Trollbeads News: In with the New…


The launch of the gorgeous new Autumn 2014 collection of Trollbeads is fast approaching… and at Tartooful we have been hustling, getting ready for the new arrivals. 

spiritual-ornamentThe Autumn collection is always the biggest Trollbeads event of the year for me… I find that the Fall collection is a welcome start to the cultural year, and an inspiration to redesign and tweak all my favorite bracelets so that they feel fresh for the new season.  The very strongest bead designs always seem to come from the Autumn collection, and this year is no exception. 

I am quite thrilled with both the silver and glass beads this year… complex, finely wrought designs such as the “Spiritual Ornament” and “Adornment” beads, or the new “Labyrinth” are on my wishlist.  They are so beautiful in their detail, and yet with their relatively clean overall form will be very easy to use with other favorite silvers such as “Silver Whorl”, “Angel Feathers” and “Sun Circle”.  I particularly like working with spherical silvers, so naturally, I’m especially delighted by the pair of “Spiritual” silvers. 


AppleOfWisdomI’m also looking forward to adding this beauty to my collection:  the “Apple of Wisdom”.  I love it for it’s simple form, and I can imagine it settling in perfectly with my clean lined, simplest silvers such as retired “Sparrow”, the large “Heart” and “Smiling Cylinder”.  It will suit both super modern designs, and garden or nature themed bracelets.  In addition, this Fall I could see many of our clients who are teachers choosing to treat themselves to this bead as a “Back to School” treat.  It will of course be a perfect end-of-year thank you as well! 

There are so many beautiful new silver designs, both from the Northern Forests collection and the Eastern Spirituality series… we have spent the weekend loading the entire collection into our online shop, Tartoofultoo.  To take a more detailed look at all of them, and place pre-orders to reserve your favorites, take a peek into our gallery there…


2014-Autumn-Red-Yellow-SNorthernForestKitThe glass this year is particularly exciting, with two very distinct sets of designs that will be so inspiring and so easy to integrate into existing collections… the Northern Forests glass series features classic forms interpreted in rich peacock blue and green tones, as well as a hit of coral red.  Bubbles, waves and flowers form a familiar family of designs, but in such beautiful fresh colours!  With the emergence of the peacock unique, lots of our ladies have created peacock inspired bracelets this Spring… these new glass will help to beautifully complete those compositions.  I can see the coral designs playing their way onto bracelets made up of warm auburns, coppers organic stone and finely detailed unique black accents.  We really are going to have so much fun experimenting and exploring all the possibilities for these glass designs!  (it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it…)



EasternFacetKitFinally, the “Eastern Facet Kit” is made up of a stunning array of sparkling glass designs… for the second time this year, Trollbeads has created a set of six beads that many of our collectors will choose to purchase as an entire set.  Over the past couple of seasons we have seen the evolution of this style of glass design, with the Limited Edition Mothers Day faceted bead, and several two-layer faceted glass in the Spring collection as well.  However, in this series Trollbeads has once again outdone themselves, exploring and marrying new techniques with old, and ultimately creating an entirely new look in glass.  I can’t wait to hold these designs in my hand and examine them closely…. but it appears that they have begun by creating complex base layers of swirls, smudged stripes, deep bubbles and even millefiori images.  Next a deep layer of crystal clear glass magnifies the base image.  Finally, the clear layer is faceted, shattering the appearance of the base and giving a fabulous sparkling finish.

Autumn-CloseUp-FawnAren’t they amazing?  I’m already a little dizzy with the thought of it all, and I haven’t even mentioned the new stones – Golden Chalcedony and Lapis Lazuli (eeeeeee!)… and I haven’t even mentioned the BATS?!!.  Yes, bats.  Time to dust off your Halloween bracelets and give them a fabulously creepy new friend.  We will talk more about the bats once we are out of flip flops… I’m still in denial that Fall is so close, so I’m taking a few more days of Summer first….

Meanwhile, do peek in on TartoofulToo for all the new goodies…and mark your calendar for a trip to Edgemont on September 5th for the grand launch.