Trollbeads Inspiration: rare jewels

We’ve received three shipments of beads in the last week, so our display is full, lush and totally gorgeous.  Among the new arrivals are some extraordinary examples of designs: a “Blue Desert” with so much gold dust glittering in it that it’s practically pink… a dark, honey-toned  “Golden Quartz” with sparkling highlights … a “Golden Cave” that is practically all gold leaf… to name a few.

Inspired by some of these unusual design expressions, I composed this “Rare Jewels” bracelet:

clockwise from clasp:  “Blue Desert”, “Golden Quartz”, “Small Berry”, “Blue Green Feather”, “Golden Cave”, “Transformation”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Love Within”, “Third Eye”, “Labradorite”, “Neither Fish nor Bird, Small”, “Black Silk”, “Grey Prism”.

Mouth wateringly beautiful….