Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 28


IMG_1654It’s a beautiful morning here on the West Coast, and I have a packed schedule today… this morning I am pottering in my garden, followed by brunch and playing in a friend’s garden.  It’s a hectic pace, but I’ll do my best to keep up!

IMG_1659For this kind of laid-back, blue sky day I felt like classic blue & white… and looking back over the photos from the past month I see that I haven’t paired my turquoise with crisp white at all!

IMG_1658The “Sakura” bead steals the show wherever it goes, and here it offers a welcome dash of floral pattern.  On a bracelet like this, with a very nearly pure blue and white theme, the touches of lilac and apricot in the heart of each blossom really stand out.  I particularly like that this bead includes both the blue and white, neatly tying together the palette.


IMG_1655This black and white “Spot” is an interesting bead… have you ever noticed that the pattern is more complex than first meets the eye?  The clean modern dots on the surface cast shadows through a clear layer of glass,  onto the lower layer of opaque white glass deep within the bead.  Like so much in Troll, the more you look, the more you see.

IMG_1656… and then there are the things that only I can see:  This “White Steel” was a gift to me from my oldest Son the day I turned forty.  He chose it for me because it felt modern, abstract, and different… and he thought I liked things like that.  The “Black Dot” bead was a gift from my husband when he returned from a business trip to Los Angeles.  He walked miles with a heavy bag, just to find Trollbeads to bring home for me.


In the end it’s the combination of the things seen by both the eyes and the heart that makes Trollbeads so special to wear.