Trollbeads Inspiration: Simplicity


Today at the gallery we are playing with a simple design of pure, Trollbeads silver…


I decided today to create a leather necklace that felt sleek, sophisticated and modern.  I carefully combed through the Trollbeads silvers, finding and selecting  all the boldest, simplest, heaviest designs.  These are geometric forms that give me such joy.  Their naturally balanced symmetrical forms are satisfying to work with, as they easily stand alone, or combine nearly effortlessly with similar companions.  Each one feels like a tiny, modern art sculpture – can’t you imagine them placed on nicely lit, miniature plinths in an art gallery for mice?

1 (1)

6I began by placing “Victory” in the center of the necklace composition.  This marvelously large and dramatic piece melds organic, round forms with angular, chevron forms.  This was a fit choice, as it happily accommodates both rounded designs such as “Three siblings”, “Transformation” and “Trefoil Knot”, as well as more angular items such as “Smiling Cylinder” and “Two Sides to Everything”.  As I built outwards in the composition I occasionally added a matched pair of beads.  This gives a sense of balance and rhythm to the design, without the rigidity – not to mention predictability – of a perfectly matched set of paired beads.


From left to right:  “Water”,   “Neverending”, “Two Sides to Everything”, “Three Siblings”, “Transformation”, “Endless”, “Soft Heart”, “Victory”, “Frames”, “Endless”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Love Within”, “Water”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: H.E.’s bracelet…


Today’s simple bracelet belongs to a very special person… Its owner is my 91 year old cousin, an amazing lady.  She has the gift of staying interested, even astonished by the happenings of the world, in a way that most people seem to lose by the time they are out of their forties.  She’s gentle, artistic, quietly brilliant, and so full of love you can practically see it shining out of her.  I do love her dearly.


Her bracelet holds a “Rose Quartz”, the stone of love… The “Three in One” is symbolic of her three children, and an “Amber” was chosen for its calm quality.  “Happy Fish”, with its quirky, ancient Chinese expression is very much her.  The limited edition green Jade was a healing stone I sent her after a little health challenge a while back.  The “Lotus” seemed appropriate as she has an interest in alternative approaches to healing.  “Silver Mountain” is for her West Coast home – although in her case it really ought to be silver ocean, as that’s what she sees out her Gulf Island windows.  Finally, “Falling Leaves” was added just today as a little wink to the Arbutus trees that carelessly litter her lovely front courtyard with their big leathery leaves.

cathy-icy-sunshineIn an interesting side note, I was told once that the green jade holds the positive energy of the wearer, and has the capacity to release it again when needed.  Think of it as a battery pack of healing and joy.  Apparently if one’s jade darkens it’s a good sign that one has lots of energy stored.  I happily wore the green jade on the bracelet at left, and it became very richly green while there… so when I heard that H.E. could use a little boost that’s the bead that made its way to her bracelet, as you can see in the photo at the top.  Sometimes a bead out of one’s own collection makes a better gift than a new one – it feels like giving a little part of oneself.

Thank you to SE and HE for spending a little of your precious mainland time with me today… it was wonderful to see you both.


Change is Hard.


IMG_4593What a ride we have been on the last few years.  Together Cristi and I have had many adventures, and we’ve experienced huge changes in both of our lives.  So much learned, so much achieved.   After today, Cristi is going to be heading off for a new adventure with her quirky, underbitten hound Remi in tow… at least for now.


IMG_4589Cristi, thank you for all the friendship, hard work, inspiration, encouragement and laughter.  I’ve been honoured to become a part of your life… and look forward to seeing where you go, and what you do next.  You are beautiful, smart, and so caring.  I love you dearly, and already I can’t wait for our next project as a team together.  xo C.






Trollbeads Inspiration: Acorn Bracelet


acorn-bracelet3Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, everyone!  The whole neighborhood is going to smell like roasting turkeys today…and tonight the streets will be quiet, as everyone gathers with their friends and family.  It’s a time to reflect on the the year as it rushes past, and offer up gratitude for the things, both large and small that make life beautiful.

Today, a simple little bracelet, made of three braided leather necklaces and three “Tiny Acorns”.  Just right for Autumn and a spirit of thankfulness.