Trollbeads Inspiration from Leigh Webster!


Today I’m delighted to feature gorgeous images from Trollbeads collector and Instagram star, Leigh Webster!  Her carefully curated collection and her beautifully designed compositions have been a source of  inspiration for so many of us, and today she has kindly agreed to share a series of images with our readers at Tartooful.


Trollbeads Spring 2016 collection is now only days away from being officially released, and our ladies have already been making up wishlists for this stunning group of designs… with the softest and most subtle of colours, lots of yummy sparkle and some fresh new silvers that promise to become classics, this is an extraordinarily strong collection.


As you are making up your personal “lust lists”, it’s fun to think where your new little beauties will settle in among the beads that are already nestled in your bead box.  What will be the companions for the new designs?  There are lots of directions where one could take the new beads, and many possible palettes… but surely the one that Leigh has suggested here is an inspired one!


The new beads will be right at home among the soft blues offered by “Traces”, “Light Blue Stripe” or “Baby Boy”… and delicious Aurora designs such as “Moonlight Bubbles”, “Aurora Flower” or “Aurora Stripe” will offer the perfect, shimmering mood to match the feminine shimmer and sparkle of the Spring collection.


Have you peeked in your bead box and started to imagine your new Spring bracelet?  (we have!)  If not, drop by Tartooful with your beads for a Spring redesign!




Trollbeads Spring 2013 Collection Launches


We are delighted to unveil the much anticipated Spring 2014 collection from Trollbeads… and it is every bit as original and beautiful as the early images promised!  Trollbeads describes it as…

“..a collection that takes you to exotic places and gives you a taste of mystery.  Explore Arabian Nights and Hanging Gardens..

Arabian_Nights_Close_Up_01The dromedary elegantly placed on a shimmering pink glass bead.  The snake is also present as a powerful symbol in many cultures.  Above all, flies the falcon.  One is flying in sterling silver, sending a message of love.  The other, with beautiful eyes that see things that humans cannot, also in sterling silver and placed on a deep purple ruby.”

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.08.00 AM

Inspired by the hot wind Scirocco that blows from Northern Africa carrying sand from the Sahara, these sparkling glass beads came to life.  A little magic by nature.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.10.33 AM

Hanging_Gardens_Close_Up_01The Hanging gardens of Babylon are considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and are surrounded by mystery and legends.  A luxuriant inspiration for our Spring Collection.

Hanging_Gardens_Close_Up_02Sparkles in delicate turquoise in the ancient palace, glitter in royal blue in the fountain of life, and shimmer in elusive, fresh green in the Oasis.  The new lock “Sun Moon Stars” reminds you that life goes on as a glimpse of time under the great elements of the universe.”

The dromedary elegantly placed on a shimmering pink glass bead. The snake is also present as a powerful symbol in many cultures.  Above all, flies the Falcon. One is flying in Sterling Silver, sending a message of love. The other with beautiful eyes that see things humans cannot, also in Sterling Silver and placed on a deep purple ruby. – See more at:
We are proud to announce the launch of a collection that takes you to exotic places and brings you a taste of mystery. Explore Arabian Nights and Hanging Gardens.  – See more at:
We are proud to announce the launch of a collection that takes you to exotic places and brings you a taste of mystery. Explore Arabian Nights and Hanging Gardens.  – See more at:


IMG_4254The Spring collection has only one set of soft and subtle glass, rather than the usual two, but in this case every single one of the glass is drop dead gorgeous!  With fascinating shimmers of rose gold that are reminiscent of our beloved Desert series beads, these designs are instant stars… The examples of “Desert Rose” that we have thus far received are very similar to the existing “Pink Desert”, but with just a little more interest in the texture.  We look forward to seeing how this bead varies…

IMG_4258The blue and teal elements in the series will be beautiful additions to so many of our ladies bracelets… Over the past few days we have been playing with various colour combinations for these designs, and have found that they are spectacular in combination with the Aurora series of glass – the periwinkle just sings!


IMG_4249It takes time to appreciate all the nuances of a new series, but two of my personal early favorites are “Magical Lamp”, the olive green toned glass, and the “Drops of Delight”, which looks wonderfully middle eastern and ancient.  It feels like a fairytale element

IMG_4252The new silver designs are truly “Trollbeads”, with lots of fascinating detail that takes time to see, savour, and fully appreciate.  The expression on the face of the patient yet wry Tortoise… the little heart hidden beneath the Swan, the tattered texture of the Nomad’s textiles…

IMG_4253These are the kinds of details that only the master silversmiths of Trollbeads could imagine, design and create.   The “Kaleidoscope” shown at left will be an excellent choice to balance a “Trollcoin” or “Dreamcatcher” in a composition.. it reminds me of the flat, whirling spools used by nomads as they spun their nubbly wool…


We look forward to sharing more images and inspiration from the new collection over the next few days… be sure to stop by Tartooful in the Village to play with all the new designs, or drop by Tartoofultoo Online Shop to see them all individually with descriptions and pricing.

Now.. must run up to the gallery and have a bit of a play myself!




Trollbeads Inspiration: Spring Garden Tea Party

The last few days in Vancouver have been glorious, with amazing sunshine, clear skies and gorgeous pink sunsets.  Its a welcome reminder that Spring really is just around the corner… Those of you who are gardeners are probably already counting the shy little blooms – my auricula started blooming weeks ago!

Sunshine and fresh beads – what else do we need?  This bracelet feels like a Spring garden tea party, complete with teacups, coffee cups and delicious cakes.

“White Paper Fold” with its subtle tones, is one of our favorites from the new collection. It’s lovely with greys, blues, ambers and every shade of rosy pink.

For this delicate palette we used warm pinks & whites with just a touch of gold, shimmering in the “Crown Chakra”, “Pink Gold” and “Pink Desert”.  This bracelet simply glows.  We added silver designs that are frankly pretty – new “Jumping Baby Rabbit”, “Teacup”, “Forget-me-not”, “Clasping Hearts Lock”, “Coffee Cup”, “Mountain Flower” and of course “Organic Hearts”.

Like so many of Lisa Aagaard’s glass designs, “Summer Dot” and “Nougat Flower” appear illuminated.  Her pieces reflect the light off the silver core inside to play with the light and glow from within.

Clockwise from lock:  “Clasping Hearts Lock”, “Pink Ribbon, “Mountain Flower”, “Pink Gold”, “Cake Form”, “White Paper Fold”, “Organic Hearts”, “Pink Desert”, “Coffee Cup”, “Nougat Flower”, “Forget-me-not”, “Summer Dot”, “Baby Rabbit”, “Cream Armadillo”, “Teacup”, “Pink Ribbon”, “Jumping Baby Rabbit”, “White Gold”.