Roadtrip Kit…

With so many of you getting ready to travel this holiday season, we thought it was a good time to offer a few suggestions for a kit of functional luxuries to help you feel at home while on the road…

Start with a perfect shave kit:  these ones are made by Vancouver’s own RedFlag Design.  They are sewn from rugged recycled sailcloth that has been overdyed in a myriad of soft grey blues.  Each unique piece is beautifully finished with well made zippers, hand knotted pulls and functional leather tabs.  Best of all, this clever design louvers open with more contents, but folds neatly back on itself when emptied, to take up a minmum of precious suitcase space.

You’re particular about your bathroom luxuries at home, so why settle for nasty drugstore brands when you need a lift the most?  At Tartooful we have lots of beautiful treats for all your senses… Pretty new resin toothbrushes by Alan Stuart of New York, each one tucked in a reusable travel container… Gourmet Marvis toothpaste from Florence, and of course  lotions, soaps, travel candles and lip balms by Tokyo Milk.  (Airplanes are such dry places… keep your hand lotion and lip balm close…)

Now that your cosmetic kit is packed, you’ll want to think about your carry-on luggage.  Ideally it should be a bag that is flexible enough to be your “everything” bag once you reach your destination as well… I like to suggest Astrosatchel’s Medium Tote as a great travel bag.  It’s compact enough to be a handbag on your trip, is open plan to accommodate all sorts of unexpected finds, very secure and very comfortable, with it’s wide adjustable strap.  This bag is feather light – just the thing when every ounce counts!  I would also suggest that a wallet by Astrosatchel is ideal for travel: durable, secure, easily stores multiple currencies, coins, cards galore and even space for your passport.  Naturally, these designs are as beautiful as they are functional – very tartooful.

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Now, all you need is a book to keep you company… Don’t settle for an overpriced bodice ripper at the airport – instead stop into our neighbours at 32 books and pick something simply wonderful.  You’ll be supporting a local independent bookseller and will find something so much better.

Bon Voyage…

For the Love of Ritual

Maileg’s Traditional Scandanavian Pixys

It’s a very human trait to embrace little rituals… Whether it’s an important occasion, or just the morning routine, they give meaning and add value to an otherwise ordinary day.

We all indulge in tiny rituals without even noticing them:  brushing our teeth, reading the morning’s emails over coffee, tucking the children into bed with a lullaby, or perhaps a big, thick newspaper on Sunday mornings… I love the rhythm that these gestures give our days, and particularly enjoy finding ways to make them even more special.  That’s why you’ll find items such as Marvis Toothpaste and Alan Stuart Toothbrushes on the shelves at tartooful… for the twice-daily tiny ritual of brushing one’s teeth.  I stock Proraso shaving soap and old-fashioned shaving brushes, hoping that the Tartooful gentlemen will take a couple of extra minutes to add a note of grace to their morning shaving routine.

With the holidays approaching we’ll all enjoy the traditions and rituals that mark that time as special for us…  One of Tartooful’s customers recently purchased some of our hilarious Maileg Pixys and shared a tradition from her home with us… At the beginning of December each year, an elf comes to their house to spend the holidays with them.  Every morning the challenge for the children is to find where the elf has wandered off to overnight – on a shelf, hanging off a vase, on the mantel and so on.  Sometimes the elf has a little treat for the children, other mornings perhaps not.  The little pixys that were going home with this customer were going to be this years’ elves.  It’s traditions like these that make magic in our lives.