New Designs by Kolton Babych


“Living Dead” Charm. Sterling Silver, CAD$259

Brilliant local jewellery designer, Kolton Babych has just released his most recent series of designs… and they are stunning.  Each beautifully detailed and finished piece is sold separately, so they can be added to chains that are already in your collection.  Conversely, he offers a selection of lengths and styles of chains that can easily accommodate these and other charms, to create one’s own, personal piece of everyday adornment.


“Stella” Charm. Sterling Silver, CAD$169

Each design bears its own interpretation, which gives so much more depth of meaning for the wearer. Fore example, the “Stella” charm offers: “This charm features a five-pointed  star, which can only be seen when it is surrounded by darkness.”


“Protection” Charm.  Sterling Silver, CAD$215.

The “Protection” charm features a decorated shield, which is a universal symbol of protection.  Simple, but simple….


“Stag Beetle” Charm.  Sterling Silver, CAD$169.

This charm features a Stag Beetle, which is a symbol of underestimated strength and perseverance.

Kolton’s full series of limited edition charms and chains are now in stock at Tartooful…










Jeweller Creates Wearable Art: Kolton Babych at Tartooful


Did you spot Kolton Babych in the North Shore News recently?  That’s him in the photo above, with his beautiful jewelry and stunning prints behind him at Tartooful.

Submission 1Talisman Bangles in Sterling Silver

The North Shore News wrote a glowing article about Kolton and his design work, following the opening celebration of his solo show, currently on display at Tartooful.

mothprintFor more information about our talented new Tartooful artist, be sure to read Anne Watson’s excellent North Shore News article


New at Tartooful: Kolton Designs Jewellery


We’re delighted to have some gorgeous new treasures on the shelf at Tartooful!  The jewellery designs of Kolton Babych feature reclaimed sterling silver and glowing semiprecious natural stones.

soft-blue-doublecharmKolton is that rare thing, a naturally gifted artist who finds their path early.

He’s been creating art for as long as he can remember, and designing and making jewellery since he was in elementary school.  Although he’s still attending Art School in New York, he’s already a seasoned designer with a strong aesthetic identity.  His style approach reflects his Vancouver home and  upbringing, with distinctive, Asian influences,  and a beautifully natural and relaxed, West Coast feel.


Kolton’s fresh palette this season perfectly matches our mood, with ivory whites, charcoal greys, and subtle Aquamarine.  His silver feels significant and satisfying… with ancient symbols and confident design strokes.  The well thought out details sing, with hand knotted strands of stones, lovely clasps, and  interchangeable charms that allow the wearer to make each piece their own.

To truly appreciate Kolton’s designs, however, you’ll just have to come in and see them in person… now in stock at Tartooful.