Kolton Babych at Tartooful Today!


Today’s the day!


stellacharmKolton Babych is coming to Tartooful today:  5-9pm, and he’s bringing a fabulous array of his beautiful work for us all to enjoy.  Come see the last precious designs from his acclaimed “Heroes and Thieves” collection… and enjoy a privileged first look at his upcoming Luxe collection, featuring gold and precious stones.  Bring a friend, treat yourself, plot for the holidays ahead – do you really need more reasons?  Do drop by and raise a glass of bubbly with this delightful, talented local artist…

See you in the village!  C.



Kolton Babych at Tartooful


You will not want to miss this.  Local artist and jewelery designer Kolton Babych will join us at Tartooful on the evening of October 26th 2016!

He’s going to share with us the final release of unique pieces from his gorgeous “Heroes & Thieves” collection, and will offer a sneak preview of some of his upcoming ultra luxe collection, featuring rich gold and precious stones.  It promises to be an inspiring evening, and is a great opportunity to not only treat yourself, but also think ahead to holiday gifting and even custom projects that you may have been mulling!  Kolton is a favorite designer among Tartooful insiders, and is a rising local star whose works will be showcased at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards in their collection of gifts to their nominees.  This is your personal invitation to come meet him so you can say “I knew him when…”!

Put it in your calendar, grab your best shopping partners in crime and come out to meet the artist and have a glass of bubbly.. See you in the Village!



Tonight! Steelwood Design At Tartooful


Don’t forget to drop by tonight and give a warm Edgemont Village welcome to the uber talented Alexis Dodd of Steelwood Design!  She’ll be at the gallery from 5pm to 8pm tonight, to lift a glass with Tartoofulers and share her most recent designs.  Drop by and enjoy all her gorgeous work, ask about custom designs, and get to know this fabulous local artist.

Fresh Designs By Kolton Babych


Kolton Babych has released a few, gorgeous new designs, just in time for Mothers Day!  We are thrilled to be able to present these lovely new pieces at Tartooful.


IMG_9595Kolton’s newest pieces are beautiful examples of his approach to design.  Satisfyingly heavy in the hand, with rich patina and fascinating details, these are new classics that work for every occasion.  All his silver chains are meticulously hand wrought, giving them a uniquely fluid feel.  Colour is subtle, and well chosen.  Kolton’s palette is west coast modern: soft grey and white from howlite, moonlight shimmer from labradorite and the watered iridescence of Tahitian pearls.


Be sure to drop by the gallery to experience these lovely new designs – but don’t delay, as each piece is unique and Mothers Day is just around the corner!


Jeweller Creates Wearable Art: Kolton Babych at Tartooful


Did you spot Kolton Babych in the North Shore News recently?  That’s him in the photo above, with his beautiful jewelry and stunning prints behind him at Tartooful.

Submission 1Talisman Bangles in Sterling Silver

The North Shore News wrote a glowing article about Kolton and his design work, following the opening celebration of his solo show, currently on display at Tartooful.

mothprintFor more information about our talented new Tartooful artist, be sure to read Anne Watson’s excellent North Shore News article


Steelwood Design Sale today at Tartooful


227769_10151234270308030_763698237_nHeads up –

One Day SALE!

April 18, 2013

10-30% off

selected in store Steelwood Designs.


582621_10151234270263030_1335817329_nThis very rarely happens, so come visit us in the Village and indulge… It’s time to pick up that special piece you’ve had your eye on!!  (Yes, we noticed you flirting with that lamp… who can blame you?!)  Ruggedly handsome & locally designed… Made with exquisite care right here on the North Shore from locally sourced recycled materials… Steelwood Design.

See you in the Village… C.



True North Shore: Francis Tremblay and Steelwood Design

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.32.43 PM

Join us for the opening celebration of “True North Shore” and come meet artist Francis Tremblay and designer Alexis Dodd of Steelwood Design.  Their inspiring work brings the best of the North Shore way of life into our homes…

Opening March 13th, 2013 from 5 til 8pm

at Tartooful – 3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver.  604.924.0122



New at Tartooful: Kolton Designs Jewellery


We’re delighted to have some gorgeous new treasures on the shelf at Tartooful!  The jewellery designs of Kolton Babych feature reclaimed sterling silver and glowing semiprecious natural stones.

soft-blue-doublecharmKolton is that rare thing, a naturally gifted artist who finds their path early.

He’s been creating art for as long as he can remember, and designing and making jewellery since he was in elementary school.  Although he’s still attending Art School in New York, he’s already a seasoned designer with a strong aesthetic identity.  His style approach reflects his Vancouver home and  upbringing, with distinctive, Asian influences,  and a beautifully natural and relaxed, West Coast feel.


Kolton’s fresh palette this season perfectly matches our mood, with ivory whites, charcoal greys, and subtle Aquamarine.  His silver feels significant and satisfying… with ancient symbols and confident design strokes.  The well thought out details sing, with hand knotted strands of stones, lovely clasps, and  interchangeable charms that allow the wearer to make each piece their own.

To truly appreciate Kolton’s designs, however, you’ll just have to come in and see them in person… now in stock at Tartooful.




Tartooful Art – “Sank-foo”

This week I had the pleasure and the privilege of creating an original artwork on commission.  It felt wonderful to be painting, and it was even more meaningful as this piece incorporates imagery and words that make it very personal to the family who will be receiving it.

“Sank-foo”  acrylic on canvas, 24″x62″ 2012.


New at Tartooful: The art of David Camisa

“Shipwrecked” Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010. C$350.00

The series of recent works by David Camisa that arrived at Tartooful today are a beautiful and just slightly unsettling study in people and our relationship with nature.  This is a perfect fit for us, especially this year when we are finding such inspiration in the soft wildness of a west coast summer.  David’s biography says says:

“Born in Wales and raised in Canada, David spent his childhood watching cartoons and reading comic books, making it clear to him at an early age that art was his passion. He has continued to create art about people and all of their complex ways, finding inspiration in everything from Animation to Art Nouveau. Our relationships with each other and the world around us remain his main interest and subject.”

“On The Lookout” Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010.  C$300.00

“Dangerous Ally”  Oil & varnish on wood panel, 2010.  C$350.00

View the complete collection at the gallery:

3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver 604.924.0122 or online at