Happy Halloween


IMG_7535It’s the spookiest day of the year, and to mark the occasion we’ve pulled out all the stops, creating a bracelet that is pretty both a treat to see and quite tricky to pull together.  (Hee hee…)

Eschewing the usual orange and black concoctions, (which we also love), we decided to play with pale and eerie colours.  Think hand painted black and white photographs, greyed driftwood or dried flowers on bent and broken Autumn stems…


IMG_7528Of course, we couldn’t resist the latest designs from Trollbeads that are apropos at this time of year… the “Sleepy Bat” and the new bat themed decorative lock.  However, we also reached for Halloween stars from previous seasons such as “Inner Glow” and “Skeleton Spirit”.  The skeleton is really such an amazing design… each vertebra is so

IMG_7532lovingly sculpted, and the curve of the back is perfect.  I almost like looking at it’s back best!  The “Bead of Fortune” is one of the other very few designs that features a skull…


The “Trinity” is shimmery spooky lovely and is a fun, tongue in cheek reference to the “Holy Ghost”…

IMG_7527Another fun troll fact:  Melanie noticed recently that the “Spirit of Freedom” is seated in precisely the same pose as the “Skeleton Spirit”.  Could it be that our skeleton friend is intended to really be Peter, but in a form that is just a shadow of his former self?  She has the two beads on the same bracelet for a touch of fabulously dark humour.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Spooky Bat Lock”, “Rosa Pearl”, “White Paper Fold”, “Trinity”, “Unique Amber”, “Engraved Romance”, “The Diamind Bead, White”, “Bead of Fortune”, Silver Mountain”, “Rose Quartz”, “Inner Glow”, “Skeleton Spirit”, “Blizzard”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Silver Mountain”, “Forest Treasures”, “Unique Amber”, “White Steel”, “Rose Quartz, Round”, “Sleepy Bat”, “Unique”, “Unique”.

Well, you’ve seen the treat… now it’s time for the trick!  On this bracelet there is not one, but two glow in the dark beads.  The white “Blizzard” bead glows a lovely lavender shade after being exposed to natural light, and the “Inner Glow” is a vibrant green after charging up in artificial light.  We’ve often said that one would have to be very organized and plan ahead to build a bracelet and have them both glowing at the same time!  Aaaand… TA DA!  Happy Halloween everyone!



Trollbeads Inspiration: Those lovely bones…


We’re delighted to have found one last Limited Edition Skeleton Necklace!  It’s posted online at Tartoofultoo and is gracing the window at Tartooful in the Village at the moment, but likely not for long as it is attracting lots of attention!

This was a Limited Edition release that was available in 2010 in Europe, and 2011 in North America.  The Skeleton Necklace is 5.7″ in length. The body is sterling silver with an 18 ct gold bead at its throat.  It’s completely jointed so it dangles eccentrically.

As one collector remarked, “You never know how he’s going to sit – sometimes he lazes about, other times he looks like he’s trying to climb right up on me!”.  The Skeleton Necklace includes a 50 cm / 19.7 inch sterling silver necklace with and a sturdy Plain Lock.

The whole idea of this dramatic necklace is wonderful… but as is always the case with Troll, it’s the little details that really sing.  For example, they could have made the vertebrae all the same, but instead they are each subtly different and individually numbered.

The loving attention to detail, with each finger and toe carefully defined, the ankle so beautifully jointed, the skull with not one, but two faces… it’s classic Søren Nielsen design.  It’s a gentle reminder of our short time here, and a nudge, (with a smile) to make the most of it.

I love how delightfully shivery it is that the human face is somehow more frightening than the skull.  We’ve had fun playing with the necklace, exploring the possibilities – and there are so many!  This is Troll after all – it’s a creative tool.

Imagine the skull as a centerpiece on your bracelet, or the little gold necklace nestled between your favorite chakra beads… or put those chakras on the necklace and let them form his spine… This is a playful necklace that just begs to be played with.

Last year we luxuriated in playing with the various beads in our Lady of the Lake Composition…

as well as in this dramatic Pumpkin inspired palette…

However.  As much fun as the Skeleton necklace is to play with, what really matters is what it’s like to wear it.  I thought I understood the full appeal of the piece until I wore mine to a tony event shortly after acquiring it… I was astonished by the impact that it had on how I carried myself, and in how other people approached me.  It is a powerful design, that is truly transformative when worn.  It’s wearable art.  It’s an amazing experience to be able to wear it, and I feel privileged to be able to.

Our last skeletons lasted only a few days – and this one just arrived, so if you’d like to have a chance to see it in person do take the time to drop by for a visit soon…



Trollbeads Inspiration: Boo!

It’s the spookiest night of the year, and the tartooful family is ready…  costumes?  check.  candy?  check.  pumpkins?  check.  fakeroony spiderwebs all over the front porch?  check and check…. (Ironic, I know – but first I swept up all the real spiderwebs, then lovingly applied the fake… sigh.)

