Kolton Babych at Tartooful Today!


Today’s the day!


stellacharmKolton Babych is coming to Tartooful today:  5-9pm, and he’s bringing a fabulous array of his beautiful work for us all to enjoy.  Come see the last precious designs from his acclaimed “Heroes and Thieves” collection… and enjoy a privileged first look at his upcoming Luxe collection, featuring gold and precious stones.  Bring a friend, treat yourself, plot for the holidays ahead – do you really need more reasons?  Do drop by and raise a glass of bubbly with this delightful, talented local artist…

See you in the village!  C.



Kolton Babych at Tartooful


You will not want to miss this.  Local artist and jewelery designer Kolton Babych will join us at Tartooful on the evening of October 26th 2016!

He’s going to share with us the final release of unique pieces from his gorgeous “Heroes & Thieves” collection, and will offer a sneak preview of some of his upcoming ultra luxe collection, featuring rich gold and precious stones.  It promises to be an inspiring evening, and is a great opportunity to not only treat yourself, but also think ahead to holiday gifting and even custom projects that you may have been mulling!  Kolton is a favorite designer among Tartooful insiders, and is a rising local star whose works will be showcased at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards in their collection of gifts to their nominees.  This is your personal invitation to come meet him so you can say “I knew him when…”!

Put it in your calendar, grab your best shopping partners in crime and come out to meet the artist and have a glass of bubbly.. See you in the Village!



Now Showing: Andrew McTaggart & Sara Morison


“Beaver on the slide”, original art by Andrew McTaggart.  Mixed media.  40″x60″ 2016.

img_4991North Vancouver is a dynamic place, perched between our working waterfront and the coastal mountains… and our incredibly rich artistic community finds inspiration in our dramatic environment.  That beginning point, however, in the hands of two different artists, can create very diverse expressions.

This week we are delighted to unveil a fresh installation, exploring North Vancouver’s artistic diversity at Blueshore Financial’s “Arts on View” gallery space at 12th & Lonsdale, North Vancouver.

“Beaver on the slide” is an arresting piece that demands you stop and look closely.  It depicts the workhorse aircraft of our coastal harbours, the beloved and iconic Beaver.  upon closer examination you’ll find weathered rivets, inner workings of the engine and even painstakingly detailed decals.  The care that went into the detailed depiction shows the affection that the artist feels for his subject.  Perhaps that’s natural, as when not at his easel, Mctaggart spends his time piloting commercial aircraft.  Although Mctaggart has been an artist for many years, this marks his exhibition debut in North Vancouver, and we delighted to have been a part of that.

img_4987 “And the Sea Remembers” original art by Sara Morison.  30″x40″ acrylic on canvas.

img_4986In contrast, you’ll find various works by acclaimed local artist, Sara Morison.  These pieces have also been inspired by her experience of the ocean… but Morison’s abstract, joyful and brilliantly coloured artworks come from a different perspective, and thus express a completely different aspect of our Maritime environment.  Sara is a full time artist, who publishes, teaches and paints regularly.  She last exhibited at Tartooful in 2013, and we are so pleased to be able to once again show her beautiful work.

Thank you to BlueShore Financial for hosting this exhibit, and supporting our community of North Vancouver artists.

Arts on View on Lonsdale – a Blueshore Financial Community Program, curated by Tartooful.  1250 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.



New Designs by Kolton Babych


“Living Dead” Charm. Sterling Silver, CAD$259

Brilliant local jewellery designer, Kolton Babych has just released his most recent series of designs… and they are stunning.  Each beautifully detailed and finished piece is sold separately, so they can be added to chains that are already in your collection.  Conversely, he offers a selection of lengths and styles of chains that can easily accommodate these and other charms, to create one’s own, personal piece of everyday adornment.


“Stella” Charm. Sterling Silver, CAD$169

Each design bears its own interpretation, which gives so much more depth of meaning for the wearer. Fore example, the “Stella” charm offers: “This charm features a five-pointed  star, which can only be seen when it is surrounded by darkness.”


“Protection” Charm.  Sterling Silver, CAD$215.

The “Protection” charm features a decorated shield, which is a universal symbol of protection.  Simple, but simple….


“Stag Beetle” Charm.  Sterling Silver, CAD$169.

This charm features a Stag Beetle, which is a symbol of underestimated strength and perseverance.

Kolton’s full series of limited edition charms and chains are now in stock at Tartooful…










Fake Plastic Trees: The Photography of Biliana Velkova


Tartooful is honoured to once again host acclaimed local artist Biliana Velkova and her most recent series as a part of the 2016 Capture Photography Festival.

Fake Plastic Trees presents Velkova’s wry observations on the branding and commodification of nature.  She romanticizes, exaggerates, and complicates the exploitation of nature, referencing tourist tropes found throughout the Saskatchewan prairies and Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.


Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Velkova lived under the Communist regime until immigrating to Canada in 1991 at the age of fifteen.  Her memories of communism have deeply impacted the way in which she perceives the “West”, leading her to explore issues of capitalism, appropriation, and Western femininity.  Although her interdisciplinary practice focuses on social and political issues from a devastatingly accurate, critical perspective, her delivery is optimistic, witty and affectionate.


From iconic, fake palm trees found throughout Saskatoon to the majestic views of Lake Louise, Velkova’s cinematic photographs celebrate opulence and kitsch.  The glossy images of fake plastic trees create a spectacle from everyday encounters.  Through her Bulgarian lens, Velkova offers a fresh and alternative way of viewing and interpreting the Canadian landscape we thought we knew.

“When an outsider comes to a new place, he sees the picturesque and the freakish, whereas the local sees through layers of emotion and memory” – Walter Benjamin.

Fake Plastic Trees by Biliana Velkova is now showing at Tartooful until April 28, 2016.  Please join us at the gallery for the Opening Celebration, 8th April, 2016 from 7pm.



New Designs by Kolton Babych

This week we were delighted to receive a fresh series of designs by local jewelry extraordinaire, Kolton Babych….

These necklaces feature rich and shockingly heavy talismans of hand carved sterling silver.  Each one is completely unique!  Some sparkle with green or ice white sapphires, while others are pure in their simplicity.

We love these statement pieces, and think you will too.  Drop by and see them for yourself!


“Waiting for Alice”: The Photography of Susan Mendel


Please Join Us at Tartooful

Sunday, October 4th from two until five in the afternoon,

as we celebrate the latest series of photography by noted local artist,

Susan Mendel.

Susan’s latest series is an homage to Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass, which was published one hundred and fifty years ago this year… Like the classic book, these images are puzzling, fascinating and beautiful.  Each piece is artfully framed in vintage pieces as unique and lovely as the piece within.

Come out, meet the artist, enjoy a little North Shore hospitality and culture, and be sure to visit the good folks next door at 32Books as they will be celebrating right along with us!

Hope to see all of you there,


3183 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver BC 604-924-0122


a beautiful little life…

Summer-Memory“Summer Memory” Original art by EA Klann, oils on canvas, 40″x60″ CAD$4900 2015.

The shift has happened, and even before the calendar tells us us it is so – Autumn has arrived.  Here on the West Coast of Canada we are back to cool temperatures, with dark mornings and steady drizzle that has breathed life back into our Summer parched gardens and forests.  It’s a contemplative time for me.  It’s a season with start-of-school memories that inspire positive change and fresh starts.  It feels like a good time to reset priorities and make sure that I am creating the “beautiful little life” of my daydreams.


I’m not an epic person… I’ve never striven to live large, exude drama or be the center of attention.  Rather, I cherish the quiet details.  I find that for me the difference between average and extraordinary is always in the details… for example, when selecting a car, all of the many options included ample power, demonstrated safety standards and comfort.  The one I fell in love with also was an evocative shade of blue, had controls that felt like an extension of my hands, and a minimalist aesthetic in the cabin.  Another example… Every morning I drink my morning cafe au lait from a Timo Glass – the most perfectly practical and elegantly restrained design of drinking vessel I know.  Details.  It’s always the same for me… whether it’s something as significant as a car, or as simple as a cup, I find divinity in the details.


So… the “beautiful little life” is all about tending for the details.  One by one, day by day they all add up to a life that is lived with care, and savoured day by day.  Today, on this rainy day, I am focused on that…



Fresh Designs By Kolton Babych


Kolton Babych has released a few, gorgeous new designs, just in time for Mothers Day!  We are thrilled to be able to present these lovely new pieces at Tartooful.


IMG_9595Kolton’s newest pieces are beautiful examples of his approach to design.  Satisfyingly heavy in the hand, with rich patina and fascinating details, these are new classics that work for every occasion.  All his silver chains are meticulously hand wrought, giving them a uniquely fluid feel.  Colour is subtle, and well chosen.  Kolton’s palette is west coast modern: soft grey and white from howlite, moonlight shimmer from labradorite and the watered iridescence of Tahitian pearls.


Be sure to drop by the gallery to experience these lovely new designs – but don’t delay, as each piece is unique and Mothers Day is just around the corner!


Jeweller Creates Wearable Art: Kolton Babych at Tartooful


Did you spot Kolton Babych in the North Shore News recently?  That’s him in the photo above, with his beautiful jewelry and stunning prints behind him at Tartooful.

Submission 1Talisman Bangles in Sterling Silver

The North Shore News wrote a glowing article about Kolton and his design work, following the opening celebration of his solo show, currently on display at Tartooful.

mothprintFor more information about our talented new Tartooful artist, be sure to read Anne Watson’s excellent North Shore News article