Trollbeads Inspiration: Clearly Brilliant

clarity9The Clarity Bracelet




noun: clarity

1.  the quality of being clear, in particular.


  • the quality of coherence and intelligibility.
  • the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.
  • the quality of being certain or definite.
  • the quality of transparency or purity.

clarity4Origin:  Middle English (in the sense ‘glory, divine splendor’): from Latin claritas, from clarus ‘clear.’ The current sense dates from the early 17th cent.

Clarus, Claritas…. Clarity.

clarity3Something about this bracelet just sang to me of clarity.  The decisive blue, the definite blacks, the clear and uncomplicated touches of white.  It’s not a blue that we play with often here at Tartooful – it’s too bold to play nicely with many of the other blues, and perhaps just a little predictable blended with purples?  (Aren’t we spoiled – I’m sure

clarity2it’s gorgeous but we do love to see unexpected combinations.)  This brilliant blue with crisp black and white feels very modern and… well, *clear*.  It’s worth noting that on this composition there are hardly any blue beads.  This strong of a blue doesn’t require very much to make its point.  One could create something similar with only

clarity6three, brightly coloured beads.  Imagine how clever to create a black and white, neutral envelope of a bracelet onto which one could add any three bright beads that caught one’s fancy!  The same silvers, blacks and whites, plus three flame orange.  Or remove the orange and add bright yellow instead.  Or perhaps lime green.  Oh – or hot pink!  The possibilities dazzle.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Black Silk”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Jewel Fairy Basslet”, “Unique”, “Black Silk”, “Transformation’, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Sahara Night Facet”, “Unique”, “Black Diamond”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Black Armadillo”, “Unique”, “Happy Fish”, “The Eye Bead”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”, “Small & Beautiful Unique”.


Trollbeads Inpspiration: Beautiful Beach


“Beach” is an easy bead with which to fall in love… with a lovely liquid shade of blue, and shimmering gold in its depths it just begs to be held up to the light and admired…

DSCN6217Cristi’s Cuban honeymoon photos of a perfect white sand beach inspired us, so  we thought we’d create a bracelet showcasing this favorite bead design…

We added lots of appropriately ocean themed silvers, including this slender and graceful “Happy Fish”.

DSCN6220We love the “Mermaid” for her sunny disposition, as well as her curvy lines… She’s a sweet and sexy little bead!  Here she’s shown with a lovely “Wave of Dreams”.  The wave is one of those bead designs that shows a huge range of expression, varying from very light and sun bleached, to rich and jewel like in its palette.

DSCN6219Speaking of changes… “Cool Dusk” has changed dramatically over the past year or so.  Remember when this bead was first released?  It had almost equal parts of blue and yellow, and the outer blue layer was very deeply grooved.

DSCN6223Now this revised design has only a mere hint of blue over a thicker yellow band, so the overall effect is much more of a chartreuse green.  The ridges have been reduced, for a much smoother, more liquid appearance.  As much as I liked the original design, I find the new appearance quite lovely and am enjoying the change.

DSCN6218Of course, everyone’s favorite fish bead is “Pisces”.  This timely arrival shows two fish wrapped around each other, to form the round bead shape.  Similar to “Happy Fish” and the “Fish Clasp”, the scales are beautifully and finely detailed.  I personally love this design and like to feature it regardless of the  Zodiac month.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Beach”, “Coral Branch”, “Cool Dusk”, “Silver Urchin”, “Wave of Dreams”, “Mermaid”, “Sand Beach”, “Beach”, “Treasures”, “Beach”, “Sand Beach”, “Pisces”, “The Eye”, “Starfish”, “Cool Dusk”, “Happy Fish”, “Beach”.



Trollbeads Inspiration: The Soft & Subtle Side of Spring 2013


There is ample inspiration to be found in Trolls’ new “Rocky Beach Kit” of glass bead designs.  With fascinating depth, complex patterns and subtle, shifting colour, these beads are a radical and fresh design statement.  We couldn’t wait to play with these lovelies!

DSCN5343Of course, the entire kit looks wonderful together, with complementary tones of soft denim blues, sandy greys and browns, and warm golden and rust hues.  It may also be broken down into two distinct palettes.  one focuses more on the blues and ivories, and the other is an unusual combination of dominant amber and a touch of lilac.  Today we’ll take a closer look at the blues…

DSCN5348DSCN5350Viewed under macro the detailed texture of these beads is truly amazing.  There are so many colours blended together to create these subtle tones, the design possibilities are virtually endless.


The new ocean themed silvers beautifully complement this seaside palette, and of course, the new “Dendritic Agate” is a must for this bracelet.


DSCN5412Current collection beads to consider as companions for this new kit include local favorite, Labradorite, “Blue Desert”, “Silver Mountain”, “White Paper Fold”, “Conch”, “Urchin”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Morning Dew”, “Desert Flower”, “Traces”, and “Cosy”…


Clockwise from clasp:  “Dolphin Lock”, “Seahorse Earring” – repurposed here as a dangle on the clasp, “Cliffs”, “Coral Branch”, “Stone Flower”, “Dendritic Agate”, “Sand Beach”, “Starfish”, “Sandstone”, “Labradorite”, “Stone Flower”, “Sea Urchin”, “Cliffs”, “Dendritic Agate”, “Stone Flower”, “Sea Horse”, “Sandstone”.

