Trollbeads design Challenge: Day 13


IMG_1420Today I woke up determined to work with some of the beads that I hardly ever incorporate into my designs.  I adore the brilliant turquoises, teals and blues in this bracelet, but find them overpowering when blended in with my subtle and misty hues.  They really need their own composition to shine unabashedly.

IMG_1421The Sakura bead from Japan’s World Tour collection is a much loved bead that I find tricky to incorporate into my day to day designs.  I love the depth and detail of this bead’s flowers.  The touch of apricot and yellow at the center of the flowers gives it that lift that makes me smile.  I must make better use of this bead.

IMG_1426However, I am realistic about my taste; I need to find a way to celebrate these colours without feeling like my bracelet is wearing me.  Maybe using deeper olives and greens might work?


I tried adding a touch of olive to my leather bracelet of day 7, and was quite happy wearing that… so perhaps that shade of green is a good bet.  Olive has long been a neutral that we’ve used at Tartooful for our clients designs to tone down bracelets that are too brilliant, or too sweet.  I don’t know why it’s so easy to see solutions for other peoples’ bracelet conundrums and so hard to see them for ourselves!


I could have put a few more of my greyed-olive beads on this bracelet to make it even more subdued, but for today’s exercise I wanted to make use of as many of my bright turquoises as possible.  I do think, however that a couple of Labradorites would be great on this design.  At first I thought I had to leave the green-lilac unique armadillo off the bracelet, because of the purple… I decided to use it after all when I remembered the lilac in the “Sakura” bead, and used them opposite each other in the design.  I selected silvers that are appropriate for a water theme… “Cells”, “Neither Fish nor Bird, Big”, “Waves”, “Spot”, “Viking Ship”, and “Frogs” all found their way onto this bracelet.


Trollbeads: Limited Edition Kimono Kit

Just look at what Trollbeads has created for us for Spring:  a limited edition inspired by the delicate beauty of a Japanese Kimono… We hope to have these at tartooful very soon…

“This spring a very special and exquisitely beautiful limited edition comes from Trollbeads – Kimono Kit is designed by Japanese designer Nozomi Kaji. 

This delicate collection of six beads in matte colours is not only designed by a Japanese designer, it is also made from Japanese glass, and is inspired by the colors and patterns of a Japanese silk kimono”