Trollbeads News: The Return of the Trollbunny


We have a brand new, seasonal release from Trollbeads!  These lovely new eggs are available only for a short time, and are so much fun…. as Trollbeads says:

“Spring is full of traditions and one of them is Easter. We celebrate this with an Easter Eggs Seasonal Collection. The Easter egg is considered the symbol of fertility and new life, and the customs and traditions of using eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries.
The Easter eggs were painted with bright colours to represent the sunlight of spring, and the coloured eggs were used as presents.They were exchanged by lovers and romantic admirers
– in fact, very much the same as on Valentine’s Day.The Easter Eggs fit all major bracelet brands and do also look stunning on a necklace.”


green-uniqueWe’ve already been playing with these new little treats and have found that they are wonderful either featured on a clasp, or in a cluster of three or more on a necklace.  We couldn’t resist making up one unabashedly “Spring” bracelet to share with you for inspiration…


yellow-unique-closeThis exuberant composition features brilliant greens that bring to mind the shocking colours of shoots of new Spring growth.  It feels like everywhere I look this colour is peeking out, and its so exciting to see.  I wanted for this colour to sing, so I paired it with the spring-s-curve eggs-closesoftest of blush pinks, to give it a little contrast without overwhelming it.  It’s more often seen in a composition with Turquoise, but that creates an entirely different look.  I wanted to evoke the delicate, almost tentative feel of early Spring, rather than a tropical, Caribbean mood.

These two eggs are so pretty on the clasp, firmly establishing the two tone palette and adding a sweet reminder of Spring…



Trollbeads Inspiration: Citrus Punch


bright8It’s another grey and drizzly day on the wild west coast, so I thought we could all use a little blast of citrus sunshine!  (Repeat after me: “The sun will come back… the sun will come back…”)

Fortunately, the new Spring collection offers lots of sunny inspiration…  “Coral Opal” at left, is enough to bring a smile to my face!

bright11This juicy bead comes in a wide variety of appearances, from blood orange to a punchy, yellow-tangerine.  The translucent and slightly iridescent raised dots have an equally wide range of colours, including muted orange, khaki, lime green, olive and deep copper.

bright10For this bracelet design, I wanted to create a fun mood, something whimsical and playful.  I started with this summery, striped design from the new series: “Strawberry Stripe”.  It feels like a strawberry shortcake cake, so crisp and fresh and fun.

DSCN5406Next I reached for its companion in the new kit:  “Pink Fantasy”.  This unabashedly feminine bead design adds a strong does of pink, and helps to pull the buttery yellow and coral into the design palette as well.  New silver design, “Elderflowers” is so delicate, and the Christmas 2012 Limited Edition glass is apple-cheeked-pretty in the background.

bright6I love this combination! Tangerine, pink, and cherry red.  The graphic note of the Christmas 2012 limited edition lends a Scandi-cool note to the design.  It feels very “Marimekko”…  Silver “Blossom” feels wonderful here among the other flowers.

bright5We’ve been having fun playing with the new “Butterfly” pendant… so far we like it best either as a pendant on a shorter choker – leather or silver… or as a bold statement on a bracelet!  To pull this look off, add it right at the end of a more full composition.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Plain Lock”, “Pink Desert”, “Winter Berry”, “Coral Opal”, “Summer Dot”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Elderflowers”, “Pink Fantasy”, “Swarm of Butterflies”, “Strawberry Stripe”, “Blossom”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2012”, “Pink Desert”, “Coral Opal”, “Mountain Flower”, “Silver Trace, Pink” (retired), “Butterfly Pendant”.

Stay dry out there!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Pale & Pretty

Inspired by the warmth & light of Spring, I recently tried a different combination of my own beads, using the palest pinks from my “pomegranates & copper” as well as soft silvery blues and frosty greens from my paler blue bracelet.

It’s always fun to try something fresh & new, isn’t it?!


Trollbeads Inspiration: New Growth!