DSCN5415This kit is an instant essential for many of our Tartooful collectors… including both Cristi and myself!  We’re excited to add a kit to each of our collections, and see how all the beads play with our soft west coast greys and blues.

The photos don’t really do these beads justice.  You’ll just have to come drop by the village and experience them for yourself!

Next up:  Amber for Spring!


Trollbeads Inspiration: Tropical Getaway


The clouds only returned to the North Shore a couple of weeks ago, but already we’re missing our sunshine… We’re in those doldrums between the release of the Autumn 2012 collection and the fast approaching, fabulous Christmas 2012 Trollbeads collection.  For those of you Northerners who also are craving a little light, join us for a little tropical getaway… courtesy of RT’s “Bahamas Bracelet”.  So sit down, cuddle up to your coffee and take a few minutes of warm relaxation….

This bracelet was inspired by a spring trip to the beautiful Bahamas… clear blue water, white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the warm wind… ahhh (I’m in my happy place…)

You may recall that we took a peek at this bracelet, back when it was barely a whisper of sand on a beach towel….

Where else to begin, than with a perfect “Beach”?  This one really is deep and luminous, with a generous dose of rose gold sparkle.  Behind it you can see RT’s high contrast “Urchin”.

RT’s design trademark is a predominance of extraordinary uniques… and this bracelet is no exception.  This intensely blue and textured unique was one that we found just for her on our Spring trip to Trollbeads’ own Tivoli, in Copenhagen.

This unique is brings to mind the regular collection design, “Urchin”… it has the same creamy background, and the same budded dots – but on a very different scale.  These dots are tiny and widely spaced, giving this bead the look of a “Baby Urchin”… So sweet!

This crisp turquoise and white bead is so perfectly tropical, it makes me yearn for gauzy printed sundresses, crisp cotton beach towels and a killer bikini.  It’s interesting to note that this is the only bead on the bracelet that includes pure white – all the other whites are in fact a warmer ivory tone.

This amazing unique sings on this composition… so unusual, and such a great colour combination!  RT’s “Mermaid” is right at home in these warm waters, as are a number of other appropriate silvers… “Pisces”, “Palm Island”, “Crab”, “Treasures” and the “Fish Lock” all complete the beach theme of this design.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock”, “Pisces”, “Classic Unique”, “Conch”, “Blue Fizz”, “Joyful”, “Urchin”, “Beach”, “Treasures”, “Blue Stripe”, “Classic Unique”, “Palm Island”, “Conch”, “Classic Unique”, “Crab, “Classic Unique”, “Classic Unique”, “Mermaid”, “Classic Unique”, “Turquoise Ribbon”.

Well… it was a short getaway, but so worth it.  Please return your seat to the upright position and ensure your tray tables and belongings are stowed in preparation for landing back in our cold & soggy hemisphere…

Thank you for flying Tartooful Daydream, (and thank you RT!)



Trollbeads Inspiration: CF’s Golden Koi Bracelet, Updated…

The Golden Koi Bracelet

Black, White & Gold is a classic colour combination that is always chic, always appropriate.  It feels “Chanel”, “Little Black Dress”, “String of Pearls”….

CF’s bracelet, pictured above, is a truly inspired version of this design.  She has taken her time with this composition, adjusting and updating from time to time as an outstanding bead presents itself, and her painstaking approach shows in the beauty of the bracelet.  Some of our readers may recognize the bracelet, as we have featured it before, but with her recent updates it is well worth taking another look…

I admire the way she has not relied on pure, cold blacks – but rather has selected more dark, warm greys to soften the overall appearance.  The few true blacks that she added were just enough to set the tone.  The glistening gold comes not only from a couple of touches of Trollbeads 18k gold, but also from alternative golden beads such as “Honeydew Amber”, “Silver Trace, Blue-Beige”, “Yellow Prism” and a lovely, citrine coloured “Golden Quartz”.  The subtle traces of greyed blue add interest, and a perfect complement to these lemony gold tones, without compromising the overall theme of the bracelet.  These blue notes appear in unexpected beads, such as “Milan”, “Wildcat”, and the pair of “Silver Mountain”s.  Of course, the gold that sets the tone for the whole bracelet is essential – “Crown Chakra”, “Black Gold”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”, and most importantly the gold “Fish Lock”.  Finally, I always like having a pair of prisms to “finish” a bracelet.  In this case they set the colour theme perfectly, and offer a frame to add even more drama to the Golden Fish Lock.

The golden Fish Lock is particularly meaningful for this collector, as she has created an extraordinary garden, the centerpiece of which is a pond that features several large koi.  I’ve noticed that talented garden designers often have an affinity with Trollbeads, and that their design talent transfers over beautifully.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Fish Lock, 18k gold”, “Yellow Prism”, “Silver Mountain”, “Silver Trace, Biege Blue”, “Smoky Quartz”, “Grey Squirrel”, “Jugend”, “Silver Trace, Gold”, “Black Gold”, “Diamond Bead, White”, “Large Berry”, “Diamond Bead, Black”, “Honeydew Amber”, “Diamond Bead with Gold Core”, “Angel Feathers”, “Wildcat”, “Golden Quartz”, “Crown Chakra”, “Milan”, “Silver Mountain”, “Grey Prism”.