Trollbeads inspiration: Sapphire and Gold

Recently I’ve had a few questions about gold Trollbeads bracelets… these elusive beauties are such a treat to see, so when I had a chance to see one of them recently I photographed it with various colour compositions, so I could share them with you.

First I decided to play with the classic, rich colour combination of sapphire blue and gold.  One wouldn’t want to hide such an extraordinary chain, so I kept the beads to a minimum and made each one really count.

I added some black and white and then punched it up with a “Moon Ocean” and “Purple Flower Tassel”.  “Moon Ocean” is always a gorgeous shade of blue, and this one has a hint of gold in the iridescent shimmer that makes it perfect with the gold bracelet.  The tassel adds an interesting texture to the composition, and despite its name feels very sapphire in this design.

The detailing on this 18k bracelet is exquisite – note the lovely finishing of the cap and loop.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Golden Heart Clasp”, “Grey Wolf”, “Purple Flower Tassel”, “Moon Ocean”, “Limited Edition Agate”, “Happy Universe”, “Blue Tigers Eye”, “Three Flowers”, “Black Diamond Bead”, “Whitecap”, “Flowers on Indigo”.

Next up:  glowing gold & amber!