“Santa Baby”…

“Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring
I don’t mean a phone
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight…”

Ladies, in the mad rush of making the holiday preparations for your whole family – gifts, cards, decorations, meals, baking, entertaining, teacher gifts…(sigh) – don’t let your little treat under the tree be forgotten.  You may want to drop a few pointed hints about Trollbeads, Tokyomilk, or some of our locally designed bags… Or perhaps this is a year for your Santa to bring you a ring?  Nothing else says quite as much…

We have so many stunning, wearable, unique and totally irresistible designs in the shop right now, all of them refreshingly budget friendly… (something Santa really appreciates this time of year!)

Christy Feaver works in sterling silver and features extraordinary stones set in clean, modern designs.  Her semi precious gem stones are selected for their unusual shape and cut as well as their depth of colour and sparkling life.

This amazing ring features a bold setting that holds a most unusual, Tourmalated Quartz stone.  This powerful ring is one of those pieces of jewelry that is “transformative” – it makes one feel a little different, just by putting it on….

Not every powerful ring speaks loudly… these rings are the “Be Series”, designed in honour of my Mother.  These pieces feature five quietly meaningful words that are intended to remind the wearer of their own strength and capability.

Rings are the most personal, and ideally, the most meaningful pieces of jewelry that we wear… and so at Tartooful we have chosen pieces that we feel have the potential to become those dear friends and talismans that are worn everyday….


New “Be Series” now back in stock

We’re honoured that Tartoofulers have embraced the “Be series, particularly as they are so personally meaningful to us.   Following Mothers Day our shelf was bare, so we’ve collaborated once again with Bouton Rouge to create fresh designs…

We’re in love with the long, graceful necklaces,  each one unique.   At the moment we have ones featuring various stones, including one with rubies the colour of pomegranate seeds and another with mandarin toned carnelian.  All the necklaces have the full series of “Be” words, sprinkled on the circles around their length.

We also have the full series of rings back in stock, and various bracelets, as well!


9 days… ’til the Little Troll

This warm & lovely design group includes some of my favorites:  “Wildcat”, with its soft sand swirls with gorgeous blue undertone… “Chocolate Parrot” features a deep bubble with a hint of the same insane blue… and this particular “Brown Desert” boasts a tortoiseshell texture that is most unusual.