Trollbeads Inspiration: On Golden Mountain

We’ve always thought that somehow, Golden Cave and Silver Mountain ought to work together… but we’ve also always had a difficult time making them talk nicely to each other in a bracelet composition.  When we stumbled across this lovely image we decided to make a fresh attempt, with beautiful results!

When we analyzed the design at top, we decided that there were two elements that made the bracelet sing:  the repetition of the warm lilac and soft blue grey colours, and the blend of gold and silver beads.  Rather than exactly replicate the original bracelet, we instead took inspiration from it and created our own composition using a wide variety of our favorite beads.

The first beads we selected were, of course, “Golden Cave and “Silver Mountain”.  This design works best if you choose a “Golden Cave” that shows more lilac, and less of the bronze colour.

We also selected a “Happy Universe” to crown the center of the composition.  This bead design is large and dramatic enough to stand up to the two glorious glass that frame it, and its blend of 18k gold and sterling silver marries the cool and warm tones of the principal beads.  Next we began to choose a variety of glass that echo the lilac and ice blue tones of the two key bead designs.  This unusual swirled glass unique has a shade of purple that makes silver sing,  and makes me think of Venetian hand made paper..

For silvers we picked some of the recently released World Tour designs.  At left is the wonderfully complex and fluid Welsh “Love Spoons”.   I love the romantic meaning behind this bead, with its story of young suitors lovingly carving elaborate wooden spoons to prove the sincerity of their love, and the work that they were prepared to put into caring for their wife and family.

We couldn’t resist using this gorgeous “Blue Desert”, with its oversized glass and generous sprinkling of coppery pink gold.  Its quiet glamour is nicely set off with “Noh Masks”, a Japanese World Tour design that shows two opposing characters of traditional Noh theatre, as well as the small face of the actor, peeking between.

clockwise from clasp:  “Basic Double Lobster Clasp”, “Rosa Pearl”, “Love Spoons”, “Golden Cave”, “Blue Desert”, “Noh Masks”, “Lavender Jade” (retired), “Silver Mountain”, “Happy Universe”, “Golden Cave”, “Light Blue Shadow”, “Mah Jong Fortune”, “Unique”, “Silver Mountain”, “Midgaard Serpent”, “Lilac Unique”.

We’re so happy with this design that it has inspired me to rearrange my own bracelets to create something similar… it just feels joyful!



Trollbeads Inspiration: “Urban Jungle”

You may have noticed that there are some dazzling new images on the Trollbeads Home website of

Troll has started designing a “Bracelet of the Month”, and for May 2012 they are showing “Urban Jungle” for our pleasure and inspiration.

This sophisticated take on Spring Green caught our eye in the new dealer binder pages issued this past January.  With some of our very favorite greens, silver in modern forms, chic charcoal grey and a touch of gold, it feels cool, stylish and spot on for the unique blend of city and forest that is North Vancouver.


Includes:  “Freya Lock”, “Turquoise Feather”, “Three Flowers”, “Grey Wolf”, “Snowflake Obsidian”, “Frames”, “Green Prism”, “Black Flower Mosaic”, “Forget Me Not”, “Eye Bead”, “Aventurine”, “High Heel”, “Earth”, “Around the World”, “Labradorite” and “Lake Eye”.




Trollbeads Inspiration: Winter White

The arrival of the new, Christmas 2011 limited edition beads meant lots of new design experiments in the red & green and blue & white palettes… but I was also inspired to create some wonderful new bracelets featuring gold… there is a beautiful blue & gold bead, a rich, ruby red & gold and of course, the ivory white and gold…



Winter whites are traditionally a little warmer than their Summer counterparts – they lean more towards ivory or cream, to be more flattering to our paler, cold weather complexions.  Winter whites feel rich and glamorous, channeling James Bond girls, Gstaad ski bunnies, 70’s disco queens and scenes from Dr Zhivago.  These are whites that beg to be paired with gold.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Pearl Lock”, “Organic Stripe”, “2+2 gold & silver”, “Unique Amber”, “Around the World gold & silver”, “Conch”, “Zanzibar”, “Golden Quartz”, “Mistletoe”, “Limited Edition Christmas 2011 – white & gold”, “Stars – gold & silver”, “Unique Amber”, “Gold spacer – retired”, “Silver Mountain”.

Trollbeads Inspiration: Blue & Gold 2011

We’ve started to play with the new Winter 2011 beads, and so far the combination that is singing to us the most has to be the new Blue Diamond Bead with gold….

This rich and royal composition is warm, glowing and dramatic.  We’ve added several amazing gold and silver beads to create an over-the-top statement bracelet that one could enjoy every day…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Basic Silver Double Lobster Clasp”, “Gold Spacer (retired)”, “Diamond Bead, Blue”, “Stars”, “Trollstone – blue (retired)”, “Smoky Quartz”, “2+2 gold & Silver”, “Limited Edition Christmas in Hawaii”, “Grey Prism”, “Mistletoe”, “Diamond Bead, Blue”, “Limited Edition Christmas in Hawaii”, “Around the World gold and silver”, “Milky Way”, “Gold Spacer (retired)”.

In this design I relish the complementary tones of the warm golden browns and the rich cobalt blue… this shade of blue can be difficult to wear, particularly close to the face, but warmed by the gold in this composition it becomes quite approachable.  One bead that plays a pivotal role in this design is the Blue Trollstone.  Now retired, most Trollstones were a circus blend of pastel colours – so this blue example is quite unusual and very collectible.  It contains flecks of warm golden colour, making this bead almost feel like Lapis Lazuli… it ties together the blue and golden brown in this bracelet perfectly.

It’s a joy to play with so many beautiful beads all in one bracelet, and trying it here has inspired me to try other compositions with gold… stay tuned!


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