Heroes & Thieves: New Works by Kolton Babych


IMG_8225One of the most talented and exciting young jewellery artists in Vancouver, Kolton Babych has just launched his exquisite Spring 2015 collection, “Heroes & Thieves”!

Kolton is a North Vancouver designer who recently returned from New York where he polished his already considerable skills at Purchase College.  He is known and loved for his west coast, urban pieces which are each hand made by the artist.

IMG_8218“Guardian Angel Necklace”

IMG_8229“Heroes & Thieves” is a stunning collection of highly wearable and covetable pieces.  Hand cast in sterling or bronze, each talisman features the worn and weathered image of an antique coin.  The satisfyingly heavy, chain bracelets and necklaces are meticulously hand made by the artist, and stack and layer beautifully for a very personal look.


IMG_8223With a range of sizes, weights and prices there are pieces for all tastes in this series, so be sure to drop by and visit Tartooful soon for best selection of these gorgeous new treats!





New at Tartooful: Kolton Designs Jewellery


We’re delighted to have some gorgeous new treasures on the shelf at Tartooful!  The jewellery designs of Kolton Babych feature reclaimed sterling silver and glowing semiprecious natural stones.

soft-blue-doublecharmKolton is that rare thing, a naturally gifted artist who finds their path early.

He’s been creating art for as long as he can remember, and designing and making jewellery since he was in elementary school.  Although he’s still attending Art School in New York, he’s already a seasoned designer with a strong aesthetic identity.  His style approach reflects his Vancouver home and  upbringing, with distinctive, Asian influences,  and a beautifully natural and relaxed, West Coast feel.


Kolton’s fresh palette this season perfectly matches our mood, with ivory whites, charcoal greys, and subtle Aquamarine.  His silver feels significant and satisfying… with ancient symbols and confident design strokes.  The well thought out details sing, with hand knotted strands of stones, lovely clasps, and  interchangeable charms that allow the wearer to make each piece their own.

To truly appreciate Kolton’s designs, however, you’ll just have to come in and see them in person… now in stock at Tartooful.




Zula Design

Urszula of Zula Design creates wearable metal art that is inspired by the stunning array of nature that surrounds us.

She tells us that she is drawn to extraordinary objects found in nature, collects them and then gives them eternal life by casting them in silver, copper, bronze or gold.  She sees the perfect sculpure of one tiny leaf, and focuses on it by featuring it on one of her pendants or perhaps a pair of earrings.

Urszula’s painstaking process means that just as in nature, each design will be a unique treasure.  These inspired pieces are destined to become talismans that speak of our beautiful part of the world…



Peony & Peridot

There’s a fresh new collection of jewellery on the shelves of Tartooful this week: Peony & Peridot.  This atelier is the latest creative project by Tartooful’s own Geneva Bazin, a talented young designer with a passion for style and an artist’s eye.  She’s a name that will, in time, make waves in the fashion industry and this is a chance to snap up some of her early work.

Her necklaces this Autumn are bang-on perfect for the mood of the moment. Loosely structured, in golden tones with chunky, sparkling crystals scattered across them… they are dramatic without being fussy.  Her tiny, hand created woven discs that adorn other pieces are reminiscent of delicate, bronze spiderwebs.  Each piece is unique, and hand made by the designer in her North Shore studio.

All this, and accessibly priced, starting at $45.00


New Lemon Park

The Rocks

I’m thrilled to have a new selection of Lemon Park’s extraordinary jewelry at Tartooful… This gorgeous necklace from their “Rocks” collection includes clear-as-water quartz, Japanese glass, chalcedony, jade and amazonite.  I just love the tones in this one, with its warm greys, teals, moon blues, soft greens and inspired touch of gold.  So wearable!

We also have their chunky patinized sterling silver necklaces, featuring rich chunks of clear quartz, and of course a terrific selection of their beautiful earrings.  (at only $45 these are a cheap thrill.  Truly!)  Think Mothers Day… Graduation gifts… Summer Weddings… or maybe just an investment in you?