Trollbeads Inspiration: The “Magpie” Bangle

golden-combinationThe Magpie Bracelet

golden2This bracelet is pink and gold and sparkly and shimmery and shines like the stars.  (Ladies, I can see you drooling from here…)

However.  You may be asking “Why Magpie?”… I’m calling this one “The Magpie” despite a total lack of black & white, feathers, beaks or wings…

blue-desertbecause it’s the perfect bracelet for creatures that are attracted to shiny things!  Magpies are common birds that are cousins to the crow.  Quirky and intelligent, they are notoriously attracted to shiny things and will shamelessly pilfer them.  They can’t help themselves, they just get a little silly when faced with a perfectly shiny morsel.  Their nests are beautifully littered with trinkets, foil wraps and carelessly stored jewels.  I confess, I’m a magpie.  Anything with a little shimmer, a little hint of shine and sparkle, and I am in.


This golden bangle, with it’s sugary confections of pink and blue deserts, as well as the Diamond Bead with gold core… well, it’s lust at first sight for me, and simply makes my magpie heart sing.


PS.  We love the fresh slate to navy tones of the new Blue Deserts… gorgeous for this Winter.  They’re so dark and warm, they’re almost Brown Deserts.  It’s like someone in the atelier at Trollbeads just decided they missed the brown ones too much, and that they were going to start making them again, and simply call them Blue to stay under the wire.  Fabulous.  They’re a “must have” – regardless if you already have one in another shade.  Bravo to the unruly artisan at Trollbeads!