The graceful KW has created a gentle & subtle new composition for spring…

Its ruby highlights, paired with fresh whites, make for an unusual and refreshing palette.  The deep tones are reminiscent of the new growth visible in the garden on the tips of tree branches, new shoots of peonies, and far rhododendron buds.  This distinctive shade of raspberry red speaks to me of the earliest days of Spring…

This well matches set of uniques appeared at the most recent Tartooful Trunk show, where KW snapped them up!  They are dramatic, and most unusual.  I’m so pleased that she chose to purchase several of them at once, as effective matches to them would have been very difficult to find again.  In the photo above you’ll see how she has ended the bracelet with a “Happy Fish”.  This is a perfect spot to place this petite bead, to be able to enjoy the detailed image visible only from the side.

The slightly Japanese feel is soft and moody, and is a great fit for our cool, west coast cherry blossom spring.  The delicate tone is enhanced with the use of “Rose Quartz” and moon blue “Chalcedony”.

Clockwise from Clasp: “Pearl Lock”, “Happy Fish”, “Pearl”, “Spiral”, “Unique”, “Zanzibar”, “Chalcedony”, “Treasures”, “Unique”, “Lotus”, “Rose Quartz”, “Lotus”, “Unique”, “Harvest Treasure”, “Chalcedony”, “Zanzibar”, “Unique”, “Etruscan”, “Pearl”, “Silver Stopper”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: RT’s graceful garden of birds

As I lie in bed each morning, waking up to the gentle sounds of the Chickadee’s Spring song, I think that it is time I posted this lovely bracelet…

RT continues to astonish with this highly original composition featuring a flock of Trollbeads Birds.  The silver beads feature both retired and current collection bird themes, including everything from roosters, chickens and ducks to swans and decorative birds…

One of our favorite retired beads, “Sparrow”, can be seen peeking out from between “Grandma’s Favorite” and a lovely Universal Unique with a stylized feather pattern.  I love “Sparrow’s” smooth and polished tummy…

This “Triple Pearl Black” and “Whirling Adventure” set the colour theme for the bracelet… deep grey, lilac and white are a soft yet sophisticated palette for this graceful composition.  The flowers dotting the pearl add to the garden mood…

No Vancouver Spring garden is complete without a flutter of Cherry Blossoms whirling in the wind… and this tradition is beautifully echoed by the silver bead of the same name, as well as this perfect pink and pistachio toned Unique.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Swan Lock”, “Grandma’s Favorite”, “Cherry Blossom”, “Unique”, “Love Within”, “White Steel”, “Duckling (retired)”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Frames”, “Whirling Adventure”, “Chicken”, “Chalcedony (retired”, “Rooster (retired)”, “Universal Unique”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Diamond Bead, White”, “Decorative Bird”, “Limited Edition Peacock Pearl”, “Unique”, “Sparrow (retired)”, “Grandma’s Favorite”.

Observe the careful placement of the beads… the scattering of the deep grey around the perimeter of the bracelet… the balance of the light tones… the strong finish with a pair of matched beads – and a stroke of genius, placing “Chalcedony” between the two fowl, making it appear perfectly egglike!  Beautiful, with a wink…

Thank you for the dose of inspiration, as always, RT!



Less than a week until the Universal Love Trunk Show – and we’re starting to get sooooo excited…


Trollbeads Inspiration: First Cherry Blossom

Yesterday I was delighted to see my very first cherry tree in bloom this year!  It was just a tiny tree, sheltered from the wind in a south facing garden.  It was heartening to see this brave little tree, with it’s confetti of rich, pink early blossoms, staring down the chill of our dark and damp February.  Spring is truly on the way!

This unabashedly pretty bracelet feels like earliest Spring… so delicate, with it’s whispering green and blush of pink.  The silvers are used sparingly and carefully chosen to reflect the floral mood.  “Cherry Blossom”, “Hydrangea” and “Forget-me-not” are blooming in this garden, alongside four stunning examples of “Pastel Flower”. YP has selected a dramatic “Triple Pearl, White” as the beautiful centerpiece of this design.  This bead also echoes the floral theme, with it’s tiny cluster of hydrangea blossoms peeking out from between each of the three white  pearls.

