Please Vote for Melanie!!!


Oh. MY.

Melanie Matthews’ gorgeous “Compass” design is among the finalists of the Peoples Bead contest this year!!!!

OUR Melanie!  From Tartooful!


We are soooo excited.  Please, please take a few moments to take a peek at her design and vote for it!  She’s too modest to ask you to vote for it when you pop by the gallery… but really – isn’t it so exciting?!  It’s designed to spin and rotate,  so you can set the compass in the direction of your dream trip.

“Spinning Compass The collection is missing a compass. A spinning compass to be precise! Dreaming of going somewhere, spin the compass for some direction. This silver bead would have grooved edges like a coin to enable easy spinning. The N, S, E and west would be on the edges and the central axis would spin on the core.”

check out all the finalists… and vote for Melanie Matthews 😉  HERE