Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 27


Today I’m showing off a quirky little piece of fabulousness… It’s a “FrankenTroll” – a Trollbead that has been toyed with and tinkered into something quite different!

IMG_5998This is a Fantasy Necklace that fell on hard times and lost its pearl… we replaced it, but not with another cultured pearl.  Rather, we applied a glass orb from the now-retired, “Autumn” dangle.  I knew I wanted to create something totally unique and different… and

IMG_5999I’ve always loved the swirling glass of “Autumn”.  So all the elements of the necklace are Troll, they’ve just been recombined in a fresh way.  Here I’ve created a composition that was inspired directly by the colours of the dangle, with rich gold, jade green, and a hit of cool teal.

IMG_6000The sunlight illuminates Trollbeads’ “Golden Quartz”


“FrankenTroll”…. fun, no?