This is a wonderful example of the power that repetition can wield in a bracelet design.  “Pastel Flower” has a unique combination of colours, with the softest celadon green and blush pink.  The green, in particular, can be difficult to effectively echo with other bead designs.  Most other greens in the collection are just a little brighter or deeper.

YP has used pairs of beads in this composition, beautifully showcasing the variety that may be found from one example of a bead to another.   Just look at the difference between the two “Milky Quartz”, or the two “Rose Quartz”.  The difference between the two “Rose Quartz, round” is particularly dramatic: one is almost grey, while the other is distinctly pink.  YP has also included two interesting, limited edition “Empowerment” beads in soft pinks that play perfectly with the rest of the composition.

One might wonder why the fish lock was selected for this floral composition, but if you had the pleasure of chatting with YP about her garden, you would understand… One of the focal points of her gorgeous garden is a large pond, in which live a collection of koi.  The clasp is a nod to these most graceful occupants of her garden.

Thank you to YP for sharing your bracelet with the readers of the blog…


Trollbeads Inspiration: This Spring is going to be hot!

We’ve started to play with the new Trollbeads Spring 2012 release on the workbench, and we’re finding so many wonderful colour combinations… Today we’re playing with a juicy palette of rich greens and hot pink.

The “Diamond Bead, Pink” is the most drop-dead gorgeous diva of a bead in the whole collection – and here it shines in the spotlight of the centre position.  The newly released “Forest Flowers” offers a perfect complementary colour.

We’re delighted to have a new silver lock in the collection – especially one that is so unabashedly pretty, and so very different in form to the other locks.  “Catching Hearts” is a statement piece in its own right, and offers so much more than pure function.

The new collection has three new tassels to adorn our bracelets – for this design we added a “Green Flower Tassel”.  It looks fascinating:  liquid-clear, luminescent and glowing in the light. The droplet of glass feels irresistibly smooth and touchable.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Catching Hearts Lock”, “Green Wave”, “organic Hearts”, “Earth”, “Green Flower Tassel”, “Flowers”, “Pink Bud (retired)”, “Carved Flowers”, “Forest Flowers”, “Cherry Blossom”, “Diamond Bead, Pink”, “Gecko”, “Green Wave”, “Forget-me-not”, “Silver Trace, Pink”, “Paradise Birds”, “Mixed Armadillo”, “Love Within”, “Forest Flowers”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: NO’s ruby bracelet

With the recent release of the Spring 2012 Trollbeads collection comes a very exciting new treat:  a silver core “Ruby”… this bead was previously only available with a gold core, a beautiful and luxurious item that only found a home on a few, special bracelets.  While the new bead doesn’t have that luxe touch of gold, it is more accessible for most of us, and a welcome addition to the collection…

One of our favorite ladies, the talented and super sweet NO scooped a gold core Ruby last summer. We thought this was a good time to check in and see how she is using it, to offer our readers some inspiration in creating their own Ruby bracelets.

This Ruby is nestled between two other extraordinary beads:  a gold initial “N”, and a gold and diamond “Stars”.  Together they are absolutely stunning.  It takes a moment to absorb just those beads, before moving on to notice the rest of the bracelet – which is classic NO, and so lovely…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Black Silk”, “Autumn Splendour”, “Smoky Quartz”, “Drifting Seeds”, “Summer Jewel, big”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Brown Desert”, “Gold Initial N”, “Gold Core Ruby”, “Stars”, “Deep Bubbles” (retired), “Purple Bud”, “Rolling Waves”, “Golden Cave”, “Silver Whorl”, “Unique Amber”, “Transformation”, “Unique Alabaster Amber”, “Safety Chain”.

