What’s New at Tartooful?


“Forest” Body and Bath Treats by Margot Elena

What’s new at Tartooful, you may ask?  It’s true, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted on here (and I promise good Trollbeads things are coming next post)…


Recycled Cashmere Scarves by Vancouver’s own Winterluxe

imageToday I just wanted to show you a few of the treats that we’ve been busily bringing in for the upcoming holiday season at Tartooful.  We’ve found so many lovely treasures to delight everyone on your list…

From cuddly cashmere, to darling mice, fragrant body treats, sparking artisan jewellery and of course Marvis toothpaste from Italy…. there are so many treats in store now at Tartooful!



Maileg mice in Matchboxes from Denmark


Vincent Massey Ceramics


Pixies by Maileg of Denmark

There are so many other sweet treats in store, do drop by to enjoy all the holiday goodies… See more at tartooful.com









Have the Maileg Family over for Christmas…

Two big shipments of Maileg toys arrived from Denmark this week, and the shop is overrun (in a good way) with Pixies, Mice and bunnies…  These adorable characters are beautifully made, with soft, traditional Danish cottons and sweet expressions.  They are just the thing to add a fresh, yet vintage note to your holiday decorating – or to delight the children (both young and old)…

The pixie advent calendars are a treat for the whole family – these oversized characters have twenty-four pockets and tabs where each day, treats may be hidden and tied on with bows to count down the days until Christmas…

On the other end of the size scale, these micro pixies come with little cotton strings so they can help to decorate your tree.  They’re soft and full of expression, absolutely perfect to start a collection of ornaments for a young one – or to add a smile to your own Christmas tree!  (If you can keep them on there – these rowdy characters love to hop off and go play…)

Meet Louise and Lukas, Selma and Sophus… These two pixie couples are happy hanging out on your mantel, cuddling on your stairs, snuggled up on a branch of your tree, or even lazily lolling around on your Christmas wreath.  They’re dressed up in their Christmas best, in true, traditional, Danish style:  warm hats & scarves, soft cotton dresses and shirts – even perfect little boiled wool jackets and pants… Perhaps these little pixies have been sent from the North Pole by Santa to keep an eye out in your home for naughty and nice children?   One never knows… better behave!

The biggest pixies of all just want to be loved… these funny, leggy creatures are just perfect for cuddling on a big warm comfy chair, (they love to be read to…)

Of course, we mustn’t forget about the mice!  A whole bunch of this unruly crowd arrived at the shop this week… we love the new little boys and girls in pajamas and nighties, tucked cosily into their sleeping bags inside of their own little matchboxes… so very smart: – their ‘jammies match their sleeping bags!

Maileg has outdone themselves with these uber-cute little mice:  would you believe, newborn mice *twins*, in a sleeping bag, in a matchbox!  These tiniest members of the mouse family are wearing striped sleepers, one red & one blue… No wonder they are smiling, they look so cosy!

We are enchanted by the new Angel Mouse… With her petal pink ears, gauzy white dress and translucent cotton wings, all printed with tiny touches of antique gold, she is utterly delightful.  Let one of these mice grace your tree, or perhaps be a charming surprise, peeking out of each stocking by your fireplace?

These are the things which make up Christmas wishes….


For the Love of Ritual

Maileg’s Traditional Scandanavian Pixys

It’s a very human trait to embrace little rituals… Whether it’s an important occasion, or just the morning routine, they give meaning and add value to an otherwise ordinary day.

We all indulge in tiny rituals without even noticing them:  brushing our teeth, reading the morning’s emails over coffee, tucking the children into bed with a lullaby, or perhaps a big, thick newspaper on Sunday mornings… I love the rhythm that these gestures give our days, and particularly enjoy finding ways to make them even more special.  That’s why you’ll find items such as Marvis Toothpaste and Alan Stuart Toothbrushes on the shelves at tartooful… for the twice-daily tiny ritual of brushing one’s teeth.  I stock Proraso shaving soap and old-fashioned shaving brushes, hoping that the Tartooful gentlemen will take a couple of extra minutes to add a note of grace to their morning shaving routine.

With the holidays approaching we’ll all enjoy the traditions and rituals that mark that time as special for us…  One of Tartooful’s customers recently purchased some of our hilarious Maileg Pixys and shared a tradition from her home with us… At the beginning of December each year, an elf comes to their house to spend the holidays with them.  Every morning the challenge for the children is to find where the elf has wandered off to overnight – on a shelf, hanging off a vase, on the mantel and so on.  Sometimes the elf has a little treat for the children, other mornings perhaps not.  The little pixys that were going home with this customer were going to be this years’ elves.  It’s traditions like these that make magic in our lives.


Maileg Pixies!

Lots of Pixies!

Today a great big box of Maileg toys arrived from Denmark, and what fun it was to unpack!  It was full of sleepy bats, mischievous pixies and tiny sweet mice tucked into matchbox beds.  As in all Maileg toys, there are so many little details that make these pieces stand out:  The tiny beds are cosily made up, each one with a little ticking mattress, a pillow with stars, and a knit blanket to cuddle.  The chocolate-brown bats are so friendly looking, with wide, happy eyes on one side, and on the reverse, sleepy, long-lashed eyes… and when they spread their wings it displays pretty Danish cotton print in shades of pink and blue.

Mice in Matchbox bedsets…

The pixies, a traditional part of Scandanavian holiday celebrations, are simply hilarious… if you walk past the window you’ll see “Sweater boy”: a pixy that is taller than our five-year-old daughter!  Once inside, you’ll find pixies hanging out in all sorts of unexpected places…Each one wears a sweet little outfit, made up of Danish cotton prints… some in sweaters and scarves, others in little striped dresses.. but all wearing their distinctive, tall red pixy hat.

Pixies hanging about…