Change is Hard.


IMG_4593What a ride we have been on the last few years.  Together Cristi and I have had many adventures, and we’ve experienced huge changes in both of our lives.  So much learned, so much achieved.   After today, Cristi is going to be heading off for a new adventure with her quirky, underbitten hound Remi in tow… at least for now.


IMG_4589Cristi, thank you for all the friendship, hard work, inspiration, encouragement and laughter.  I’ve been honoured to become a part of your life… and look forward to seeing where you go, and what you do next.  You are beautiful, smart, and so caring.  I love you dearly, and already I can’t wait for our next project as a team together.  xo C.






Happy Birthday Cristi…


I feel very fortunate to have Cristi in my life.  I count her as more than just a friend and colleague, she’s family.  She brings her positive, creative, intteligent and happy energy to every room she enters… and Tartooful just wouldn’t be Tartooful without her.

Today is Cristi’s birthday… so if you happen to be in the Village be sure to give her some love on her special day!

Love you tons, Cristi… Happy Birthday!