Thank you, NO for inspiring us, as always…


Spring Trollbeads 2012 part 2 – Chocolate and Cream

Trollbeads has concocted some sweet treats for us!  The Chocolate and Cream kit is deliciously warm, with melt-in-your mouth vanilla and mocha tones.  These are beads that will play beautifully in a huge range of bracelet designs… think of all the soft blue and grey compositions that will look amazing with the addition of a couple of these ivory beads… I can’t wait to see them blended with blush pinks, apricots and lilacs.  There’s no question that the three ivory designs in this kit are destined to become classics.  The soft browns will be stunning with ambers, warm purples sage greens and any of the organic tones that were featured in the blockbuster Autumn 2011 collection.  The three darker brown designs in this kit are wonderfully transparent, with the brown dots, stripes and flowers floating magically in clear glass.  I’m looking forward to trying these designs with soft blue-greys to see how that combination looks – I’m thinking that it would be very “west-coast beach”.

Cream Armadillo

An old Indian prayer to the armadillo: “Protect my borders, teach me my shield, reflect my pain so I shall not yield.”

Chocolate Dot

Decorative drops of delicious dark chocolate on base of white chocolate. A must for the chocolate lover!

Nougat Flower

Creamy flowers dropping their shadows on a white ground. Certainly, they make one think of soft, delicious and creamy nougat.

Cappucino Flower

Small and beautiful flowers in cappuccino colours elegantly emerging from a creamy base.

White Paper Fold

Tonal white in a fascinating pattern – just as the bead was folded in paper. There is something magical about this Trollbead.

Chocolate Stripe

Dark brown as the most delicious chocolate. Alternating stripes of frosted and transparent glass, letting the light shine through so it adds depth and movement.

Now… you’re going to need a few sweet silvers to go with these confections!


Tea is a good drink. It keeps us warm and is a symbol of care. This is for you for the wonderful times, we have had.

Cake Form

A bead for the chef, for she who always makes sure we have delicious cake.

Coffee Mug

To you whom I have shared so many cups of coffee and good times with. You know me so well…

We love this new Striped Onyx Kit… here’s what Troll has to say about it:

“Not one bead is alike in this beautiful kit created years ago at the dawn of day. Onyx is a real power stone – it sharpens your mind and gives you natural authority. These genuine natural materials are absolutely unique. They vary in colour and have unique inclusions and features that show their great age and natural beauty.”


Next up:  Silvers, a new natural stone, and a new lock!


Trollbeads Inspiration: a warm glow

It’s a horrible day out there – cold, wet, rainy and blustery.  The perfect day to cosy up in the warm glow of a Trollbeads bracelet like this one…

This bracelet was created by NO, one of our most accomplished collectors and designers.  She has a real talent for “colour washing” her designs, with balance created through subtle gestures of bead size, depth and opacity of colour, texture and tone.  It’s as though she places her bracelet on a mental scale, and they always come out perfectly balanced.  She also has a gift for unexpected colour combinations, composing totally unique, and very beautiful palettes.

In this bracelet, NO plays with warm neutrals, hinting at salmon pink, alternating with cool greys and deftly weaves a ribbon of fresh green throughout.  Note the green in the “Green Rainbow”, “Milan”, “Glass Trolls” and of course, “Florence”.  It’s one of the hallmarks of NO’s style that she is able to beautifully blend various shades and tones of the same colour family together… In this bracelet she has worked with many different types of gold, including the irridescence of “Honey Dawn”, the deep warmth of “Translucent Flower”, a very orange Amber, and the subtle, natural sparkle of “Golden Quartz”.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Clasp”, “Gold Lotus”, “Green Rainbow”, “Heart Print”, “Triple Pearl, white”, “Translucen Flower”, (Non-Troll), “Milan”, “Golden Quartz”, “Grey Squirrel”, “Big Earth”, “Unique Amber”, “Glass Trolls”, “Honey Dawn”, “Thumbelina”, “Rosa Pearl”, “Brown Desert”, “Gold Endless”.

I feel warmer already…