30 Day Challenge: Day 7


Today I was in a light sort of a mood… wanting something natural, simple and clean.  A fantasy necklace with a few spring greens was just the thing.

IMG_9459I picked this lovely sage green and gold stripe from my palette first and decided to work from there.  I added some golden ambers to play up the glitter, but added the buttery amber as well, so that it didn’t feel too terribly formal.  The clear golden yellow glass with stylized green flower is one of my favorite beads… it is absolutely at home here among other greens and golds.


The translucent Chinese Jade lays a nice wide foundation for this composisition – I like my fantasy necklaces to be stacked in a pyramid shape!  The sage and white scallops help to bring in just a touch of white, so that the necklace’s pearl drop feels like it’s part of the overall design.


From top to bottom:  “Unique Amber”, “Unique Amber”, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Amber, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Amber”, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Glass”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade”.  Design composed on a 90cm sterling silver Fantasy Necklace with Pearl.


Trollbeads News: Surprise, It’s a SALE!


It’s cold and grey out there… but here, sitting at the work table at Tartooful it’s bright, warm and cosy… If that’s not reason enough for you to drop by and have a play, Trollbeads has just announced a Surprise Sale!


All in stock rings, earrings and beads that are no longer in production are now 25% off

IMG_7913There are so many gorgeous treats just waiting to be snapped up… and after all, you’ve treated everyone else for the last month – maybe it’s time to indulge yourself just a little!  At these reduced prices, you can’t afford not to splurge.  These lovelies will work so beautifully going into the fresh new season – playing perfectly with the Spring

IMG_7911Series which will be shipping soon, as well as the upcoming limited Edition Valentine’s collection!

For those ladies who are sadly too far away to drop by and play – or for those of you who like to shop from the comfort of home… You’ll find all the newest designs, as well as our generously stocked SALE section in our online shop, Tartoofultoo.  Shop early for best selection!


Clockwise from clasp:  “Lace Lock”, “Unique”, “Rose”, “Unique”, “Forget-me-not”, “Unique”, “Chrysanthemum of November”, “Unique”, “Grandma’s Favorite”, “Unique”, “Narcissus of December”, “Unique”, “Snowdrop of January”, “Unique”, “Mom’s Bouquet”, “Unique”.

Hope to see you in the Village soon!



Tell Your Story Design Contest – RC’s “Across the Sea”


rc-deepblue-tourmalated“Somewhere beyond the sea

Somewhere waitin’ for me

My lover stands on golden sand

And watches the ships that go sailin’….”


rc-deepblue-flowersThis gorgeous bracelet belonging to local collector, RC brings to mind Bobby Darin’s classic love song.  (Swoon…)

The subtle, deep blue tones blended with the hushed greys of the natural stones are at once peaceful and classically elegant.  The particular shade of blue that repeats throughout the bracelet is a favorite of mine.  It’s a cool blue, perhaps periwinkle is the best way to

bc-deepblue-stripe2describe it.  It’s got more than a little lavender in it, but in this case it’s very deep, edging on sapphire.  I notice this shade of blue unexpectedly hidden in the depths of many of our favorite production patterns of Trollbeads.  It’s peeking out from the edge of each black stripe in the “Khaki Stripe” at left.  You’ll also find it in “Black Flower

rc-deepblue-stripeMosiac”, in “Desert Flower”‘s blossoms and in the swirls of “Wildcat”.  It’s splashed all over “Flowers in Indigo”!  RC’s glowing examples of “Cool Dusk” and “Whitecaps” display the lightest tones of this blue, and give this composition lift and sparkle.  Take note of the amazing blue tones displayed in the limited edition “Peacock Pearl”…

bc-deepblue-scurve1Natural stones such as “Snowflake Obsidian”, “Dendritic Agate” and a gorgeous, “Tourmalated Quartz” ground the design with their subtle deep greys.  The few silver bead designs chosen for this bracelet have a certain

rc-deepblue-frontlovely formality to them.  The pair of “African Pride” lions that frame the central trio give strong structure to the entire composition, and the simple graphic designs of  “Sparkling Stars” and now-retired “Etruscan” are well matched and balanced.


The best part about this bracelet is that it’s the Trollbeads equivalent of the “LBD” or Little Black Dress.  One could easily wear this composition with everything from jeans and a white tee, to a classic evening gown.  The whole point with Trollbeads is, after all, to be able to enjoy one’s collection… so it’s wonderful to have a design that is not only composed of spectacular beads, but also easy to put on and *wear*!

