Trollbeads Inspiration: The Tartooful Version of Blue Ombre


So often when we post an inspiration image belonging to one of Tartooful’s own we hear from our customers that they can’t create something similar, because they can’t get the retired or unique beads…

DSCN5311So we set ourselves the challenge of creating a new necklace composition that was inspired by Cristi’s “Bleu Ombre” design.  Her original necklace contained such hard-to-find beads as “Grey Armadillo”, “Chai Bud”, “King & Queen”, and “Turquoise Dot”…

DSCN5320However, in only a matter of minutes, Cristi was able to pull a wide selection of beads our of our stock that together created an absolutely beautiful blue dye dip effect.  She began at the bottom with this iridescent “Moon Ocean” and shimmering “Eye”.

DSCN5319This “Turquoise Ribbon” is such a treat.  Unusually large for this bead design, it adds a note of interest to this necklace.  Like all the stripes, “Light Blue Stripe” reflects the light, so it appears to glow from within.





As Cristi approached the middle of the design she reached for the softly glowing blues of “Blue Desert”, “Faceted Chalcedony”, “Blue Moonstone”, and “Silver Mountain”.  These are favorites among the collectors at Tartooful, and with good reason – aren’t they gorgeous all together?

DSCN5316Finally as she completed the design she added a series of interesting whites:  “Light Blue Dot”, “White Paper Fold”, “Dichroic Ice, and “Cream Armadillo”… These are all not-quite whites, which are so much more interesting than polyester pure, clinical whites.

DSCN5315This “Light Blue Dot” is an excellent stand in for Cristi’s “Turquoise Dot”, and some of the regular production beads that we have at the moment are outstanding:



However, if you’re still determined to obtain some of the rare and hard-to-finds, we do have a “King & Queen” in stock right now!

Have you seen a composition on the blog that set your creative energies flowing?  Come see us and let us play with your beads, let’s see what we can design!



Trollbeads Inspiration: Simple Beauty Necklace

One of our longtime and dear Trollies dropped by recently and together we designed a simple, beautiful necklace that is neutral enough to enjoy everyday, but would never be boring… It utilizes Trollbeads’ Fantasy Necklace with the permanently affixed cultured pearl drop at the end.

The palette of the design is based on three beads:  “Deep Bubbles”, “Silver Mountain” and the natural stone, “Aventurine”.

“Deep Bubbles” has fascinating form, with spectacular, lilac tinted bowls in its’ depths.  The outer portion of the bead is mostly khaki, with some tints of vicuna and blue…

“Silver Mountain” plays beautifully off the blue, with its icy, beachglass tones.  The textured interior catches the light, and juxtaposed with the perfect finish of the glass surface calls the eye back again and again… It’s a genius bead and is one of my favorites.

We chose the silvers carefully, to taper the scale from large, at the bottom, to petite at the top.  We wanted them to relate to one another, so we picked ones that had similar elements of texture.  I like the way that “Sun Circle”, “Large Berry” and “Planet” all have the same knobbly surface pattern to different degrees.

Top to bottom:  “Planet, small”, “Grey Prism”, “Silver Mountain”, “Large Berry”, “Deep Bubbles”, “White Paper Fold”, “Sun Circle”, “Aventurine”, “Big Earth”.

Thank you for allowing us to share!