Trollbeads Inspiration: Cristi & Cathy’s Peacock Bracelets


twins14I’m calling these twinned designs our “Peacock” Bracelets for the iridescent, Limited Edition Pearls of the same name that appear in both bracelets.  Funnily enough we’ve had our challenges with these beautiful beads… I selected a lovely, slate blue version for myself when they were still available as a part of the collection.

twins11I loved it, wore it, and showcased it in many bracelets that appeared in this blog.  A couple of months ago it vanished, likely by accident into a lady’s bead bag while playing at the gallery.  One day it may come to light, and if it does I am sure it will come home, as our Trollies are notoriously honest!  

twins12Meanwhile, Cristi always admired the pearls and regretted not having picked one out while they were still at the shop… So just before Christmas I took the plunge, reached out and acquired a pair of these luscious pearls for the two of us.  Cristi’s has a distinct emerald shimmer, while mine has one that is more of an indigo blue. 


twins3Labradorite fascinates us, with its’ shifting planes of iridescence.  These stones exhibit colours that can vary from teal, to cobalt, silver, pink and even lavender.  It’s a softer stone, and my old but lovely example bears battle scars from being worn on a bracelet over the years.  I now mostly wear it on my Fantasy Necklace to offer it some protection.


twins4Compositions in these general tones have come together for each of us so many times over the years… with various beads and in different formats.  I’ve created leather necklaces, and thick, doubled leather bracelets in this palette, and Cristi has put together so many beautiful Fantasy Necklace designs in the same vein.

twins2The reasons why we keep coming back to this palette are simple:  it’s rich, gorgeous, and wearable. We wear these pieces with everything from white tees to LBDs.  If there is such a things as one, go-to palette, this is it.


(“Oh… this old thing?”)


The twinned Peacock Bracelets…

Next up… more fun and games with beads as we delve deeper into Cristi’s collection.