New in store: Trollbeads Amber Uniques

Yesterday a new shipment of Trollbeads arrived at the shop:  we filled the display to overflowing with all our favorite designs, plus lots of new faces, including a stunning amber ooak kit!

These kits are made up of amber beads in a wide range of colours, shapes textures and cuts.  No two are alike, and when we order we never know what is going to arrive.

One of our new beads is quite petite and bears a runic inscription similar to the limited edition Denmark world tour bead…. another is like a generously oversized “Honeydew” amber, clear as liquid honey with the occasional little fleck of texture… another is satisfyingly round and almost white alabaster… There is one that feels like beeswax, also quite generous in size… another is a warm, buttery alabaster, and the last is a stunner of a lovely, big butterscotch amber, smooth and clear with lots of interesting inclusions that catch the light beautifully.

Come visit us in the village quick!  These lovelies won’t last…