30 day Challenge: Happy Mothers Day!


IMG_9504Today I tried to pick beads as if they were flowers, and turn them into a bouquet that I can wear on my arm!  I tried to hold images of my Mother in my head as I was playing this together, and take my cue from her exquisite taste… I often pick beads more for their aesthetic than their meaning, but for today’s bracelet I really wanted to think hard about each addition, and to include both elements for greater meaning.


IMG_9503I knew there must be flowers, for my Mother’s amazing garden.  “Van Gogh” brings blossoms into the design.  The Sparrow is for the bird feeders in Mum’s garden, and their flocks of feathery visitors.  Mum used to love sitting at her kitchen table, watching the birds enjoy her beautiful garden – and she waged a quiet war against the fat

IMG_9507squirrels who grew even fatter on her luxurious bird seed.  The “Bee on Hive” is for the bumblebees who loved her garden so well, buzzing amongst the tea roses, clematis, bergamot and honeysuckle.  All these silver designs seemed perfectly “Mum” to me… but the “Sweater” and “Ball of Yarn” are perhaps the most meaningful of all.


IMG_9502My Mother could make incredibly perfect things with her hands… she spun, wove, knit, embroidered, quilted, and crocheted with love, creativity and passion, creating textiles that truly were art.  I’m very lucky to still have and enjoy many of the beautiful pieces she made.  On a previous Mothers Day I wrote about a very special Sweater of hers… If you’d like to see her work, take a peek.  The “Ball of Yarn” and “Sweater” beads are an homage to my Mother’s skilled hands.


IMG_9501Finally, after taking care over the selection of very special silvers… it was time to pick a palette of colours that would be equally meaningful.  I toyed with several possibilities, but in the end I found that a subtle, soft array of apricots, blues and greens felt right.  It brings to mind the natural colours of the flowers and foliage in her garden, as well as the timeless Liberty prints that she favoured for Summer dresses and scarves.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Lock” (retired), “PInk Prism”, “Bee on Hive”, (retired), “Limited Edition Kimono Series”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Heart”, “Unique Amber”, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Glass”, “Ball of Yarn”, “Unique Glass”, “Aurora Flower”, “Unique Glass”, “Sweater” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Unique Glass”, “Unique Amber”, “Sparrow” (retired), “Light Blue Shadow” (retired), “Unique Glass”, “Limited Edition Van Gogh” (World Tour Netherlands Series), “Rosa Pearl”.

To all of our very special ladies… those of you who are Mothers and Grandmothers, caring for your families – as well as those of you who quietly mother so many others, taking care of loved ones as if they were your own – thank you for all you do.  We see how hard you work, and how much you care.  You are appreciated, cherished and loved.

Happy Mothers Day!


Happy Mothers’ Day! – Challenge Day 10


IMG_5653Happy Mother’s Day, everyone…

we have such amazing ladies out there, and so many mothers of all different kinds.  There’s women who have a slew of

IMG_5652kids of their own for whom they would do anything.  There’s women who care for an entire community of children who need her mothering more than we can imagine.  There’s women who see need within their own extended family,

IMG_5655and step in to provide a level of caring that the child’s own mother can’t always provide.  We have women who are now mothering their own parents… making sure that they are safe, well fed, cared for, and feel loved… and of course, those Mother-in-Laws and Grandmothers who in turn support and love more than one generation of their extended families.  We even have women who step into the gallery just to check in on us, and support us to make sure that we are cared for as well!


A pretty and easy mix of “Unique Ambers”, “Golden quartz”, “Chalcedony”, “Rose Quartz”, “Smoky Quartz” and “Faceted Aurora”

A special thank you is due to the Mom in my life… thank you Linda for all you do for our crazy little family… we love you!








Trollbeads News: Exciting New Release Today


Nothing says Spring like a Fresh New Release from Trollbeads…

mothers-day3It seems impossible looking out at our determinedly grey skies, but Spring really is near.  The mornings are just a little earlier, the evenings a tad longer, and snowdrops are blooming at my front door.  Trollbeads “The Messenger” carries the same happy news.


