Trollbeads Update: Cathy’s Icy Sunshine Bracelet

We’re in the busy time now at the shop, with lots of holiday shoppers arriving at the shop frazzled and leaving so much happier, with a tall stack of perfect gifts that are wrapped and ready to give… It’s so rewarding to hear every year that we are a one-stop solution, with unique items for everyone on our customers’ lists that even come in under budget!  It makes being at the shop so much fun…

Inspired by the happy mood of the season I decided to design my bracelet into a sparkling and blatantly pretty look.  Its icy palette is a fresh take on a holiday theme, but it feels right for me, especially after the beautiful clear, cold and sunshine filled days that we have had this week.

“Silver mountain” and “Rose Quartz, round” feel shimmery and snowy… “Silver Mountain” was the very first bead I chose for myself, and it’s still my very favorite.  This “Rose Quartz” I chose at the Autumn Trunk Show simply because it was so beautiful!  Lately they’ve been exceptionally pretty, with lots of character and a sweet pink color.

In this redesign I didn’t acquire a single new bead – this is a totally fresh look that I composed using beads from my “copper & pomegranate” bracelet, as well as my grey-blue bracelet.  (In another post I’ll show you how that bracelet looks now…)  To me, this is the very best part:  the genius of Trolls allow us to create a yummy new piece of jewelry on a whim, in a matter of minutes.

What have you imagined for your holiday bracelet?


Trollbeads inspiration: sunlit ice

Cool Sunshine

Vancouver finds itself in the midst of one of its trademark winter cold snaps… the sky is blindingly blue, the green grass, caught in the act of preparing for Spring, is frozen into tiny steel blades, and our snow capped mountains are reflected perfectly in our glass calm bay.  This bracelet is inspired by the sunlit ice of that sort of winters’ day.

Included on this bracelet are:  (from top)  “White Pearl”, “Rouse Quartz, round”, “Beige Bubbles”, “Lucky Knot”, “Dichroic Ice”, “Chalcedony”, “Rose Quartz”, “Beige Blue Dot”, “Sandi”, “Pink Gold’, “Pink Quartz”, “Pearl Lock”.