Happy Mothers’ Day! – Challenge Day 10


IMG_5653Happy Mother’s Day, everyone…

we have such amazing ladies out there, and so many mothers of all different kinds.  There’s women who have a slew of

IMG_5652kids of their own for whom they would do anything.  There’s women who care for an entire community of children who need her mothering more than we can imagine.  There’s women who see need within their own extended family,

IMG_5655and step in to provide a level of caring that the child’s own mother can’t always provide.  We have women who are now mothering their own parents… making sure that they are safe, well fed, cared for, and feel loved… and of course, those Mother-in-Laws and Grandmothers who in turn support and love more than one generation of their extended families.  We even have women who step into the gallery just to check in on us, and support us to make sure that we are cared for as well!


A pretty and easy mix of “Unique Ambers”, “Golden quartz”, “Chalcedony”, “Rose Quartz”, “Smoky Quartz” and “Faceted Aurora”

A special thank you is due to the Mom in my life… thank you Linda for all you do for our crazy little family… we love you!