Thank you to RC for allowing us to share this bracelet on our blog… if you love her creation be sure to check it out on Tartooful’s facebook page and give it a “Like” or “comment” to help it along in our “Tell Your Story” design contest, now underway.  If you have a design that you’d like to share with our viewers do pop in to the gallery for us to photograph it, or post your images on our facebook page to enter your bracelet for a chance to win!  Don’t forget to share your post with your friends online to increase your “likes” and chances of taking home a limited edition glass bead on November 7th….



Trollbeads Inspiration: A Blush of Gold

Rose & Gold is deeply feminine luxury…

Our second composition using Trollbeads’ golden Fantasy Necklace features a palette of delicate rose pink and rich gold.  It’s a honey sweet and decadent combination that feels like we are stepping into a Venetian fantasy…

Pink Venetian palazzos… tea roses… sunset prosecco… the gilded wing of a crumbling chapel ornament… the crisp rustle of metallic gold thread in raspberry silk… a honey scented mystery behind a gilded venetian mask… this is the fantasy.

A glimpse of gold between apricot tinted “Pink Prism” and the silver bubbles and gold ribbon of “Silver Trace, Gold”… it’s unexpected for those us us accustomed to seeing antiqued silver.  The golden light transforms the chemistry of the familiar colours.

The gold draws the element out of the bead designs – “Pink Desert”, “Golden Quartz”, “Golden Cave”, “Pink Prism” and “Pink Gold” all add their warm notes to the composition.

Here “Summer Dot” reflects the warm shimmer of its neighbours, and “Golden Cave” explodes in a fiery burst of molten rose gold.

Top to bottom:  “Pink Prism”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Large Berry”, “Pink Gold”, “Golden Cave”, “Summer Dot”, “Sun Circle”, “Golden Quartz”, “Pink Desert”, “Rose Quartz”.


and just like that, with the flutter of a gilded fan… exeunt.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Seduced by Reds…

We’re settling into the new collection… we’ve spent so many hours, playing with countless combinations and after a bit more time together some of the new reds are definitely beginning to seduce…

Scarlet Bud and Peach Flower are beginning to surprise me – they simply glow in the light, and are a truly gorgeous, almost iridescent tone of coral.  They weren’t the first beads to draw my eye, but they are singing to me now.  I like to play with them in combination with other shades of red, pink and orange.  These work well when contrasted with a deep, subtle grey.  We’ve made up a few satisfying combinations that include “Black Silk”, “Triple Pearl Black” and “Snowflake Obsidian”.

Here’s one favorite composition with the new “Black Onyx” Fantasy necklace, with a delicious combination of new corals, Malawi Uniques, Uniques, the “Large Berry” and of course a stunning “Triple Pearl Black”…



Trollbeads Inspiration: Simple Beauty Necklace

One of our longtime and dear Trollies dropped by recently and together we designed a simple, beautiful necklace that is neutral enough to enjoy everyday, but would never be boring… It utilizes Trollbeads’ Fantasy Necklace with the permanently affixed cultured pearl drop at the end.

The palette of the design is based on three beads:  “Deep Bubbles”, “Silver Mountain” and the natural stone, “Aventurine”.

“Deep Bubbles” has fascinating form, with spectacular, lilac tinted bowls in its’ depths.  The outer portion of the bead is mostly khaki, with some tints of vicuna and blue…

“Silver Mountain” plays beautifully off the blue, with its icy, beachglass tones.  The textured interior catches the light, and juxtaposed with the perfect finish of the glass surface calls the eye back again and again… It’s a genius bead and is one of my favorites.

We chose the silvers carefully, to taper the scale from large, at the bottom, to petite at the top.  We wanted them to relate to one another, so we picked ones that had similar elements of texture.  I like the way that “Sun Circle”, “Large Berry” and “Planet” all have the same knobbly surface pattern to different degrees.

Top to bottom:  “Planet, small”, “Grey Prism”, “Silver Mountain”, “Large Berry”, “Deep Bubbles”, “White Paper Fold”, “Sun Circle”, “Aventurine”, “Big Earth”.

Thank you for allowing us to share!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue Lagoon

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most powerful.

