Trolleads Inspiration: Deep Water

The palette of this bracelet brings to mind the deep, dark blue lakes dotted about the mountains behind our city… surrounded by tall, deep green trees with the crystal blue sky above, it’s a shade of home.

This bracelet is largely composed of the new bead designs for Autumn 2012.  Of those, a few favorites are emerging and the bead pictured at left is certainly among those… “Wave of Dreams” is one of those beloved designs with so many expressions that we would happily build an entire bracelet of them.  They range from the very light, to very dark, with everything inbetween, including a dramatic mixture of the two.  We’ve seen ones with distinct gold veins, or white, or pure blue.  Wonderful!  Its perfect companion is the new “Eye”.  Very reminiscent of “Azure Bubbles”, but much richer.  This one has a gorgeous opalescent shimmer to it.

…Not to forget the Trees, here’s the new “Green Jasper”, with its’ mysterious deep, olive colour and unique veining.  Perfectly West Coast with the blues, it feels earthy, and real but still polished and beautiful.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “The Eye”, “Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “Flower of Dawn”, “Green Jasper”, “Wave of Dreams”, “Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “The Eye”, “Green Jasper”, “The Eye”, “Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “Wave of Dreams”, “Green Jasper”, “Flower of Dawn”, “Chinese Zodiac 2012”, “The Eye”.

I truly enjoyed playing with these beads and composing this bracelet… my personal bracelets are usually less structured, but these colours make my heart sing – and it’s a delight to be able to show the range of expressions of these lovely new designs…