Trollbeads design Challenge: Day 27


Today I’ve opted to work with all my spicy, cinnamon and berry colours for a warm and rich composition…

IMG_1649I played with these colours earlier in the challenge, but in that case I added lots of soft pink as well, for a totally different effect.  This time I barely touched on pink, with a punchy raspberry bead in the center, and only one Pink Desert.  I’m pleased with the way that the raspberry unique armadillo contrasts with the claret tones of the

IMG_1650amber and other warm rusts.  I finished this bracelet with two prisms… This is one of my favorite ways to frame a bracelet, as they are always perfectly matched for size and pattern.  When the bracelet turns and shows the lock it’s so good for it to be nicely framed.  In this case I used a retired Red-Pink Prism and a nice golden apricot coloured Pink Prism.

IMG_1651The rose gold sparkle in the depths of the Pink and Brown Desert beads is coppery and ties in nicely with the overall look of the bracelet.  My Brown Desert has quite a reddish background as well, so it complements the design even more perfectly.  My Scott Bouwens Unique in the background seems right at home in this bracelet as

IMG_1648well – it’s really been so useful over the past month!  My bicone unique amber has a very golden feel to it, but its translucent glow does a good job of echoing the faceted claret amber on the opposite side.  The three beads selected to go right in the middle of the bracelet – two ambers and the raspberry armadillo – set the mood for the whole composition.

IMG_1645Phew!  So glad I added “Auspicious” to my collection just before the challenge!


I think this is one of my favorite bracelets from the month long challenge… perhaps a little cozy for Summer, but destined to be reassembled for September!


Trollbeads: Oh! Armadillo….

Isn’t it funny how just one bead can change the way one sees an entire category of the collection?

A couple of months ago I made the jump and tracked down a retired bead that I had always admired on Cristi’s light blue bracelet: the “Grey Armadillo”.  I had been thinking that it would be pretty to split my blue and grey bracelet into lighter and darker tones, and that the “Grey Armadillo” would be the perfect addition to really set the palette for the light blue composition.  (I’ll share photos of the results in another post…)

This opened the door for me to the world of Armadillos.   Of course, I was aware of the passion for these beads before…(You may recall RT’s incredible armadillo collection, a portion of which is shown above…)  However, despite having admired many beautiful examples, I had never succumbed to the lure.

The next devastating blow to my resistance came in the form of an offer to trade for another bead that I had long admired:  the legendary “Green Lilac Armadillo”.  When it arrived I wasn’t committed to adding it to my personal collection, but it only took placing it on my deep blue bracelet to confirm that I couldn’t let it go.  It glows.  It’s so unexpectedly perfect on the bracelet, it gives me joy every time I glance at it.  (pictures to come in another post… promise.)

So then there were two…  With the door now wide open I decided that it was really time I found a “Unique Raspberry Armadillo” for myself, to add to my “Pomegranates and Copper” bracelet.  (Let the rationalization begin…)  But really, isn’t it perfect?!

So then there were three.  With an armadillo prominently featured on each one of my bracelets I am now a confirmed fan.  I find myself playing with the armadillos on the display at Tartooful, trying them all together on a bracelet, or on my fantasy necklace… thinking about the impact of different colour combinations, and considering which silvers and clasps work best with these sleek designs.

For the record, I like to pair Armadillos with equally sleek silvers:  “Two Sides to Everything”, “Water”, “V for Victory”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Three Siblings”, “Three in One”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Hearts Within”, “Endless”, “Frames” and “Double Heart” are my top few modern and sculptural silver designs.

I think it could be very effective to plan an armadillo bracelet with only knot work themed silvers as well:  “Trefoil Knot”, “Three in One”, “Three Siblings”, “2+2”, “Lucky Knot”, and of course a “Freya Knot” clasp.  I would probably use the “Lucky Knot” to frame the design, putting one on each end for emphasis.

It’s a wonderfully dangerous thing to have an entire bracelet designed in one’s head… At that point, it’s only a matter of time until it happens!

Meanwhile, I’ll hope that Anne Lilleby’s bead is among the new Spiritual Collection (Don’t forget to vote for her entry at I’d love to be able to add her design to my maybe bracelet…

If you’re finding yourself tempted by the idea of a delicious, Raspberry Armadillo of your own, please stop by our online shop, or pop by the Village and visit us in person…. we have a couple of these rare beauties in stock!