Trollbeads Inspiration: A Tale of Two Bracelets

CW’s “Story Bracelet” has many chapters…

When we first met CW, the remarkable owner of the bracelet pictured above, she was recovering after a stroke.  In the beginning she required the assistance of a walker to go for her daily stroll past Tartooful.  As the months went past she determinedly worked to regain her strength and coordination, joining a boxing gym and walking a little farther each time.  She graduated to two canes, then just one and finally came into the shop one day, unencumbered.  She celebrated this milestone with a trip to Hawaii… We might have been surprised by that, but by then we had learned not to underestimate CW.

Along the way, she was also celebrating each moment with a Trollbead, making her bracelet one of the most personal and meaningful I’ve ever seen.

We had come to greatly admire this amazing woman, with her quiet strength, her sense of humour, and her terrific personal style…  (Tattoos and hats, oh my!) …So when she didn’t appear for one of her regular visits over the course of several months, we took note, and were concerned.  When we finally heard from her she had once again suffered a serious health crisis and had a new set of challenges to meet – but this time she was missing her bracelet.  It had been misplaced during a visit to the emergency room, a loss that she felt deeply.  It was as though all of her hard work had disappeared with the bracelet.

We weren’t alone in our admiration for CW, so the community that cared for her worked together to compose a new bracelet for her – replacing as many beads as we could, and adding one more to tell the story of this chapter.  However, as we should have anticipated, CW surprised us with her independence and determination.  She doggedly returned to emergency over and over, putting up notices and asking nurses if they had seen the missing article until finally she found someone who remembered spotting it in a drawer, and her bracelet was returned to her.  She came in to Tartooful, happily wearing her original bracelet and we were delighted to only add the new bead for her bracelet’s latest chapter.

Azure Bubbles: the latest chapter…

CW’s bracelet perfectly reflects it’s owner:  bright, sparkling, cheeky, unexpected, bold, beautiful and with a story to tell….