Trollbeads Inspiration: Genius.


This play-by-play courtesy of one of our genius customers.

He says:  “Hey, is that a new Trollbeads Bracelet you’re wearing?”


She says: “Um… which one?”

He says:  “The gold one”.

She says:  “This One?!  Ugh.  You say that every single time I wear this.”


He says:  “Oh… I’m so sorry… I guess it’s just that it looks really nice…”

Game Over.



Trollbeads Inspiration: Cinnamon Heart


IMG_4152Today we’re trying another colour combinations featuring the new “Be My Valentine” limited edition Trollbead for Spring of 2014…

This composition is vibrant and playful, with a brilliant combination of fuschia, flame red and spicy corals.  Not surprisingly, the Aurora Series of bead designs

IMG_4147features prominently here, with two Aurora Flowers providing colour balance for the “Be My Valentines”.  Blood orange corals offer a warm complementary tone to the fuschia notes of the Auroras.  I love this little coral polka dot unique bead… with its’ clear core, it glows silver and persimmon, and shimmers beautifully in the light.


IMG_4150I placed a spicy “Goldstone” at the heart of the bracelet.  This bead design is one that will be missed… It’s cinnamon-y note has warmed up so many pink designs at Tartooful over the past couple of years.  It has been such a useful bead!  I love the elaborate method of creating goldstone, as well… with it’s history stretching back to the time of the alchemists, it’s a rare and fascinating type of glass.  If you don’t already have one of these little beauties, or it’s cousin the “Blue Goldstone”, track one down soon….


IMG_4145Touches of gold appear in the bracelet in various ways… this “Stay Positive” adds a gleaming note of 18 karat luxe.  However, it is echoed by the Kathy Perras artisan made “Siberian Tiger”, and the sparkling facets of the “Golden Quartz”.  Here the gold is more than simply a metal accent, it’s an essential element in the palette.

IMG_4151Given the vibrant and rich colour and patterns of this bracelet design, I chose to keep the silver beads very simple.  Here the silvers function is mainly to offer the eye a rest between glass beads, and to divide the glass visually into “mini compositions” or groupings.  This allows one to create complementary colour ensembles.  I also like the way the silvers offer a little variation in height along the bracelet.  The “Negative spaces” of the metal beads are an essential ingredient in a powerful bracelet like this, as otherwise it would just be a blur of colour.


Clockwise from Clasp:  “Small Flower Clasp”, “Unique”, “Golden Quartz”, Unique”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Be My Valentine”, “Siberian Tiger by Kathy Perras”, “Aurora Flower”, “Stay Positive 18k”, “Be My Valentine”, “Unique”, “Be My Valentine”, “Endless”, “Unique”, “Goldstone”, “Be My Valentine”, “Three in One”, “Aurora Flower”, “Unique”, “Be My Valentine”.






Trollbeads Inspiration: Be My Valentine & Sizzling Blues


moody3Today saw the release of the very first Trollbead of 2014:  the “Be My Valentine” limited edition glass.  This gorgeous treat is essentially an Aurora Bead with a shimmering heart of brushed copper, floating in its depths.  At first glance the copper heart looks slightly iridescent, more like mother of pearl than copper.  Looking closely, one sees the fine striations of brushed metal, which is even more intriguing.


When we received these lovely beads, Cristi and I couldn’t wait to play together some fresh designs, and the one we showcase today was the first one that Cristi composed.

moody4This bracelet features a generous sprinkling of the Valentine Bead, which displays the range of expression that may be found in this design.  Most of the examples we received were very vibrant and intense, but one of the larger ones is a little softer and more translucent.  She matched this softer example with an “Aurora Flower” of similar tone.

moody6To enhance the blue undertones that are found throughout the Aurora series of bead designs, Cristi selected a number of intense blues for the bracelet.  “Wave of Dreams”, “Moon Ocean” and unique, crystal clear cobalt bubble beads provide a range of fascinating cool tones.  These are not calm or understated blues, but strong, vibrant and sizzlingly sexy “hot” blues.