This graceful blossom is one of three new beads released today by Trollbeads in anticipation of Mothers Day, which will be celebrated at all different times through the Spring, depending on the country.

mothers-day8The stunning natural stones are “Ruby Rock”… a welcome addition to the family of faceted stone designs.  These pieces are predominantly a warm grey, with a generous inclusion of brilliant, fuschia coloured Ruby.

mothers-day7Like all Trollbeads, each one is unique, but the examples we have thus far seen are absolutely gorgeous.  I was immediately inspired to create an entire bracelet around the new arrival, using lots of blossom themed silvers, plums and soft silvery blue.

mothers-day4The new “Beige Moonstone”, “Pebbles”, and a very rich “Pink Desert” all found homes in this design.  The warm, nearly taupe grey of the “Ruby Rock” is complemented by the cafe au lait colour of the “Beige Moonstone”, as well as the textured “Purple Flower mothers-day5Mosaic” and “Cozy”.  I decided to finish the bracelet on a bright and glowing note, by selecting the “Lavender Prism”.  However, I toyed with the “Rosa Pearl” and “Purple Prism” and either of them would have been wonderful as well.

The final new design is “Mom’s Bouquet”.  This is simply a lovely bead… mostly round, about the same size in appearance as Zanzibar, with simple, satisfying blossoms and leaves.  It hints at nostalgia while feeling light, fresh, sweet and modern.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Lavender Prism”, “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Mom’s Bouquet”, “Pink Desert”, “Beige Moonstone”, “Swarm of Butterflies”, “Silver Mountain”, “Ruby Rock”, “The Messenger”, “Ruby Rock”, “Cozy”, “Blossom Bead”, “Pebbles”, “Chalcedony”, “Flowers”, “Universal Unique”, “Grey Prism”.

Come by the village and pay a visit to these new little lovelies….


Remember Mom…

Trollbeads is always a tartooful choice

This weekend is Mother’s Day… We know how hard it can be to find something beautiful and meaningful for Mom, but at tartooful that’s our specialty.  Here’s a few of our favorite suggestions:

Lovefresh body goodies are pure luxury.  Made with organic ingredients and free of undesirables such as parabens, petroleum products and artitificial preservatives, these natural treats are as good for you as they feel.  Choose from lotions, wash or our personal favorite, sugar scrub, in scents such as Lemon Verbena, Pomegranate, Pear, Lavender and Pink Grapefruit…

The “Be” series of sterling  jewellery is striking a chord with tartooful customers… These simple necklaces, rings and bangles each bear a tiny word to remind the wearer of their core values… The perfect gift for a Mom who teaches and lives those values every day.

We’re delighted to have a huge selection of RedFlag design’s amazing bags in stock, just in time for Mom’s day!  These totes, duffels, wallets and handbags are as hardworking as they are beautiful.  RedFlag’s new collection features overdyed sailcloth in subtle grey tones, from a deep charcoal-raisin to the softest of greyed blues.  All the bags feature their trademark detailing, such as knotwork straps and industrial grommets.  These are the pieces that will be used every day this summer…

“Bird Stories Again” by Anne Griffiths 36″x36″

Original art is always a memorable and thoughtful gift… perhaps just the right thing to honour a Mother on a special occasion – the birth of a new baby, the graduation of the first child, or the year that the children leave the nest?  We are delighted to represent a number of talented, local artists and can help you to select the perfect peice.

Sometimes a tiny gesture can be just right:  Phoenix Botanicals creates organic herbal balms with botanicals they gather themselves.  Every detail is considered, from their subtle fragrances such “Little Wing”, (vanilla, vervain, magnolia & ylang ylang) to their highly functional and biodegradable tubes.  Very tartooful….

This just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Trollbeads… This brilliant line of Danish jewellery is justifiably beloved by many tartoofulers, and a beautiful new bead is a perfectly thoughtful way to celebrate Mothers Day…

There are so many other brilliant ideas in the shop at the moment, I can’t possibly list them all here… please stop by for a personal visit this week and let us help you to find the perfect thing for the Mother in your life…