Trollbeads Inspiration: Frankly my Dear

It’s so much fun to play with the new coral palette.  After designing so much with very soft, subtle blue and grey it takes a bit of a leap of faith to embrace such bright colour, but it’s very liberating.  Fearless Trolling!  For this bracelet we decided to play with coral and warm pink, for frankly feminine and very “Southern Belle” drama.

This bracelet design began with this bead: “Coral Wave”.  It has the same fascinating pattern, deep in the glass, as “Green Wave”, “Purple Wave”, “White Paper Fold” and now “Wave of Dreams”… (Anybody out there designing an all-wave bracelet yet?)  This pattern is the one that Lise Aagaard spoke of as her favorite bead to make when we were in Las Vegas at the Convention…and it’s very easy to understand why.  It’s bold, dramatic, very distinctly “Troll” and plays so nicely with other patterned beads.

We found a wonderful “Malawi Unique” that perfectly echoes the colours found in the new red kit, particularly “Coral Wave”.  The two of them are well matched companions in this bracelet design, and firmly establish a pink and coral theme.

This bead is a worthy successor for it’s retired counterpart “Red Berries”.  That bead was a deep and very sophisticated red.  The new “Scarlet Bud” is wild, exuberant and feel like an “urchin” or “Conch” that’s gone rogue!  The bright, clear colour and generous round buds take this bead design way over the top.  No wonder it’s the must-have bead of the new reds.

This warm and summery pink works well with this composition, repeating the rosy tone found in the “Coral Wave”, the distinctive “Malawi Unique” and playing nicely with the “Rose Quartz” and “Rosa Pearl”.  I love the way the dots are echoed around the design.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Small Flower Clasp”, “Scarlet Armadillo”, “Large Berry”, “Summer Dot”, “Red Prism”, “Dancing”, “Scarlet Bud”, “Rosa Pearl”, “Deck of Cards”, “Coral Wave”, Chinese Zodiac Tiger”, “Malawi Unique”, “Rose Quartz”, “Transformation”, “Peach Flower”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: From Holland with Love (Goldflower)

This bracelet is truly fit for a queen!  It’s rich colour palette makes me think of the upcoming Koninginnedag celebrations in the Netherlands… this National Holiday is the official birthday celebration of Queen Beatrix, the reigning monarch of the Netherlands, but it also acts as a day to honour all things orange – a nod to the Royal family’s traditional title as heads of the house of Orange-Nassau.

The distinctly Dutch feel comes, of course from the deep orange bead that sings in this composition, but more than that, the brilliant blue, crisp white and unbelievable 18k gold give the overall design a royal mood.

Here, understated “Chai Bud” (retired) and a simple “Turquoise Ribbon” act as subtle foils for the warm gleam of an 18k gold “Lucky Knot”.  The smaller size of the glass “Turquoise Ribbon” is a good match for the knot, and the turquoise and ivory are wonderful together.

This glorious orange bead is not an everyday sight: it’s a retired “Striped Bud”, from 2005.  The orange and coral layers glow, and brilliantly complement the royal blue of “Blue Stripe”.  Golden “Hydrangea” is an effective and highly detailed contrast to the visually much simpler glass that frame it…

… not that the “Diamond Bead White” is really so simple!  Has it ever looked more spectacular than in this photo, surrounded by 18k gold “Forget-me-not” and 18k gold “Hydrangea”?  “Forget-me-not” is one of our perennial favorites, (pun fully intended!), but in gold it takes on a spectacular new appearance.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Large Flower Clasp”, “Silver Stopper”, “Blue Stripe”, “Striped Bud (retired)”, “18k gold Hydrangea”, “The Diamond Bead, White”, “18k gold Forget-me-not”, “Turquoise Stripe”, “18k gold Lucky Knot”, “Chai Bud (retired)”, “Universal Unique”, “Silver Stopper”.

Thank you to AV for her generous sharing of inspiration…


Trollbeads Inspiration: soft coral

This Summer’s “it” shade is coral, and the arrival of some beautiful pink & coral Universal Uniques gave me the opportunity to play with this beautiful colour family.  I have childhood memories of my glamorous mother wearing coral in the ’70s… she paired it with sky blue or turquoise and white for hot Mediterranean days, and enjoyed it into the Autumn with teal, or indigo.  Gold accents make this colour sing, and I would happily wear this trollbeads bracelet with a few gold bangles.  Today I have designed a soft, warm bracelet with khaki greens and buttery yellow, that feels just a little bohemian and is easy to wear year round.

clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower Lock”, “Rainbow”, “Royal”, “Universal Unique, coral flower”, “Treasures”, “Unique Amber, butter yellow”, “Large Berry”, “Universal Unique, pink, white & coral flower”, “Ocean”, “Deep Bubbles”, “Transformation”, “Universal Unique, pink, khaki & coral”, “Zanzibar”, “Coral Bubbles”.

This “Deep Bubbles” has a lovely flush of shell pink that echoes the coral beautifully.


Coral Bracelet Inspiration

I recently composed this bracelet for display at Tartooful, and I am loving its combination of coral, gold and soft slate blue.  The coral elements come from the “Coral Stripes”, “Coral Bubbles” and even from the “Pink Prism”, which isn’t really pink at all, but a soft apricot colour.  Slate blue is introduced by the “Blue Desert” and echoed by the flash of the “Labradorite”.  I like the way the coppery shimmer at the base of the “Blue Desert” hints at coral, helping to tie the two colours together.  Golden Quartz gives the bracelet a warm sparkle, and the “Trinity” bead does a beautiful job of further uniting the whole palette, with shimmery notes of blue, coral and gold.  Finally, the warm “Maple Syrup Amber” and “Tigers Eye” offer a darker note, to keep the palette grounded.

I only chose a few silver and gold beads to round out the bracelet:  “Turtles”, the new Zodiac sign “Libra” and the impossibly sweet, golden “Mini Heart”.  “Trinity” gives a note of silver, as well, and the “Troll Tree” clasp is the perfect punctuation for this bracelet inspired by Autumn.