Trollbeads Inspiration: Cathy’s Copper & Pomegranate Update


IMG_4560One of my favorite combinations that I like to toss together is what I call my “Copper and Pomegranate” bracelet.  It’s evolved many times, changing as beads come and go, but the mood stays the same, and I never tire of wearing it.  It;s been written up lots of times in this blog, if you’re interested in seeing the older versions.

IMG_4563Last week Cristi gave me the gift of a unique bead that she had spotted… she knew as soon as it caught her eye that it was perfect for my collection, with warm golden yellow, my very favorite apricot shade of pink, and a delicious touch of lilac.

IMG_4561It inspired me (as she knew it would) to try adding my Lavender Jade to this combination, and isn’t it wonderful?  The new bead settles the lavender in nicely, and pulls the entire palette together in a most satisfying way.  I can’t wait to try using it for an exuberant easter coloured bracelet, with all soft pastel notes, as well!


Clockwise from clasp:  “Basic Double Lobster Clasp” (retired form), “Rosa Pearl”, “Bee on Hive”, (retired), “Pink Desert”, “Unique Amber”, “Silver Bead with Garnets” (retired), “Limited Edition Kimono Bead”, “Unique Amber”, “Unique Glass”, “Spot” (retired), Artisan Glass (Made by Yours Truly at a Trollbeads Academy), “Shortcut” (retired), “Golden Cave”, “Limited Edition Chinese Jade”, “Unique Glass”, “Etruscan” (retired), “Rose Quartz”, “Custom Made Pink Armadillo”, (made by Georgina Black of Trollbeads Canada at our September 2013 Charity Event), “Unique Amber”, “Bee on Hive” (retired), “Red-Pink Prism” (retired).

Thank you again for the new addition to my collection, Cristi… I’ll treasure it.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Here comes the sun…


The honey warm tones of this composition are a welcome ray of sunshine in our cool and grey, Northern part of the world…

amber4I love this palette of spicy, coppery brown with oyster grey and lilac.  For this combination to really sing, it’s essential  that the lilac have a red undertone, rather than blue.  “Golden Cave” is a wonderful selection to bring the colours together…

amber2This “Unique Amber” is exceptionally lovely, with impressive girth and beautiful sparkle!  It’s generous size is well matched by the new “Blossom” bead in silver, and one of the quirky new “Pebbles” beads.  This particular pattern is highly individual, with wide variations in colour, size and iridescence.

amber6For example, the bead at left is technically the same pattern as the one below, but has a completely different mood about it.  In the bead at left, one sees largely lilac and blue, with only a trace of copper, shimmering in its depths.


The example at right has generous doses of amber, metallic copper, brilliant coral and lots of bright pink dicroic undertones.  It’s marvellous how it brings out the coral and pink iridescence on the surface of the “Black Silk” at its left.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Seahorse Clasp”, “Pebbles”, “Black Silk”, “Coral Branch”, “Fossils”, “Golden Cave”, “Swarm of Butterflies”  “Purple Flower Mosaic”, “Coral Opal”, “Sunglasses”, “Red Tigers Eye”, “Dolphins”, “Beige Moonstone”, “Unique Amber”, “Blossom Bead”, “Pebbles”, “Silver Bead with Garnets” (retired), “Fur Flower” (retired), “Limited Edition Valentine’s 2013 Dangle”.

(* Note to Trollbeads:  “Swarm of Butterflies” in English sounds quite forbidding, like a whole bunch of insects on the warpath… perhaps “Flock” would have been a better choice of word?)

amber3One little combination that makes my heart sing is this “Coral Opal”, paired with “Purple Flower Mosaic”… I admire the chartreuse that is echoed throughout, and the citrus punch it gives this bracelet..




Trollbeads inspiration: Pomegranate & Copper part III

Regular readers of this blog will recognize this as my own bracelet… it began as a motley group of misfit beads – the “leftovers” that I loved individually, but that didn’t quite fit in on my usual bracelet.  This Autumn I was finally inspired to redesign it, (shown in part I and part II), and create something that now gives me joy every day…

I’ve added a few more beads since I last photographed this composition, and each one has dramatically changed the overall appearance.  I added a “Goldstone” to echo the warm glitter of “Brown Desert”, and to add a copper note that fits in with my inspiration colour palette.

I also moved my “Dichroic Ice” and “White Steel” over to my blue-grey bracelet, and exchanged them for my “Smoky Quartz”, which warmed up this composition right away.  I was fortunate to be offered a “Kimono Bead” in a perfect, apricot colour by one of our dear patrons, (thank you, MS!) and of course right away wanted to balance it with a “Pink Desert”.  The desert beads are among my very favorite glass, so I’m delighted to be able to feature two of them in this design. All of these changes have happened gradually over the past few weeks… and then, finally, I found one, magical bead for me while unpacking the trunk show stock:

It’s a “Rose Quartz, round” – but *what* a lovely example.  I gave up my round rose quartz to a customer who really needed it some time back, and I’ve been watching for the right replacement.  This one is a rich warm pink, very translucent and even a little bit opalescent.  It truly glows, and I couldn’t wait to put it close to the centre of this bracelet design.  I’m so enjoying it – every time I glance at my wrist I’m a little giddy!

The bracelet is just about full now, and i”m very happy with how it feels.  I’m sure there will be changes over time, and I can already foresee new colour combinations for spring… but for now “Pomegranates & Copper” feels just right to me.

…only four more sleeps until the “Little Troll” comes to Tartooful – it’ll be exciting to see so many of our favorite ladies find their new, magical beads too!