Trollbeads Inspiration: Inky Azures


IMG_0620A new wave of Azure Bubbles arrived recently at the gallery, and we fell in love with this changeable beauty of a bead all over again.  This grouping of glass are all deep, inky blues with a host of micro bubbles in each one.  The usual large bubbles are still there, but in the layer below that there is a subtle, milky way swath of the tiniest of bubbles.


IMG_0618They look almost like the silver dots in group two glass “Milky Way” – but even smaller.  It’s fascinating stuff!  For those of us who have a mild obsession with this particular pattern of bead, it represents an entire new are of collecting to be done.  Some of them are almost chocolate in colour, with just a hint of blue that shows when the light reflects off the core.


IMG_0617Others are a more slate blue, still others are a deep violet with subtle ribbons of indigo.  My favorites are those that have a hint of green in the blue, with lots of micro bubbles, and a flash of burgundy as the light hits them.  Gorgeous!

These new Azures are bang on for Autumn colour trends, and will be


IMG_0621phenomenal paired with rich clarets – think Rubies, cherry ambers or the upcoming Hessonite Garnet!  Today I’ve chosen a spectacular group of unique ambers that sparkle and glow in the sunlight.  They make a perfect foil for the deep navies of the Azures.


This bracelet was a cinch to play together… the Azures and Ambers work together effortlessly and with the addition of a few bolder silvers and a handful of Scot Bouwens’ beautifully organic glass – voila!


Clockwise from clasp:  “Freya Lock”, “Azure Bubble”, “Magical Lamp”, “Paradise Birds” (retired), “Azure Bubbles”, “Unique Amber”, “Stone Flower”, “Spiritual Adornment”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Unique Amber”, “Flowers on Indigo”, “Unique Amber”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Silver Ornament”, “Cliffs”, “Unique Amber”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Jugend”, “Magical Lamp”, “Azure Bubbles”.

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30 Day Challenge: Day 18


IMG_9662Today’s bracelet was inspired by my dear friend Gillian, and her exquisite taste. On a recent visit she spotted my collection, lying strewn about on a tray, and sat down to have a play.  In no time at all she had teased together a design that contained every one of my sparkle beads!  I never think to use just one design category of my beads in this way, and immediately thought that I must give it a try….


IMG_9660The designs with metallic sparkle are among my favorites in the collection… I think I first picked out a “Blue Desert” for myself… but Brown and Pink followed soon after… and of course since Spring of 2014 there are so many gorgeous, sparkling designs from which to choose.  In addition, there are the various designs that include gold or silver leaf – silver mountain and Golden Cave are fixtures on most of my bracelet designs.

IMG_9661When creating today’s design I started by centering a focal bead by Trollbeads designer, Scot Bouwens.  This big, beautiful bead is one that I most often use on a Fantasy Necklace, but this bracelet concept is custom made for it!   I framed it with a pair of “Blue Deserts” that display the phenomenal range of expression that is be found in this design.

IMG_9664Sparkle Beads love to Bathe in the Sun.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Sterling Double Lobster Lock” (retired Format), “Unique Glass”, “Plait” (retired), “Pink Desert”, “Bead of Fortune”, “Blue Desert”, “Tupilak” (retired), “Golden Cave”, “Spot” (retired), “Blue Desert”, “Artisan Bead by Scot Bouwens”, “Blue Desert”, “Shortcut” (retired), “Brown Desert” (retired), “Frogs” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Neither Fish Nor Bird” (retired), “Blue Desert”, “Art Deco” (retired), “Golden Cave”.

Thanks for the inspiration, Gil!


Trollbeads Inspiration: January Blues


Have you ever seen that movie scene from “The Jerk“, starring Steve Martin?  The one where he has a meltdown, and on his way out the door he “only needs” a long list of things?


jerk5Sometimes when I look critically at my own Trollbeads collection I feel a little bit like that… First, I think I could give up everything except my “Silver Mountain”.  However, then I realize I couldn’t possibly give up the natural stones… And the “Deserts”, blue, brown and pink… then the various colours of “Azure Bubbles”…

jerk3Isn’t it  wonderful that Trollbeads continues to create such gorgeous little treasures that they become such a part of our lives?

For today’s bracelet I dive back into my own dear collection, to play just a little bit with an idea that I’ve been brewing for some time….

jerk4“I only need this Azure… and this Amber…”

jerk7Ever since I acquired my third (!) Azure Bubbles I’ve been thinking that I really ought to try blending just my very favorite designs and see what that looks like.  Deserts and Azures and Labradorites, oh my!  I love my job.

jerk2I call it “January Blues”

I played together this composition and discovered that these beads create a palette of softest grey blue with lots of warmth from amber and golden sparkles.  This is the perfect bracelet for a cold and dull January day like today… the blues are gentle and a welcome respite after the colour excess of the holidays… and the sparkle and amber glow stops it from feeling cold.


The big bad beauty of a sparkly bead at the heart of the bracelet is an artisan piece by West Coast Trollbeads designer, Scot Bouwens.   You’ll recall that he is the designer of the subtle and beautiful Rocky Beach kit that was released as part of the Spring Trollbeads collection last year.

Now I’m just going to take my beads and go…





Inspired by the glittery photos flying around the interwebs of the upcoming Trollbeads collections… I am remembering how very much I love all my “Desert” beads… Pink desert, Blue Desert and retired “Brown Desert” are among my very favorite designs in the collection.  If early rumours are true, then I am bound to love this Spring’s Trollbeads series!