Trollbeads News: The Peoples Bead Winners Announced


After what seemed like a HUGE wait, the 2013 Peoples Bead Collection has been announced!  Each year Trollbeads invites its collectors across the globe to submit our most brilliant bead design ideas and then allows us to vote on each others’ designs.  The ones that are most beloved join the collection.


This year the design theme was “Traditional Sayings”, and budding designers were encouraged to create images based on an expression that might be meaningful or culturally relevant to them.  As always, the scope of creativity exhibited was impressive, and it must have been very difficult for Trollbeads to narrow down the thousands of entries to 100 finalists.  The final collection consists of ten beads:  one glass bead, eight silver beads and one fantasy necklace pendant.

61486_silver_lining“Every cloud has a silver lining” – by Rebecca Cresswell

11291_leopard_a“A leopard cannot change his spots” – by Jeannie Sanger

11371_Thoughts_a“Thoughts are free” – by Daniela Troll

11290_Friends“Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen” – by Luisa


11370_Will“If there is a will, there is a way” – by Paul Krans

11369_love_is_blind_a“Love is Blind” – by Valentina Rocchi

11179_Sakura“Sakura:  a cherry tree blooms at a time of good notice” – by Shizue Ishiwata

11180_This_too..._a“This too shall pass” by Iris Heyer

11178__Little_Acorns_a“From little acorns, mighty oaks will grow” – by Rachel Morris


12914_Night_Owl_a_700x700The final design is “Night Owl” by Kevin Powell, a witty little owl that stole the hearts of so many fans of this competition… I know many of us were holding our breaths, hoping that it would make it into the collection!  We’re particularly pleased, as Kevin is a Vancouver area resident, and a regular at Tartooful Well done Kevin!

The Peoples’ Bead collection will be at Tartooful on release day, October 4th… be sure to come by and see all the new designs!





Trollbeads Inspiration: Garden of Peacocks

Engraved Azure

Our friend from the U.S.A., LD has been playing with the new collection, and when we saw this phenomenal composition we knew we had to share it with you.  (You might recall L.D. participated in the 30 day challenge here on the blog earlier in the Summer, creating a new bracelet every day for a month!)

Here she has placed a shimmering “Triple Pearl Black” at the heart of the bracelet, and surrounded it with a series of rich and dramatic blues.  There is an artful blend of brilliant jewel tones and dark mysterious shades, with a series of rare, Peacock patterned Small & Beautiful uniques stealing the show.  The new “Engraved Azure” looks right at home here, with its two shades of blue and delicate patterning.  Every single bead is a beautiful example of its pattern, and the whole design is absolutely stunning.

Thank you for sharing your new design, L.D.!