Trollbeads Inspiration: Graphic Silver


Today I thought I’d play with some of the fresh new silver designs that are intriguing so many of our collectors.


IMG_8385Three new designs of considerable size and unusual shape were released as part of the Spring 2015 collection.  “Flying Free”, “Wisest of Souls” and “Guardian of Sea” all have a flared, tubular form that feels clean, modern and yet somehow tribal.  At an accessible CAD$59 price point, these pieces may easily be combined to create a fresh composition with a strong silver element.

IMG_8386In this design I’ve selected “Flying Free” and “Guardian of Sea” for their complementary, flowing patterning.  I added two of our favorite silvers from the Autumn collection for a pleasing rhythm of spherical and tubular forms.  When playing the bracelet together I was happy to note that the round silvers fit beautifully into the flared ends of the tubular designs, and it would be very simple to build an all silver design that was based purely on that combination.


IMG_8383For colour I reached for some delightful uniques that recently arrived, and took the cue for my palette from them.  The result is a pleasing combination of slate blue, grey, oxblood, butterscotch and deep coral.  I so often find fabulous new colour combinations that I never would have imagined just by looking closely at a fantastic unique.  Even after years of composing bracelets, they still have surprises to offer me.

IMG_8384For grey elements I picked “Neptune’s Promise”, a lovely “Sapphire”, “Blue Desert” and a very colour saturated “Khaki Stripe”.

In the end, to create this design only took a few, well-chosen glass, so my only real challenge in creating this bracelet was winnowing down the possible choices and picking the beads that would create the most pleasing palette.


Clockwise from Clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Lotus Top”, “Unique Amber”, “Blue Desert”, “Golden Cave”, “Spiritual Ornament”, “Sapphire”, “Flying Free”, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Amber”, “Unique Glass”, “Guardian of Sea”, “Neptune’s Promise”, “Spiritual Adornment”, “red Tigers Eye”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Golden Cave”, “Lotus Top”.





Sapphire Night: A Sparkling New Year


photo 1What a spectacular year 2014 has been for collectors of Trollbeads…

The golden shimmer of the Spring Collection quickly became must-haves, gracing nearly every bracelet we create.  It’s hard to imagine how we got by without designs like “Scirocco”, “Magical Lamp” and “Ancient Palace”!

Next we were charmed by the delicate hues of Trollbeads’ emeralds.  These subtle beauties are just the right shade of green to enhance all our favorite beach glass compositions, and the pretty cherry blossoms that accompanied them were a gorgeous addition to our Spring Trollbeads wardrobe.


Over the Summer we loved to play with the new pendants for our necklaces, and adored the Limited editions that raced through the shop as quickly as the warm months… we were particularly drawn to the inky blues of the “Coolness” series, and it has proven to be most useful as the cooler months set in.  For Autumn Trollbeads gave us a very strong collection with rich colour and pattern, as well as fascinating motifs that were inspired by the aesthetics of Eastern Mysticism.  Classic silvers such as “Ganesha”, the stunning “Large Lotus”, and the humble but oh-so-useful “Lotus Top” are among our newest favorites.  I particularly love the pair of silvers shown above:  “Spiritual Adornment” and “Spiritual Ornament” display the art of the Trollbeads designers and silversmiths.

photo 2

Finally, for Christmas Trollbeads treated us to a host of new designs, including a new “Bow Lock”, some prettily romantic hearts, dramatic drop earrings, two limited edition kits of Christmas glass and of course – delicious gold!

photo 5

clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Christmas Unique”, “Unique Amber”, “Christmas Unique”, “Blossom Bead”, “Unique”, “Crown Chakra”, “Moon Ocean”, “Spiritual Ornament”, “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”, “Sapphire”, “Silver Gold Trace”, “Spiritual Adornment” “Moon Ocean”, “Crown Chakra”, “Unique”, “Angel Feathers”,  “Unique”, “Unique Amber”, “Unique”.

All those lovely treats through the year…  and I haven’t even mentioned the incredible array of unique glass designs that amazed and delighted us throughout the year.  This truly has been the “year of the unique”, with phenomenal diversity and quality of unique glass designs.  We simply can’t wait to see the new Spring series for 2015, as it promises to be simply beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make 2014 an inspiring, beautiful and fun year at Tartooful… we wish you the loveliest of New Years, filled with love, health and joy.


Trollbeads inspiration: Sapphire and Gold

Recently I’ve had a few questions about gold Trollbeads bracelets… these elusive beauties are such a treat to see, so when I had a chance to see one of them recently I photographed it with various colour compositions, so I could share them with you.

First I decided to play with the classic, rich colour combination of sapphire blue and gold.  One wouldn’t want to hide such an extraordinary chain, so I kept the beads to a minimum and made each one really count.

I added some black and white and then punched it up with a “Moon Ocean” and “Purple Flower Tassel”.  “Moon Ocean” is always a gorgeous shade of blue, and this one has a hint of gold in the iridescent shimmer that makes it perfect with the gold bracelet.  The tassel adds an interesting texture to the composition, and despite its name feels very sapphire in this design.

The detailing on this 18k bracelet is exquisite – note the lovely finishing of the cap and loop.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Golden Heart Clasp”, “Grey Wolf”, “Purple Flower Tassel”, “Moon Ocean”, “Limited Edition Agate”, “Happy Universe”, “Blue Tigers Eye”, “Three Flowers”, “Black Diamond Bead”, “Whitecap”, “Flowers on Indigo”.

Next up:  glowing gold & amber!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Sapphire

This bracelet features a deep, sapphire blue, paired with simple black and white elements that together make a dramatic statement.

I was eager to play with a gorgeous set of Universal Uniques that feature this particular colour, and I was delighted to find this “Dichroic Flower”, with the perfect complementary stone.

clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Neither Fish Nor Bird”, “OOAK”, “Dichroic Flower”, “Grey Wolf”, “Throat Chakra”, “Treasures”, “Clear Blue Bubbles”, “Black & White Universal Unique”, “Blue Flower Universal Unique”, “Ocean”, “Black Gold”, “Blue & White Universal Unique”, “Dolphins”, “Black & White Diamond Flower Limited Edition”, “Neither Fish nor Bird”.

One tiny but happy detail is the pair of “Neither Fish Nor Bird” that frame the lock.  It’s an unexpected twist that catches the eye…