Trollbeads Inspiration: Lilac Desert


Of course, dedicated Trollies know that there’s no such thing as a “Lilac desert”… but really doesn’t it look like somehow that’s what arrived at Tartooful today?


IMG_6230I can imagine the scene now, back at at the Trollbeads factory, some slightly grizzled glass artist (who never quite recovered from the loss of the “Brown Desert”) throws his arms up in the air and says with a charming Danish accent, “that’s it – I don’t care what they say, today I’m going with Lilac!”… and so this amazing bead appears.


IMG_6234My little scenario is born purely from my imagination… the reality us that this bead is just another lovely little reminder that every single Trollbeads really is made by hand by a real person, and so each one has its own quirks and personality.  These slight differences can be created by something as clear as a different artist’s touch, or it

IMG_6231could be something as hard to predict as a change in ambient temperature or humidity that day.  Lampwork glassmaking is chemistry, after all, and the most subtle of variables can make dramatic changes to the end product.  It’s no coincidence that all my favorite regular collection patterns exhibit huge ranges of expression…


A pretty pair of blushing new Uniques frame “Inner Glow”…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Small Flower Clasp”, “Lavender Prism”, “Blue Desert”, “Three Flowers”, “Pastel Flower”, “Desert Rose”, “Florence”, “Waterlily of July”, “Unique”, “Inner Glow”, “Waterlily of July”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “White petals”,  “Magical Lamp”, “Chrysanthemum of October”, “moon light Bubbles”, “Grey Prism”.




Trollbeads Inspiration: NO’s ruby bracelet

With the recent release of the Spring 2012 Trollbeads collection comes a very exciting new treat:  a silver core “Ruby”… this bead was previously only available with a gold core, a beautiful and luxurious item that only found a home on a few, special bracelets.  While the new bead doesn’t have that luxe touch of gold, it is more accessible for most of us, and a welcome addition to the collection…

One of our favorite ladies, the talented and super sweet NO scooped a gold core Ruby last summer. We thought this was a good time to check in and see how she is using it, to offer our readers some inspiration in creating their own Ruby bracelets.

This Ruby is nestled between two other extraordinary beads:  a gold initial “N”, and a gold and diamond “Stars”.  Together they are absolutely stunning.  It takes a moment to absorb just those beads, before moving on to notice the rest of the bracelet – which is classic NO, and so lovely…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Black Silk”, “Autumn Splendour”, “Smoky Quartz”, “Drifting Seeds”, “Summer Jewel, big”, “Triple Pearl, Black”, “Brown Desert”, “Gold Initial N”, “Gold Core Ruby”, “Stars”, “Deep Bubbles” (retired), “Purple Bud”, “Rolling Waves”, “Golden Cave”, “Silver Whorl”, “Unique Amber”, “Transformation”, “Unique Alabaster Amber”, “Safety Chain”.

Thank you, NO for inspiring us, as always…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Something blue…

Shades of soft & subtle blue, green & teal seem to be in the air… yesterday at Tartooful everyone had “The Blues”!

Some truly beautiful bracelets in all different stages of design were on show at Tartooful… today we will look at PM’s gorgeous teal bracelet.  She popped by to pick up one of the new “Chinese Zodiac” limited edition silvers – see her new “Tiger”, nestled next to soon-to-be-retired “Blue-Green Feather”?

The owner of this bracelet has chosen each bead, not only for how it impacts on the overall appearance of the bracelet, but also on the merits of the individual example of each bead pattern.

The result of her careful selection is that each of her beads is an outstanding piece on its own, and the bracelet as a whole is stunning.

Note how beautifully the Limited Edition “Flower Diamond Desert Flower” complements her very unusual “Labradorite”, with its charcoal veining and brilliant blue flash.  The dichroic glass of “Three Flowers” and “Dichroic Ice” continues the visual thread of blue, even through the silver and whites..

