agate will play perfectly with all the beachy tones that we West Coast ladies love… and some of the less-patterned examples have a subtle, teal look to them that will be wonderful with favorite beads such as Black Flower Mosaic and Azure Bubbles.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Swn Lock”, “Unique Glass”, “Art Deco” (retired), “Aqua Edge Petals”, “Blue Quartz”, “Florence”, “Shanghai Dragon”, “Labradorite”, “Whitecap”, “Green Jasper”, “Dragon Egg”, “Aqua Edge Pumpkin”, “Blue Quartz”, “Organic Bubbles”, “Royal”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Unique Glass”.

Finally, there’s the Blue Quartz… which is precisely the colour I like to call “Beautiful Blue”… not quite Tiffany, not quite Bird’s Egg… it’s perfect with the Aqua Edge series of glass and just sings here among mossy greens!

All beads shown here are currently in stock at Tartooful.  If you see something irresistible, drop us a line at!


Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 4

IMG_1176Day 4

IMG_1171As day four rolls around I am feeling a little fuzzy, after a whirlwind of a day yesterday.  I am in the mood for something comfortable and familiar, with a touch of decisive clarity.

The result is familiar teals and greens, with a hint of crisp white and black to give it some snap.  I began as I begin so many of my favorite bracelets, by reaching for my beloved “Silver Mountain”.  It was my very first bead, and it is still my favorite.

IMG_1172I didn’t want to stay in the light blue tones, so I added rich teals such as this retired “Blue Green Feather”, one of the “Christmas in Australia” series, a green lilac armadillo lookalike unique, and a very green “Organic Bubbles”.  My new “Canadian Jade” grounds it nicely with a deep rich green which is echoed in the lustre of my limited edition “Peacock Pearl”.  So far most of these combinations were well within my usual comfort zone, and might have appeared on any number of bracelets over the years.

IMG_1174However, with the addition of the “Black Spot” and “White Steel” it took on a fresh appearance.  This reminds me a little bit of a Summer fantasy necklace that I made up for myself last year, one day at the beach.  It was inspired by a beautifully worn, crisp blue and white quilt, and featured my tricky-to-use World Tour “Sakura” bead.







Perhaps it’s the memory of that quilt that makes this feel comfortable yet crisp?

IMG_1167This feels just right for today…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Pale & Pretty Stones


Today’s bracelet reveals the soft and pretty side of the new Summer Stones…


IMG_1051With buttery yellow, the softest pink, and sage green this bracelet is a frosted treat.  It puts me in mind of velvety Lamb’s Ears blooming pinkly in the late Spring Garden, printed cotton sundresses, and fragrant woolly thyme.  Just as in nature, this faded sage green pairs beautifully with sunbleached pinks, yellows and blues.

IMG_1045This barely-there-blue bubble unique is a perfect companion to the retired “Light Blue Shadow” and shimmering light blue unique flower that are dotted about the bracelet.  This icy blue is picked up again in the depths of the labradorite, and is an ideal foil to the other light as air colours of the bracelet’s palette.

IMG_1044One of the intriguing effects of the clear, shimmering glass is that it reflects the colours of its neighbouring beads.  The combination creates the illusion of colours on the bracelet that aren’t actually present.  The sage green that appears in the depths of  this clear, lemon-yellow amber is really a reflection of the blue on either side.


IMG_1046Isn’t this colour wonderful?  It’s like pink flowers floating in champagne.  I wanted a warm pink in this composition, rather than one with a cool undertone, so I selected the apricot coloured “Pink Prism” for one end.  Warm pinks are hard to find in the regular collection glass, so I paired it with Rose Quartz and this glowing unique.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Grey Prism”, “Universal Unique”, “Labradorite”, “Sweater”, “Light Blue Shadow”, “Unique Amber”, “Universal Unique”, “Chinese Zodiac Limited Edition”, “Green Rhyolite”, “Rose Quartz”, “Universal Unique”, “Paradise Birds”, “Universal Unique”, “Universal Unique”, “Universal Unique”, “Water”, “Universal Unique”, “Canadian Jade”, “Pink Prism”.