Inspired by the brilliant, peacock blue flash in this “Triple Pearl, Black” I framed it with these two blue agates, for a simple and stunning necklace composition.

So simple, so beautiful… so very Troll.




Trollbeads Inspiration: Rose Gold

Of the group of spectacular gold bracelets we designed, this one must be my very favorite… The blush pink and the gold make such a harmonious combination… and there are so many beads in the Trollbeads collection that are simply perfect for this type of design.  Beads such as “Pink Desert”, “Pink Gold”, “Golden Cave” and “Rosa Pearl” are already among my favorite designs, and they sing when placed on a spectacular 18k gold chain.

18k gold “Hydrangea” is a delicate note on this design, quietly glowing from between “Pink Desert and “Golden Cave”.  Isn’t “Pink Desert” amazing when viewed from the side like this?  It’s an unexpected angle, but it’s always fun to see how the beads look from different directions – sometimes a new jewel is found for my Fantasy necklace!

An interesting note about “Golden Cave”… recently I have noticed a number of online retailers listing these lovelies for far more than recommended retail, saying that they are retired.  For the record, these beads were not among those listed as retired in January, they are still available through our Canadian Distributor, and I’ve heard nothing about them being retired.  Caveat emptor!

The Rosa Pearl is a bead that I have always liked, but that recently I have come to appreciate even more.  We have a few ladies working on soft pink designs, so we’ve had the pleasure of seeing more of these than usual over the past few months.  We’ve enjoyed seeing the variety of shapes and colours… wouldn’t it be fun to see an entire bracelet composed of different shades of pearls interspersed with silver?

Clockwise from clasp:  “Golden Heart Clasp”, “Pink Desert”, “18k gold Hydrangea”, “Golden Cave”, “Paradise Birds”, “Rose Quartz”, “Dewdrops”, “Rose Quartz, round”, “Silver Whorl”, “Golden Cave”, “Rosa Pearl”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: KW’s Natural Beauty

The owner of this bracelet is effortlessly beautiful… she breezes in to the shop, toddler in tow, and is relaxed, lovely and always smiling.  I remember clearly how challenging the toddler years are for parents, and I’m quite sure I didn’t handle them as gracefully as KW!  Her bracelet reflects her sunny, natural personality with warm colour, lots of stones and deeply personal silvers.

KW’s triple pearl reflects her young family of three:  Mother, Father and Child… The two Lotus that perfectly frame the pearls show their family’s deep affinity to a balanced, yoga inspired life.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Pearl Lock”, “Happy Fish”, “Black Silk”, “Zanzibar”, “Honey Dawn”, “Treasures”, “Amber Unique – alabaster”, “Lotus”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Lotus”, “Drifting Seeds”, “Wine Harvest”, “Golden Quartz”, “Zanzibar”, “Amber Unique – Espresso”, “Amber Unique – Mini”, “Silver Stopper”.

KW’s “Honey Dawn” and “Black Silk” are both exceptionally pretty, and make such a wonderful Ying and Yang on her composition, as they frame “Zanzibar”… and how wonderful to have found a dark, ebony coloured amber to balance the “Black Silk” on the other side of the bracelet!

Thank you, KW for letting us share your bracelet…


Trollbeads Inspiration: less is more…

Sometimes we fall in love with a bead, or a new colour palette – but can’t quite commit to it for a whole bracelet.  That’s when we reach for a necklace and happily create a complete composition with only a handful of beads…

For example, in the photo above “Triple Pearl, Black” sings with “Purple Wave” and “Purple Bubbles”.  This stunning necklace could effortlessly carry one through the most formal of occasions…

Or in this photo, “Earth” and “Silver Trace, Pink” are wonderful with “Trinity” on a Fantasy Necklace with Pearl… This “Trinity” has rich, emerald coloured glass that echoes the green of “Earth”, and the juicy pink offers a perfect complementary note.  Bright, crisp and fresh – this necklace is a welcome hit of colour as we head into the dark months of the year.  Imagine this shining on the simplest of black dresses with a classic pair of pearl earrings…

For a more laid back and casual feel, try combining a “Drifting Seeds” with a pair of ambers for a warm and glowing look.  As a bonus the amber beads feel wonderful!  So warm, smooth and tactile, they become a talisman for the hands as well as the eyes.

What odd beads do you have kicking about loose in your jewellery box?  Perhaps they could become an inspired necklace…