Some lucky tartooful trollies are more ready than most, with their brand-new skeleton necklaces ready to shine on their favorite night of the year… For a little inspiration for some of the other “tricks” this bony fellow has up his… umm… fibula (?)… we thought we’d post one last gorgeous set of snaps:

Here you see our skeletal friend, all arranged on a bracelet with the warm and glowing colour of the season: pumpkin!  We’ve added two “Pumpkin” glass beads, as well as a “Coral Flowers” and “Clear Coral Stripe”.  We’ve blended “Milan”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Organic Bubbles” and a limited edition “Christmas in Hawaii” for a muted, Autumnal feel.  Scattered among the glass are the skeleton’s numbered vertebrae, gold-adorned neck, and of course amazing skull.  In addition we added a “Ying and Yang” to remind us of the balance between light and dark, a rich berry for the bounty of the harvest, and the scarab as a symbol of the eternal.

Whatever you’re doing tonight, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the mood:  the happy groups of giggling children… the shiver and anticipation of dusk… the beauty of the stars in the black night… The first snow dusted across the mountains last week, and winter is just around the corner.  This is our last moment of Autumn….


Trollbeads Inspiration: The Lady of the Lake

You may recall that the “Lady of the Lake” is a magical character that recurs in the Legend of King Arthur, raising the infant Lancelot, enchanting and imprisoning Merlin, handing Excalibur to Arthur, and ultimately reclaiming it after his death.

We were thinking of her when we designed this composition… we wished to create a seasonal design that felt more like a “witches brew” than a pumpkin…. knowing that lots of our collectors have green, purple and black amongst their beads, we thought those colours together with some appropriate silvers might just do the “trick”.  Isn’t the “Trinity” shown above amazing?  The dichroic glass feels like fire opal…

clockwise from clasp:  “Plain Lock”, “Purple Armadillo”, “Blue-Green Feather, “Autumn Splendour”, “Purple Wave”, Silver & Gold Neckbone from “Skeleton Necklace”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Large Berry”, “Amethyst”, Skull/Face from “Skeleton Necklace”, “Milan”, “Scarab”, “Limited Edition Christmas in Hawaii”, “Trinity”, “Lake Eye”, “Grey Prism”.

There are so many other great beads that we could have used as well:  think “Bead of Fortune”, “Venus”, “Owl”, anything with runes… “Azure Bubbles”, “Black Silk”, “Third Eye”, “Wisdom”, “Mermaid”, “Symbols”, “Brew of the Moor”… the possibilities are “Endless”.  (pun fully intended…)

One last bead to note… this “Black Flower Mosaic” has the spookiest freckles on it’s dichroic glass dots!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before…. And doesn’t it look pretty with the gold neckbone in the background?  I’m getting in touch with my inner witchie-poo!


Trollbeads: Scary Cool

Last year, when I saw the European photos of this extraordinary piece, I thought it looked interesting, but I didn’t appreciate the sheer power of this Skeleton necklace until I experienced it in person.

This Soren Nielsen design is sterling silver with an 18 carat gold miniature “Sun Circle” at its throat. The body is 5.7 inch in length and is fully articulated, allowing it to lounge lazily on your collarbone. The Skeleton is sold as a complete necklace and includes a 19.7 inch sterling silver necklace and Plain Lock.

One unexpected element is the skeleton’s ability to be disassembled into disparate elements that may also be used in bracelet designs.  For example, the head, with its two faces, one human and one skeletal, would make an incredible centerpiece bead for a seasonal bracelet, or would add a dramatic and edgy aesthetic to any bold design.

The individually numbered vertebrae could be integrated into any bracelet, while other silver or glass beads could be in turn substituted onto the spine of the skeleton.  Of course, the skeleton may be removed from the necklace and other beads or pendants may be worn on it as well.   The Gold “Sun Circle” would make a stunning addition to any bracelet, and adds considerable value to the overall purchase, when you consider at what price that alone might retail.

The $1300 price tag seemed steep at first, but -dare I say it – with the gold bead, extremely limited edition beads, necklace & clasp, and overall heavy silver weight, it actually provides good value for the price.

A breakdown would look like this: 
necklace $109
clasp $54
approximate cost of limited edition gold bead $500
approximate cost of limited edition, double sided skull bead $119
approximate cost of limited edition “vertabrae” beads 5 x $31 = $155  total:  $935

That doesn’t even include the remainder of the skeleton, which is heavy and composed of a generous amount of silver.  This is, of course, the element that allows one to wear the skeleton as a dramatic necklace and is worth far in excess of the $300 that it would cost out of the total of $1300.

The bottom line is that the Skeleton is hands down the most “cool” thing I have ever seen produced by Trollbeads… the most daring design, the most multipurpose piece and absolutely the most dramatic.

Tartooful has the Skeleton in stock now, but come experience it soon as this edition is extremely limited and simply will not last.


Trollbeads releases “A Necklace to Die For”

After enormous success in Europe, the extraordinary Skeleton Necklace by Trollbeads is finally available for the first time ever, in Canada.

This long, elegantly dangling character is guaranteed to start a conversation!

The Skeleton is sterling silver, with 18k gold decoration around its throat.  The body is five and a half inches long, with articulated joints, which allow it to dangle eccentrically.  (“Quirky is good, we like quirky”…)  The Skeleton is sold as a complete necklace, and includes 1 19.7” sterling silver necklace and plain lock.

Reserve your Skeleton necklace today, as this is a very limited edition and is sure to disappear quickly.  Orders will be available for delivery on the release date of September 26th, 2011.

Contact Tartooful… phone:  504.924.0122 or email: tartooful@gmail.com