Trollbeads Inspiration: From Holland with Love (Goldflower)

This bracelet is truly fit for a queen!  It’s rich colour palette makes me think of the upcoming Koninginnedag celebrations in the Netherlands… this National Holiday is the official birthday celebration of Queen Beatrix, the reigning monarch of the Netherlands, but it also acts as a day to honour all things orange – a nod to the Royal family’s traditional title as heads of the house of Orange-Nassau.

The distinctly Dutch feel comes, of course from the deep orange bead that sings in this composition, but more than that, the brilliant blue, crisp white and unbelievable 18k gold give the overall design a royal mood.

Here, understated “Chai Bud” (retired) and a simple “Turquoise Ribbon” act as subtle foils for the warm gleam of an 18k gold “Lucky Knot”.  The smaller size of the glass “Turquoise Ribbon” is a good match for the knot, and the turquoise and ivory are wonderful together.

This glorious orange bead is not an everyday sight: it’s a retired “Striped Bud”, from 2005.  The orange and coral layers glow, and brilliantly complement the royal blue of “Blue Stripe”.  Golden “Hydrangea” is an effective and highly detailed contrast to the visually much simpler glass that frame it…

… not that the “Diamond Bead White” is really so simple!  Has it ever looked more spectacular than in this photo, surrounded by 18k gold “Forget-me-not” and 18k gold “Hydrangea”?  “Forget-me-not” is one of our perennial favorites, (pun fully intended!), but in gold it takes on a spectacular new appearance.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Clasp”, “Silver Stopper”, “Blue Stripe”, “Striped Bud (retired)”, “18k gold Hydrangea”, “The Diamond Bead, White”, “18k gold Forget-me-not”, “Turquoise Stripe”, “18k gold Lucky Knot”, “Chai Bud (retired)”, “Universal Unique”, “Silver Stopper”.

Thank you to AV for her generous sharing of inspiration…


Trollbeads World Tour: Netherlands

Trollbeads World Tour continues on its journey, this time taking us to the Netherlands!

“Welcome to the Netherlands! Travel with us to the Dutch countryside, land of windmills and clogs. Admire the beautiful Sunflower paintings by one of the world’s greatest painters, Vincent van Gogh. Be overwhelmed by the favourite colour of all Dutch people: Orange!”


It is a common misconception that Dutch people still wear wooden clogs. Despite the fact that most Dutch people no longer wear ‘klompen’ for everyday use, clogs remain popular among people working in their gardens and on farms.

designer: Tomas Cenius


If the Netherlands were to be associated with a colour, it would be orange! From the national football team’s colours to ’orange fever‘ during the ’Queen’s Day‘ celebrations. This vibrant tradition stems from William of Orange ’father of the nation‘, and the founder of a new Dutch state.

designer: Lise Aagaard


A mill is a simple and valuable tool used in a variety of industries. It can be used to manufacture flour, oil and paint, to saw wood or pump water. A mill can be operated by wind, water, electricity, or by animal or human power. Mills have a great historical-cultural value in the Dutch landscape, they bring nature, industry, and architecture together.

designer: Annabap Logman


Sunflowers are the inspiration for two series’ of still life paintings by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh is nowadays considered one of the greatest painters of the 19th century, however this recognition came too late – during his lifetime he only sold one painting.

designer: Tomas Cenius

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