Looking very closely one can see both blue and an intriguing bronze in the depths of “Desert Flower”… the appearance of the blue is enhanced by the surrounding blue tones, and the bronze is echoed in another of the dichroic glass dots in “Three Flowers”.  It is subtle, slowly unveiled colour like this that makes Troll endlessly fascinating.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Lock”, “Safety Chain, silver”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Music Box”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Three Flowers”, “Labradorite”, “Limited Edition Flower Diamond – Desert Flower”, “Jugend”, “Lake Eye”, “Milan”, “Blue-Green Feather” (retired), “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Tiger”, “Fireflies”, “Treasures”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Silver Mountain”, “Silver Initial”, “Ble Desert”.

Trollbeads Autumn 2011: sneak peek?

Speculation is going wild among Trollbeads collectors – the big question… what will be in the Autumn 2011 Release?  Scouring the blogs for clues, I’ve found some very unofficial, totally unsubstantiated (but yummy), rumours.  And pictures…

If what I’ve seen is in fact the collection that will be unveiled next week, the new designs are not going to disappoint…

The glass beads that are being discussed are gorgeous, totally classic Trollbeads, with buttery yellow, teal green, lavender, faded grey, purple and coral.  The coral would be a welcome addition to many of our collectors who have been looking for additional designs to complement their reds, oranges and pinks.  The creamy yellow is very reminiscent of the colour of drifting seeds, which has been a huge star from last Autumn’s collection.  These new yellows would fit beautifully into so many compositions… The soft, warm greys would be a new “must” for all our ladies who are collecting in that colour family…  And of course, the ones that so many collectors would be excited to see are the purple ones – surely one of our most collected colour families.

In addition, it’s rumoured that there will be a new Baby Troll in the Trollbeads family.  The blogs are speculating that it may be part of the Autumn release – or may come out as a special edition.  This silver bead is currently a part of the permanent collection, but featuring a trollstone.  This one features a semi precious stone, most likely a Smoky quartz, but possibly a darker toned golden quartz…

Stay tuned… hopefully the official announcements will come soon.


Trollbeads World Tour: USA

Our neighbours to the South are fortunate to be the most recent stop on the Trollbeads World Tour!  Announced this week are four new beads that will be available for sale only in the USA… Trollbeads says,

“Visit a welcoming land filled with diversity, love and the pursuit of happiness. A place where one can experience energetic cities that never sleep and peacefulness of golden deserts of the old west. And visit the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C., home of the iconic White House, where history is made!”

The “Pursuit of Happiness”  bead is available in both silver and silver& gold versions, and is sure to be a popular choice… it’s reminiscent of the glass smiley beads that Trollbeads released a few years ago.  The “White House” is a powerful symbol for the US, but rocked as it has been by political scandal over the last few decades, it’s not a bead I would particularly want on my bracelet.  I can see the appeal of the “Old West” cowskull bead, especially if one called the Western States home, or even if one was on holiday in that area.  However, the real star of this collection has to be the “Star Spangled Bead”, with it’s crisp red and white stripes, and perfect little white stars dropped onto each bud, it’s dramatic and a fun interpretation of the iconic US flag.

Hey Trollbeads!  How about a Canadian stop next time around?!  (Everybody likes Canadians, right?)  Trollbeads has already put a few good Northern images in the collection – the “Ice Bear” is very Canadian, and “Jasper” is a spot to visit for any tourist to the Canadian Rockies.  “Labradorite” is named for the Canadian Province of Labrador…  But what kind of images would we like to see in a new Canadian collection?  Perhaps a gorgeous glass that evokes the Northern Lights?  Perhaps an intricately wrought Maple Leaf in silver?  Perhaps one of our distinct animals – a moose, beaver, polar bear, Canada goose or loon… Or maybe an amazing blue glass (think “Earth” – but blue!)  that pays tribute to the three oceans that border our land… and of course, one can’t forget the national sport of hockey?  This last idea would have to be handled verrrry carefully to avoid being silly.

Next time?


Trollbeads Inspiration: H.O.’s lush garden of colour…

This lovely bracelet feels like a lush North Shore garden in full bloom, full of mossy greens, clear running streams, and woodland flowers.

The glass take centre stage, with only tiny “spacer” silvers between each one, repurposed from another bracelet.  The glass selection is a good blend of uniques, retireds and standard collection designs, with a graceful colour gradation from emerald green, through pink to deep purple.

