Trollbeads Inspiration: Mother’s Day Rose


IMG_8396This past week saw the release of an absolutely stunning, Limited Edition glass Trollbead.  Designed by Japanese glass designer Nozomi Kaji, the Mother’s Day Limited Edition Rose bead is quickly being snapped up by collectors. The Trollie in the know is already familiar with her amazing creations.  You may remember her as the

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.08.54 PMinnovative designer of the subtle and lovely Limited edition “Kimono Kit”, released in 2011.  In that case the beads were inspired by the patterns and colours of traditional Japanese Kimonos and were made from velvety soft Japanese Glass.  Even now the designs stand out in their simplicity and elegance.

zen-1Since that time Ms Kaji has come to our attention again with the release of various amazing Limited Edition glass releases.  “Blooming Sakura” was one of the most desirable of the World Tour Limited Editions of 2012.  It’s one of those beads that one simply has to have… but can be quite tricky to use!  With a combination of sky blue, white, yellow and a dash of lavender, this bead sets the tone for whatever composition upon which it is placed.  I usually find a good home for mine with lilacs and pinks, but many of our talented ladies create lovely designs with crisp white and yellow as well.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.43.16 PMNext, this past Autumn we fell in love with “Ageless Beauty”, a showstopping diva of a bead that features rich blue flowers with hearts of delicate celery yellow, all set on a field of crimson.  Again, not a bead that blends in – in a good way!  I have enjoyed playing together various compositions with my Ageless Beauty, usually with lots of rich ruby toned amber for a warm and sophisticated palette that matches the mood of the Beauty.


IMG_8398Finally, here we are in early Spring, and the latest creation by Ms Nozomi is just exactly what we are craving!  After the long, dark, wet winter we are finally starting to see the first flowers here on the West Coast, with pink cherries, cheerful narcissus, crocus, snowdrops, forsythia and so many more now bursting into bloom.

IMG_8395It feels like the perfect time for my Trollbeads to come into bloom, too!  For today’s necklace we have created a frothy pink concoction, with the silver “Cherry Blossom Bead”, the new limited edition “Rose”, “Desert Rose”, and “Wild Cherry”, all on a polished sterling and pearl Fantasy Necklace.  Bright and beautiful for Spring!