Trollbeads Inspiration: Candy Heart


Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_8347I thought long and hard about what kind of bracelet to feature today, as our little Valentine’s treat to you… After all, there are so many fabulous design options for Valentines.  Hot pink and rich chestnut brown for raspberries and chocolate… Classic red, with gold, white, pink, black or even grey as an accent…. Pink and white… pink and gold… Diamond, heart or all sorts of “love” images…. really the choices are endless!

candy-heartsIn the end I decided to take a happy, joyful colour approach and take inspiration from classic Valentine’s candy hearts.

IMG_8348Tiny, sweet, with adorable messages and a quintessential Spring palette of purple, pink, white, green and orange… these little sugary treats only appear this time of year and are instantly recognizable icons of a childhood Valentine’s day.  They may not be sophisticated, but they are utterly charming.

IMG_8350In the newest waves of uniques to appear at Tartooful there have been so many very fun and fresh designs with lots of hearts, florals and just the right colours to built this sweet and flirty bracelet.  It’s packed with creamsicle orange hearts,  minty fresh flowers, buttercup yellow petals, pink polka dots and and plum perfect patterns.



IMG_8351In my bag of Troll Tricks this might be a bracelet that only came together for a few weeks over the Spring – but wouldn’t it be the perfect thing then?  I would rearrange all the beads for other times of the year and recycle them into Summer, Fall and Christmas compositions.  The Love themed silvers are easy to play with all year round!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 4.53.13 PM

Clockwise from clasp:  “Cherry Blossom Lock, “Unique”, “Unique”, “Organic Hearts”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Unique”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Heart Conch”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Unique”, “Forget me not”, “Unique”, “Unique”, “Heart”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Unique”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Neverending”, “Unique”, “Unique”.

I hope you have all had a sweet and lovely Valentine’s Day!





Trollbeads Inspiration: H.E.’s bracelet…


Today’s simple bracelet belongs to a very special person… Its owner is my 91 year old cousin, an amazing lady.  She has the gift of staying interested, even astonished by the happenings of the world, in a way that most people seem to lose by the time they are out of their forties.  She’s gentle, artistic, quietly brilliant, and so full of love you can practically see it shining out of her.  I do love her dearly.


Her bracelet holds a “Rose Quartz”, the stone of love… The “Three in One” is symbolic of her three children, and an “Amber” was chosen for its calm quality.  “Happy Fish”, with its quirky, ancient Chinese expression is very much her.  The limited edition green Jade was a healing stone I sent her after a little health challenge a while back.  The “Lotus” seemed appropriate as she has an interest in alternative approaches to healing.  “Silver Mountain” is for her West Coast home – although in her case it really ought to be silver ocean, as that’s what she sees out her Gulf Island windows.  Finally, “Falling Leaves” was added just today as a little wink to the Arbutus trees that carelessly litter her lovely front courtyard with their big leathery leaves.

cathy-icy-sunshineIn an interesting side note, I was told once that the green jade holds the positive energy of the wearer, and has the capacity to release it again when needed.  Think of it as a battery pack of healing and joy.  Apparently if one’s jade darkens it’s a good sign that one has lots of energy stored.  I happily wore the green jade on the bracelet at left, and it became very richly green while there… so when I heard that H.E. could use a little boost that’s the bead that made its way to her bracelet, as you can see in the photo at the top.  Sometimes a bead out of one’s own collection makes a better gift than a new one – it feels like giving a little part of oneself.

Thank you to SE and HE for spending a little of your precious mainland time with me today… it was wonderful to see you both.


Trollbeads Inspiration: All our love…


v2Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!  I know, I know… it’s a cheesy holiday, but really, why not take the time to tell the people you love just how much they mean to you anyhow?  Perhaps one shouldn’t need a special day to do that, perhaps one ought really to tell them every day.  But just in case it occasionally gets forgotten, a special day doesn’t hurt.

v4We at Tartooful prefer thoughtful gestures – a handwritten love note… a heartfelt homemade card with scrawled Xs and Os to Mum… the first blooms of Spring from the garden… We’ve made up an inspiration bracelet with love, as our gift to all of you today.  Hopefully its exuberant palette is like a ray of sunshine for those of

v5you still snowed under by Winter!  We’ve included lots of the Valentines Limited edition release, “Be My Valentine”… we love this Aurora series bead, with it’s shimmering glass depths and fascinating little copper heart.  The heart feels like mother of pearl, as the glass works its magic on the rosy toned metal.  “Aurora Flowers” makes a pretty

v3companion, as does “Aurora Stripe” and the now retired “Silver Trace, Pink”.  A lovely heart unique helps to gel the Valentine’s theme, as do the “Trefoil Knot”, “Endless” and “Swan”, with it’s little heart hidden beneath its’ breast.  An Amethyst helps to enhance the lavender tones in the Aurora beads, and its facets add sparkle…


However you plan to spend this Valentine’s, we wish you a beautiful day, with lots of love…

xo, C.



Trollbeads Inspiration: Winter 2013 launches today


chocolate-cherryToday the lovely Melanie of Tartooful has taken inspiration from the new Winter 2013 Trollbeads collection, and made up a bracelet that feels like a box of raspberry chocolates!  She began at the “heart” of the bracelet, placing the new Fantasy Pendant “In Your Heart” at the center, and having it embrace a “Crimson Armadillo”.

chocolate-cinnamonIt’s easy to overlook the production patterns of Trollbeads, particularly when there are so many lovely uniques and limited editions available – but just look at this sparkly “Goldstone”.  Love.

chocolate-giraffeThe beautiful red, amber and stone bead at left is one of the stars of the Limited edition “Christmas Love” kit.  The subtle shade of red, combined with a flash of burnt yellow and fascinating stone texture makes this bead an instant favorite at Tartooful.  (I love the ones with the most grey stone , as they go beautifully with my pink & red spicy tones).

chocolate-stoneHow’s this for a power grouping?  Here you’ll spot a “Zebra Jasper” from the limited edition Summer Stones series, one of the new “Christmas Love” kit of beads, a gorgeous stone textured bead by glass artisan Kathy Perras of Portland, and an old style unique.  Such rich colour and texture, this is delicious.

chocolate-drifting-seedsWith so many opaque and textured beads it’s important to let a little clear light shine in so that the composition sparkles… here “Dew Drops” does just that, with it’s warm toffee coloured strands floating in clear glass that catches and dances with the light.  It’s framed with a “Red Mud Jasper” and “Zebra Jasper” from the Summer Stones.


chocolate-tigerI can almost hear you asking… “ahem, yes – but what about the tiger?”  Well, that’s also an artisan made bead by Kathy Perras.  We don’t indulge in many artisan beads – and when we do it’s always one with a Trollbeads connection.  In this case, Kathy has been working with Trollbeads for many years.  Her Siberian Tiger is a legendary design, and still as gorgeous as the day it was launched.


“Raspbery Chocolates” by Melanie


The entire Winter 2013 Trollbeads collection is now available at Tartooful – give us a ring at 604.924.0122, drop us a line at tartooful@gmail,com or shop onlne at Tartoofultoo