Trollbeads Inspiration: Watercolour Pink & Green


IMG_8568Often I find inspiration for a bracelet in the colours locked inside one tiny glass bead.  Today I was mesmerized by an exquisite, aqua and peach, water coloured unique.  The colours are so delicious, the and the shimmer of the light on the patterns simply magical.  The rest of the bracelet design came together in a flash!


IMG_8569It used to be quite tricky to find warm toned pink glass in the Trollbeads collection, but over the past year there have been a number of lovely new additions to the production collection.  The new warm pinks, such as “Desert Flower”, “Pink Petals” and “Engraved Romance”make it easier than ever to create a pink design that glows.

IMG_8567I also utilized some of the designs that have long been favorites… “Pink Gold” and both faceted and round “Rose Quartz” help to complete this design.  To complement the aqua green tones in our unique inspiration bead, I placed a beautiful “Amazonite” at the heart of the design.  Other touches of spring green are dotted about the bracelet…


IMG_8570I reached for one of the stars of the new Spring Collection, “Seabed”, and balanced it with “Desert Rose”,  another sparkling murano glass design on the opposite side of the bracelet.  A wonderfully budded unique gives textural interest, and seems to be echoed by the “Spiritual Adornment” nearby.  I found a delicate little iris patterned unique to balance the original inspiration unique, and completed the bracelet with a pair of prisms in perfect shades of pink and green.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Green Prism”, “Unique Glass”, “Desert Rose”, “Spiritual Ornament”, “Engraved Romance”, “Seabed”, “Rose Quartz, round”, “Narcissus of December”, “Amazonite”, “Pink Petals”, “Spring Wave”, “Violet of February”, “Pink Gold”, “Unique”, Rose Quartz”, “Spiritual Adornment”, “Seabed”, “unique”, “Pink Prism”.



Trollbeads Inspiration: Spring 2015 Collection – Glowing Pinks


IMG_8098Spring officially sprang today at Tartooful!   (Never mind the stubborn rain clouds, they’ll come around…)  The gorgeous new collection by Trollbeads for Spring of 2015 feels like a ray of warm sunshine, and has us dreaming of cloudless skies, flowers and beaches.


IMG_8093With soft pinks, handy neutrals, juicy aquas, a handful of sparkle, and lots of super detailed silvers, this collection has a beautiful little something for everyone.  Today I was able to make up a half a dozen bracelets, each one with a radically different feel, and each one mostly composed of new designs.  The first one I’d like to share is inspired by one of the showstopping beads of the new series, the “Pink Conch”.  This pink and warm grey, striped bead is sprinkled with gold sparkle… (see center, above.)

IMG_8092This pink, grey and gold bracelet was so simple to create, it practically built itself!  It was such fun to see how this bead integrates with some of our favorites from the existing collection… “Honey Dawn, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Pink Gold” and “Desert Rose” are all natural companions for the peachy new “Pink Petals” and “Pink Conch”.

Pink and gold has long been one of our favorite palettes at Tartooful, but the addition of a hint of grey gives it a whole new, fully grownup appeal.  These warm grey designs will be so useful blended with everything  – teal, emerald green, turquoise, hot pink, red, sapphire blue…


A few observations on various of these new designs:  “Seven Chakras” is satisfyingly heavy and symmetrical, despite its’ smaller size.  I think that its abstract, compact shape will make it a favorite for me to divide groupings of glass towards the end of bracelets, close to the clasp.  The new Cherry Blossom Lock is really beautiful.  It’s a little trickier to open the small end, so I recommend it for bracelets that aren’t redesigned every single day – but sooo worth the tiny bit of extra care, as it is stunning. Finally, I wasn’t certain about “Guardian of Nature” from the stock images, but now that I have seen it in person I very much like it… it’s nicely rounded and weighted, and I love the quizzical little faces that peek out between the foliage.  Classic Troll!


Clockwise from clasp:  “Cherry Blossom Clasp”, “Unique”, “Seven Chakras”, “Unique Amber”, “Engraved Romance”, “The Positive No”, “Pink Gold”, “Tropical Conch”, “Desert Rose”, “Compass”, “Honey Dawn”, “Rose Quartz”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Wild Cherry”, “Pink Petals”, “Neptune’s Promise”, “Desert Rose”, “Guardian of Nature”, “Pink Conch”, “Unique Amber”, “Seven Chakras”, “Unique”.

Welcome, Spring!