Trollbeads Inspiration: Candy Heart


Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_8347I thought long and hard about what kind of bracelet to feature today, as our little Valentine’s treat to you… After all, there are so many fabulous design options for Valentines.  Hot pink and rich chestnut brown for raspberries and chocolate… Classic red, with gold, white, pink, black or even grey as an accent…. Pink and white… pink and gold… Diamond, heart or all sorts of “love” images…. really the choices are endless!

candy-heartsIn the end I decided to take a happy, joyful colour approach and take inspiration from classic Valentine’s candy hearts.

IMG_8348Tiny, sweet, with adorable messages and a quintessential Spring palette of purple, pink, white, green and orange… these little sugary treats only appear this time of year and are instantly recognizable icons of a childhood Valentine’s day.  They may not be sophisticated, but they are utterly charming.

IMG_8350In the newest waves of uniques to appear at Tartooful there have been so many very fun and fresh designs with lots of hearts, florals and just the right colours to built this sweet and flirty bracelet.  It’s packed with creamsicle orange hearts,  minty fresh flowers, buttercup yellow petals, pink polka dots and and plum perfect patterns.



IMG_8351In my bag of Troll Tricks this might be a bracelet that only came together for a few weeks over the Spring – but wouldn’t it be the perfect thing then?  I would rearrange all the beads for other times of the year and recycle them into Summer, Fall and Christmas compositions.  The Love themed silvers are easy to play with all year round!

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 4.53.13 PM

Clockwise from clasp:  “Cherry Blossom Lock, “Unique”, “Unique”, “Organic Hearts”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Unique”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Heart Conch”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Unique”, “Forget me not”, “Unique”, “Unique”, “Heart”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Unique”, “Valentine’s 2015 Ltd Edition”, “Neverending”, “Unique”, “Unique”.

I hope you have all had a sweet and lovely Valentine’s Day!





Trollbeads Inspiration: Sweet


IMG_4744How sweet is this?!  I don’t know why it never occurred to me to put a silver in the middle of the new “In Your Heart”, but now that I’ve seen this, it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities!  Imagine it with “Large Berry”, “The Chrysanthemum of November”, “Zucchini Flower”, “Cherry Blossom”, “Smiling Cylinder”…



Trollbeads Inspiration: Winter 2013 launches today


chocolate-cherryToday the lovely Melanie of Tartooful has taken inspiration from the new Winter 2013 Trollbeads collection, and made up a bracelet that feels like a box of raspberry chocolates!  She began at the “heart” of the bracelet, placing the new Fantasy Pendant “In Your Heart” at the center, and having it embrace a “Crimson Armadillo”.

chocolate-cinnamonIt’s easy to overlook the production patterns of Trollbeads, particularly when there are so many lovely uniques and limited editions available – but just look at this sparkly “Goldstone”.  Love.

chocolate-giraffeThe beautiful red, amber and stone bead at left is one of the stars of the Limited edition “Christmas Love” kit.  The subtle shade of red, combined with a flash of burnt yellow and fascinating stone texture makes this bead an instant favorite at Tartooful.  (I love the ones with the most grey stone , as they go beautifully with my pink & red spicy tones).

chocolate-stoneHow’s this for a power grouping?  Here you’ll spot a “Zebra Jasper” from the limited edition Summer Stones series, one of the new “Christmas Love” kit of beads, a gorgeous stone textured bead by glass artisan Kathy Perras of Portland, and an old style unique.  Such rich colour and texture, this is delicious.

chocolate-drifting-seedsWith so many opaque and textured beads it’s important to let a little clear light shine in so that the composition sparkles… here “Dew Drops” does just that, with it’s warm toffee coloured strands floating in clear glass that catches and dances with the light.  It’s framed with a “Red Mud Jasper” and “Zebra Jasper” from the Summer Stones.


chocolate-tigerI can almost hear you asking… “ahem, yes – but what about the tiger?”  Well, that’s also an artisan made bead by Kathy Perras.  We don’t indulge in many artisan beads – and when we do it’s always one with a Trollbeads connection.  In this case, Kathy has been working with Trollbeads for many years.  Her Siberian Tiger is a legendary design, and still as gorgeous as the day it was launched.


“Raspbery Chocolates” by Melanie


The entire Winter 2013 Trollbeads collection is now available at Tartooful – give us a ring at 604.924.0122, drop us a line at tartooful@gmail,com or shop onlne at Tartoofultoo


Trollbeads News: Wear your Heart on your Wrist….


“Fill my heart with song

Let me sing for ever more

You are all I long for

All I worship and adore.

In other words, please be true

In other words, I love you”

Frank Sinatra, from “Fly Me To The Moon”


…Valentines 2013 tassels, now in stock at Tartooful!



Trollbeads Insider: Designer Kevin Powell

By now all of you will be familiar with the lovely new addition to the collection, “Loving Light”, by Peoples Bead winner and designer Kevin Powell.  However, perhaps you are unaware that this artist is a local resident and Tartooful regular – how exciting to have a Trollbeads designer in our midst!