Finally, a dash of sparkling natural stones, (take special note of the rare,  bi colour sapphire of blue and red…) and some beautifully classic silvers.  The result?  A brilliant, beautiful composition that could be dressed up with a little black dress for any occasion… or dressed down with jeans and a cosy black sweater.  Thank you Cristi for the inspiring composition…

A wonderful beginning for 2014!




First Trollbead of 2014: Be My Valentine

2013 has been a phenomenal year for collectors of Trollbeads, with so many gorgeous collections and special editions from which to choose.  It promises to be another year filled with the unique beauty of Trollbeads designs, with the very first release of 2014 already being previewed online, with advance sales now being accepted!

unnamedMeet “Be My Valentine” the first Trollbead of 2014!  This limited edition glass bead is described by Trollbeads:

“Celebrate, spoil and love your Valentine with this Trollbeads Valentine’s Day Bangle featuring the limited edition, Be My Valentine bead. For a limited time, the Be My Valentine bead features four copper hearts elegantly encapsulated in glass in hues of pink and purple. What a perfect gift to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day, as copper is the metal of love.”

This will be the perfect bead to add to one’s Aurora Glass designs, with the added interest of being limited edition, and having the little accent of copper – a very rare thing in the Trollbeads collection!

Be sure to contact us if you are craving one of these sweet treats, as they are sure to go fast.  Release date is January 10th, but we are allowed to accept pre orders!  604.924.0122 or



Trollbeads Inspiration: We (heart) CE’s Bracelet

CE’s latest Composition is the most perfectly red bracelet I’ve ever seen.  She includes rich reds, juicy pinks and glistening, iridescent whites such as “Dichroic Ice”.  The overall impact is unabashedly pretty, and feels just right for Valentine’s Day.

Featured Beads:

(Clockwise from clasp) “Swan Lock”, “Silver Trace, Pink”, “Hugging Heart”, “Red Feather”, “The Diamond Bead, White”, “Angel Feathers”, “Dark Red Prism”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade, red”, “Jugend”, “Red-Pink Prism (retired)”, “Pink Bud”, “Zanzibar”, “Dichroic Ice”, “The Diamond Bead, Pink”, “Hearts, Large”.

CE always modestly says that she is simply mixing two colours together, but looking closely at her bracelets there is really so much more to it than that.  Notice the lovely balance as one works out from the center bead, “Jugend”.  I like the rhythm she sets up with the series of rich reds in the middle: the two prisms and jade set the tone of the bracelet, giving a strong red base to the design.  “Angel Feathers” and “Zanzibar” balance each other nicely, as do “The Diamond Bead, White”, and “Dichroic Ice”.

Interestingly, her choice of clasp is carefully considered, for both aesthetic and function.  The clasp, is, after all, the part of the bracelet in which function is key.  The owner of this bracelet prefers the “Swan Lock” for it’s comfort and ease.  The little face of the swan is narrow at the tip, making it particularly simple to slide the jump ring on.  Then the face widens out, giving a little lip that the jump ring can rest on, making it easier to keep the ring in place while the clasp closes.  It’s a small thing, but that sort of attention to detail is what makes CE’s designs consistently extraordinary.

C. 604.924.0122

Hot Trollbeads News! Spring 2011 Collection Now at Tartooful

They’re here!

the long awaited Spring 2011 release is now in stock at Tartooful, and we are giddy, playing with the beads.  The agate is even prettier than the photos and the new florals are right on the mark for Spring.

Come visit us soon…


Trollbeads: hint, hint….

I can’t believe that it’s already less than a month ’til Valentine’s day!

The rosy little beauties pictured above are at Tartooful right now, and are inspiring me to play with cherry-blossom-pink bracelet designs… from left:  “Rose Quartz”, “Pink Pearl”, “Hearts, Small”, “Heart”, “Rose Quartz, Round”, “Purple Prism”, “Love Within”.  “Love Within” is one of the new beads that was just released at Christmas, and will make some fortunate collector very happy.  The inside holds three little hearts, and it’s designed to be engraved on the exterior surface, so it can carry a special message to someone dear.

Hint, hint….


for more information or to purchase Trollbeads, please contact Tartooful at 604.351.5687 or