I particularly admire the colours she has chosen to showcase in the centre of the bracelet – the “Antique Flower”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Double Flower” (retired), and “Azure Bubbles” are simply gorgeous together.  The subtle, moss green acts as a foil to the sweeter pink tones and gives interest to the entire composition.  The unusual lilac colour of the dichroic glass dot in the Black Flower Mosaic is the crowning touch, and makes the whole bracelet sing.

Finally, silver “Lotus” frame the composition, and give emphasis to the “Large Flower Lock”, giving it even more visual substance.  I like to finish bracelets with smaller designs that are well matched: either two silvers such as “Lotus”, “Small Berry”, “Lucky Knot” or “Hydrangea”… or Prism beads of various colours are also favorites of mine.  Prisms are a wonderful way of finishing two-colour compositions, as they can emphasize each of the two elements in the design.

Thank you for letting us share your bracelet…


Trollbeads Universal Uniques

Trollbeads has always been the leader in their field, presenting brilliant new collections several times each year, and innovative products that work together to create a truly unique and exciting piece of jewelry.

The latest creation?  Universal Uniques.  These beads have been designed with a subtly larger inner core that allows them to slip easily over all competitors bracelets.  Unlike the glass beads of Pandora or Chamilia, this universal silver core is no more obtrusive than that of the standard glass Trollbeads.

Each beautiful Universal Unique bead is one of a kind, making these beads particularly coveted and collectible, and perfectly suitable for gifts.

These lovely new additions to the collection will be available at Tartooful as soon as they are unveiled in Canada, July 11th.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Ocean Blues

We are loving the new range of ocean blues that came out with this year’s new Spring collection… they play so beautifully with some of or favorites from the Fall 2010 group, and together make a very wearable bracelet that feels just right with our laid-back, beach inspired, west coast palette of soft blues and greys…

clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Light Turquoise Prism”, “Clear Blue Bubbles”, “Treasures”, “Blue-Green Feather”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Midnight Flower”, “Jellyfish”, “Ocean”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Beach”, “Waves”, “Cool Dusk”, “Turquoise Prism”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Lilacs in Bloom

Every garden that I’ve ever had has had a lilac… huge, out-of-control, gorgeous bushes that put on a massive show every spring.  I was a little taken-aback when I realized that my present garden was lilac-less.  Now, when I see them in bloom all over the neighborhood, I think I will have to get one.  I’m going to look for a Persian Lilac, a delicate little bush which takes over a lot less of the garden, but has a heavenly scent  with all the oomph of it’s bigger cousins.

Meanwhile, I was inspired by all the lilacs to build a bracelet… (yes, inspiration really can come from anywhere…)

This bracelet includes a couple of the Spring 2011 collection: “White Petals”,  and “Pastel Flower”.  There are also a number of familiar favorites, such as “Florence”, “Light Green Stripe”, “Lavender Stripe”, “Green Jade” and “Purple Bubbles”.  However, the showstoppers on this bracelet have to be the new Limited Edition Diamond Flower beads – Antique Flower.  I’ve used two of them to frame the centre of this bracelet.  Their tiny purple flowers are perfectly evocative of lilacs…


Trollbeads inspiration: pink & black diamonds

This bracelet composition is inspired by the pink & black beads of the “Flower Diamond” Limited Edition series.  We added lots more of the subtle pink tones, and then softened the black by adding “Khaki Stripe” and our perennial favorite, “Silver Mountain”.

The “Khaki Stripe is particularly effective here, as it pulls together the black and the pink in an unexpected way… this bead has a very unusual, lilac cast to the Khaki element.  We often see the amazing electric blue tone in this bead, but lilac is a fresh discovery.

I chose to add the smiling, “Frog” silver bead to the design to stop it from being too terribly serious… who could resist his silly, crosseyed grin?  (interesting side note:  one of our brilliant trollbead collectors had her “Frog” engraved with a crown on it’s plain, polished underside – to show that he was really a prince…)

Clockwise from clasp:  Basic Double lobster clasp, “Silver Mountain”, “Lamb”, “Flower Diamond Limited Edition Pink”, “Flower Diamond Limited Edition Black”, “Summer Dot”, “Summer Jewel, Big”, “Flower Diamond Limited Edition Pink”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Fantasy Flower”, “Frog”, “Rose Quartz”, “Pink Ribbon”.