Trollbeads Inspiration: Simplicity


Today at the gallery we are playing with a simple design of pure, Trollbeads silver…


I decided today to create a leather necklace that felt sleek, sophisticated and modern.  I carefully combed through the Trollbeads silvers, finding and selecting  all the boldest, simplest, heaviest designs.  These are geometric forms that give me such joy.  Their naturally balanced symmetrical forms are satisfying to work with, as they easily stand alone, or combine nearly effortlessly with similar companions.  Each one feels like a tiny, modern art sculpture – can’t you imagine them placed on nicely lit, miniature plinths in an art gallery for mice?

1 (1)

6I began by placing “Victory” in the center of the necklace composition.  This marvelously large and dramatic piece melds organic, round forms with angular, chevron forms.  This was a fit choice, as it happily accommodates both rounded designs such as “Three siblings”, “Transformation” and “Trefoil Knot”, as well as more angular items such as “Smiling Cylinder” and “Two Sides to Everything”.  As I built outwards in the composition I occasionally added a matched pair of beads.  This gives a sense of balance and rhythm to the design, without the rigidity – not to mention predictability – of a perfectly matched set of paired beads.


From left to right:  “Water”,   “Neverending”, “Two Sides to Everything”, “Three Siblings”, “Transformation”, “Endless”, “Soft Heart”, “Victory”, “Frames”, “Endless”, “Smiling Cylinder”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Love Within”, “Water”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: the cool side of purple

We have some truly beautiful beads in the deep purple family at the moment, so naturally we wanted to see how they might play out in a composition…  The wide variety of patterns makes for an interesting texture – from Scandanavian-inspired, mod geometrics to the sweetest of forget-me-not flowers floating delicately in liquid-clear purple…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Flower Clasp, big”, “Purple Flower”, “Diamond Bead, black”, “Universal Unique – mod lilac, grey & white”, “Zanzibar”, “Universal Unique – dark purple with forget-me-not”, “Grey Wolf”, “Universal Unique – mod purple & black”, “Transformation”, “Universal Unique – lilac with forget-me-not”, “Universal Unique-Mod black & ivory”, “Violet Flower”, “Treasures”, “Universal Unique – mod purple, black & white”, “Limited Edition Diamond Flower – Black & White”, “Purple Dot”.