Trollbeads Inspiration: Little Frog and the Night Sky

IMG_9050Five frogs call this necklace home…

IMG_9054Once upon a time there were five frogs, who all lived together in a round pond in the deep and leafy woods.  They swam in the green coloured sunshine all day, eating mosquitos and playing “pass the bubble” together.  At night they found a cosy spot and curled up together in a circle.  They would whisper froggy stories to each to each other as they drifted off to sleep.  It was a happy way for a frog to be, and a sweet life.

IMG_9056 Green Jasper is subtly rich…

IMG_9055One evening, as the frogs went to settle into a leafy nook to get sleepy, they realized that the smallest frog of all wasn’t tucked into the story circle.  Where could he be?  They called to him.. “Little Frog?”… but no answer.  They were curious frogs, and just a little concerned, so they popped out into the dusky light to find their friend.

IMG_9058It didn’t take long to find him.  There he was, just above their sleepy hiding spot, sitting on a leaf and gazing in rapture at the darkening sky.  “Little Frog”, they cried, “what are you doing?  It’s time to be sleepy and we missed you!”.  The little frog turned to his friends in amazement, and said “I was a little late, chasing one last mosquito… but look – have you seen this?  Just look at the sky.  There is the most beautiful thing there, sparkling in the dark…”

IMG_9052Looking towards the sky, the little group of frogs saw, for the very first time, a star.  They became very quiet, and sat together with their friend, watching with wide round eyes.  The first star of the evening glowed brightly, and over the next few minutes the sky darkened from grey to pale and then sapphire blue.  Finally, the sky was velvety black and sparkled with the infinite host of stars that can only be seen deep in the leafy woods and far away from human places.  The beauty of the night sky gave the little frogs so much joy that deep in their green and slightly clammy breasts, their hearts seemed too full.  Little Frog’s amphibian heart could bear no more, so he started to sing softly, just to let out some of the joy.  One by one his friends joined in, and together they sang the happiness of the beauty of the stars.


Nowadays, if the evening is clear and fine, the five frog friends always sit out for just a little while to sing joyfully with the stars before curling up in their sleepy hiding spot.  On rainy nights they still enjoy a cosy, froggy story, but nothing makes them happier than to sing goodnight with the stars.  In fact, if you go very quietly to the round pond in the deep and leafy woods just at dusk, you too might hear the frogs’ star song…


Trollbeads Inspiration: Sweet


IMG_4744How sweet is this?!  I don’t know why it never occurred to me to put a silver in the middle of the new “In Your Heart”, but now that I’ve seen this, it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities!  Imagine it with “Large Berry”, “The Chrysanthemum of November”, “Zucchini Flower”, “Cherry Blossom”, “Smiling Cylinder”…



Trollbeads Inspiration: Painterly in Vogue


This utterly delicious concoction of raspberry, parchment, orange, green and violet absolutely fascinates me.  What an amazing palette to inspire a Trollbeads composition.


richThe overall golden hue of the photograph informed my decision to capture these images in warm incandescent light, the better to recreate that painterly feel…. so you’ll see that some of the beads sparkle differently than in

IMG_4017natural light that I usually use.  This is particularly notable in the dichroic glass of the “Purple Flower Mosaic”.   I chose to build a fantasy necklace with pearl for this design, as it seemed appropriate for the impressionistic and romantic feel of the flowing dress in the photo.


With a field of wildflowers for inspiration, flower designs were a must for this composition.  Autumn 2013’s “Amber Violets” could not be more perfect, both in mood and palette.

retired-pink-prismThe last bead on the necklace was this little “Retired Pink Prism”, whose milky and iridescent tone is gently antique.  It’s smaller size makes it a good way to taper the design from wider at the bottom, to narrower at the top – I always like to make a bit of a pyramid shape for Fantasy Necklace designs.

I’m particularly fond of this combination of colours and patterns… I may just have to give this a try with my own collection!