New Lemon Park

The Rocks

I’m thrilled to have a new selection of Lemon Park’s extraordinary jewelry at Tartooful… This gorgeous necklace from their “Rocks” collection includes clear-as-water quartz, Japanese glass, chalcedony, jade and amazonite.  I just love the tones in this one, with its warm greys, teals, moon blues, soft greens and inspired touch of gold.  So wearable!

We also have their chunky patinized sterling silver necklaces, featuring rich chunks of clear quartz, and of course a terrific selection of their beautiful earrings.  (at only $45 these are a cheap thrill.  Truly!)  Think Mothers Day… Graduation gifts… Summer Weddings… or maybe just an investment in you?


Lemon Park

Lemon Park is a local, Vancouver jewelry design firm that creates amazing, sculptural pieces of wearable art.

Their “rocks” necklaces are made up of fine gold, silver or bronze wire that is twisted and formed into abstract patterns, dotted with an array of natural stone elements such as labradorite, hematite, quartz, wood, quartz, antler and so many others… They also create bold designs in anodized sterling silver, with big, beautiful quartz accents… These unusual pieces are truly sculpture, but they are approachable, even mesmerizing, and very easy to wear with the casual west coast style of dressing.  All of Lemon Park’s designs are modern, strong and dramatic.

It’s difficult to describe the beauty of Lemon Park’s jewelry, so I’m grateful that they have such perfect photos that effectively display their designs:

The part that is hardest to describe, however is the feeling that one has when wearing a piece of Lemon Park Jewelry.  I do love the way their designs look, but the reason why I reach for my anodized silver and quartz necklace three or four times a week is that it feels great.  I put it on, and feel a little stronger… a little braver… just slightly indomitable.   I know I walk with just a little more swagger when it’s on.  There’s a bit of magic in there I think.