On Trollbeads Universe Kevin writes, ”

“I love going on hikes in the mountains to look at the subtleties of nature, but when I bring my sketchbook, I stop looking and begin seeing. There’s a fundamental difference between just looking at something as mundane as a leaf and seeing it for it’s true form by drawing it. I feel this process gives insight and allows me to see that the common place objects passed by everyday tend to be the most interesting.”

We spoke with Kevin recently to ask him for some personal insight into his creative process and the story of this particular design.  We were delighted to find that it was truly a love story…

It begins with a background in art and design… as his artist’s statement says,

“Kevin studied painting and drawing with the very talented oil painter and teacher Aeron McBryde for three years.  From there he went into the animation program at the Art Institute of Vancouver, studying everything from storyboarding to art history”.

However, it was his equally artistic girlfriend Jennifer who introduced Kevin to Trollbeads.  She is an avid collector of Trollbeads, and Kevin has helped her to create a beautiful and substantial collection through gifts for every occasion that they share.  Jennifer’s creative spirit finds expression both through her Trollbeads bracelets, and though the lovely jewellery boxes she creates for her fortunate friends and family.  Note the meticulous details that she incorporates in each of her boxes…

When Kevin was introduced by Jennifer to Trollbeads he found an inspiring new medium.  As he says,

“…being a little familiar with sculpture I found it quite remarkable that they could produce this incredible detail in such a small space..”

When he came across the Peoples Bead contest online on, Kevin decided to enter a design that Jennifer and he had often discussed:

” I remembered  Jennifer saying that she’d always wanted a round bead with a cross on it with a heart in the middle. By coincidence the theme was spirituality so immediately I grabbed a pen and the closest thing nearby which happened to be a cereal box to sketch some ideas and came up with the “Loving Light” design. I then transferred those drawings over to a sketchbook to make it suitable for submitting.”

Kevin entered not one design, but three.  All were compelling concepts, and might easily have been selected as a finalist, but Trollbeads decided that only one design per artist would be allowed, so the “Fox and the Hare” and “Koi Pond” were not in the 100 designs on which we all voted.

Kevin commented on Trollbeads’ choice…

“I’m actually glad they picked Jen’s (design) due to her love of collecting Trollbeads…”

“The relationship between humanity and god. The crosses represent faith in god, the heart represents god’s love and the star represents the light of god.”

The rest is history… Kevin and Jennifer’s design stood out from among more than 10,000 entries, was voted on by Trollbeads collectors from all over the globe, and is now part of the 2012 Spiritual Collection.  Kevin Powell is now known around the world as part of the elite group of artists that have created Trollbeads, but he remains modest and is quick to credit Jennifer for her role in the design…

“… for those of you who like this bead, please thank Jennifer as well…”

Congratulations to both of you on the success of your design, and thank you for sharing your story with the readers of our blog… We look forward to hearing where your art takes you next!


Trollbeads Inspiration: New Designs by Trollbeads for Valentine’s

The new bead designs for Spring of 2012 have clearly inspired the folks at Trollbeads as much as they have us… They’ve given us a fresh, “Valentine’s Bracelet” Composition for 2012 that has us drooling…

Soft, subtle, delicate and fresh.. it’s classic Trollbeads!  The new Ruby is the star, of course, and it looks perfect nestled among these lovely lavenders.  The gold “Mountain Flower” is a treat for the eyes… (It’s secretly an Easter Egg… look at it sideways the next time you’re in the shop….)  The deep indigo “Purple Flower Tassel” adds interest to the composition, and the limited edition striped agate grounds the design.  I’m happy to see the “Lavender Prism” at play here, as we have a unusually sparkly, absolutely beautiful one in the shop and we’ve been having fun trying it out with different combinations.

I think the best part about this bracelet design is that it embraces frankly feminine, pretty and sparkling – but is not at all “girly”.  This is a Valentine for grown-ups…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Naughty & Nice, part II

Enough teasing… now it’s time to be naughty!

This bracelet design is a riot of rich, seductive colour… think “agent provocateur”, with black, coral, pink, purple, red and orange.  This design is flamboyant, and wisecracking, with red lipstick, hot pink nails, stiletto heels and a teeny little black dress.

You won’t find blushing roses and pearls here; instead there’s cheeky black and white polka dots, deep purple sparkle, tropical flowers at night, bubbles in a glass of pink champagne, and of course, “diamonds are a girls’ best friend”…

This “Black Gold” is like a band of gold lame… the “Lucky Clover” invites you to get lucky… “Summer Dot” is a flash of red and purple bikini & “Coral Flowers is hibiscus as floating decorations at a rat pack pool party.  It’s dancing on the edge of being tacky, but it’s gorgeous, and has a big heart…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Clasp”, “Pink Bud”, “Golden Cave, “Silver Trace, Pink”, “Two Sides to Everything”, “Amethyst”, “Brown Dot”, “Pumpkin”, “Endless”, “Pink Diamonds”, “Heart”, “Limited Edition Christmas in Hawaii”, “Coral Flowers”, “Black Gold”, “Paradise Birds”, “Summer Dot”, “Lucky Clover”, “Purple Stripe”.

So which is more fun?  “Naughty” or “Nice”?