Trollbeads Inspiration: Hidden Garden Bracelet


The arrival of this stunning “Glass Trolls” made me want to create a bracelet matched its dewy and light as air mood.

With delicious shades of apple green, to golden honey, to aqua and forget-me-not blue, the dichroic glass acts as an inspiration and focal point for the whole bracelet.


This allows me to pull together a diverse set of blues and greens that include turquoise, teal, sage, birds egg blue and even this gorgeous Emerald that takes the center position in the composition.

A pair of newer design uniques come in handy for knitting together the palette as well… these swirled glass patterns hide every shade in the bracelet, with periwinkle to teal and all shades of blue between.  I love the dimension of pattern in these glass; they invite the eye to dive right into their cerulean depths.

I find that “Tropical Travels” is a good match for the size and lush mood of this “Glass Trolls”, and I’ve added a slightly smaller “Royal” and “Ornamental Flower” to complete the set of silvers.  To me, the overall mood of this bracelet is a Summers afternoon in a rich garden.  Perhaps this verdant place is in an exotic locale, like a Florentine Palazzo’s courtyard, adorned with vines and fountains….


Clockwise from clasp:  “Small Fish Lock” (Summer 2016 Release), “Unique Glass”, “Ancient Palace”, “Royal”, “Blue Agate”, “Florence”, “Traces”, “Glass trolls”, “Unique Glass”, “Blue Agate’, “Emerald”, “Blue Agate”, “Unique Glass”, “Tropical Travels”, “Florence”, “Blue Agate”, “Silver Mountain”, “Ornamental Flower”, “Turquoise Ribbon”, “Unique Glass”.


Trollbeads Design Challenge: Day 20


IMG_5891Today I am enjoying wearing this combination… These greens are usually complementary tones with other colours, mixed liberally with pink, blue, purple or gold.  Today, however, they take center stage and command an entire colour theme of their own.  I was a little surprised that I had all these greens, as I don’t often see them all

IMG_5890strung together like this.  Most of the time they are “under the wire”, scattered among almost all my bracelets.  When I started to design this piece, I thought that with only a few greens in my bead bag, a necklace would be just the right length… it quickly became apparent that I could easily put together an entire full bracelet in this colour!

IMG_5889I chose “bead shaped” silvers that sit slimly on the design, but still offer a little break to create those mini colour groupings.  I’ve so enjoyed working with this type of silver over the course of this year’s challenge… it has put “paradise birds” at the top of my silver wish list.  Designs such as “Jugend” and “Carved Flowers” are so satisfyingly heavy, beautifully detailed, and yet neat and compact.  They are very easy to play into all my compositions.


From top to bottom:  “limited Edition Peacock Pearl”, “Cells” (retired), “Unique”, “Limited Edition Chinese Zodiac Rooster”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Blue Green Feather” (retired), “Jugend”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Magical Lamp”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Carved Flowers” (retired), “Blue Desert”, “Aventurine” (retired), “Custome Bead by Georgina of Trollbeads Canada”, “Limited Edition Emerald Fantasy Necklace”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Playing with Pebbles


9These days I am wearing a bracelet that is a joyful mix of colours… soft blues, copper, amber, and hints of green all blended together in a whirl of our beloved, sparkling deserts and Azure bubbles.  I’m worrying less about perfectly matched colours and just enjoying the overall mood.  It’s rich, but subtle, and every single bead gives me joy.


3I decided I wanted to build something from Tartooful’s beads that had a similar feel… and today’s bracelet is the result.  I played with a pair of “Pebbles” and gave them the unlikely companion of a “Honey Dawn”.  The trio of warm buttery yellows in this design find their way onto so many bracelets at Tartooful.

4They add a lovely complementary tone to pinks, blues, greens, purples, neutrals… such useful beads!  The various “Azure Bubbles”, scattered about the bracelet, offer continuity of colour around the design and set up a satisfying rhythm.  Isn’t it fun to see so many in one composition?  Even though these ones are all in a

5similar vein, each one has its own distinct personality and look.  Another bead that I haven’t played with in a while is “Fossils”.  This lovely example arrived and reminded me that I must seek it out more often.  It is a beautiful aqua grey colour, with coppery dots and a moonstone-like shimmer over the whole design.  Fascinating… Here on the misty grey West Coast we so love the designs that Scott Bouwens created for Troll!


Don’t forget to look at the sides of your “Azure Bubbles”… it offers a completely different view!


All Beads from Tartooful Stock.  Clockwise from clasp:  “Freya Clasp”, “Grey Prism”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Fossils”, “Will”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Drifting Seeds”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Trefoil Knot”, “Pebbles”, “Honey Dawn”, “Pebbles”, “Transformation”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Dewdrops”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Three in One”, “Blue Desert”, “Azure Bubbles”, “Purple Prism”.

6I can’t finish without a little note about the “Blue Desert”… these chameleon beads change so often, and we love to see what new surprise Trollbeads has made for us.  Like “Azure Bubbles”, I consider this bead to simply be a category of unique, as every on may be dramatically different.  Last week these were practically navy – this week they are lilac!  I currently own three of the blue:  a navy, strongly glittered one, a medium blue, and one that is the colour of pale green jade.  I treasure all three,  and I have no doubt that over time a few others will join in…