Trollbeads Inspiration: Citrus


It’s the orange time of year…

7The time of year when we all dust off our best pumpkin, citrus and cinnamon coloured beads and create combinations to honour Thanksgiving, Fall Equinox, Back to School, Harvest Moon, Halloween and the warm low light of Autumn.  Every season has its colour mood, and no question that no matter how you like to celebrate Autumn, with subtle earthy browns or stark ghostly black and white – orange is the queen of the Fall palette.


5The arrival of a group of spectacular yellow glitter uniques, as well as a punchy new olive glass colour had me eagerly anticipating this annual ritual even more than usual.  Olive has traditionally been a bit of a tricky colour to find in the Trollbeads collection… there have been a few beads with cool, blue-olives, but very few with a true, acid soaked sort of an olive green.  I was delighted when we received a few precious uniques with this very fresh colour and immediately resolved to combine them with rich golden yellows and tangy oranges for a fantastic, citrus take on Autumnal orange.

6A bracelet with this much texture, rich colour and visual energy needs a few places designed for the weary eye to rest, so I showed restraint, and kept silvers minimal and calm.  The silvers in this combination create colour groupings that are meant to be viewed as a whole… then suggest a pause to the eye before moving on to the next group.  For that reason I selected simple, abstract silvers of a similar size and shape that would quietly fulfill their role and not demand too much of one’s attention when viewing the bracelet.


Clockwise from clasp:  “Troll tree lock”, “Green Prism”, “Summer Ltd Edition”, “River of Life Facet”, “Glass Unique”, “Nomad”, “Glass Unique”, “Glass Unique”, “Glass Unique”, “Soul Artichoke”, “Glass Unique”, “Masala Facet”, “Glass Unique”, “Moroccan Cushion”, Glass Unique”, “Glass Unique”, “Glass Unique”, “Etruscan” (retired), “Glass Unique”, “Glass Unique”, “Luminous Facet”, “Glass Unique”.

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Trollbeads Inspiration: late summer citrus

Summer has been late and cool here on the west coast – tiptoeing softly in, barely noticed… and already I can see tinges of red in the leaves of the maples that hint at Autumn to come.  (Quick – enjoy summer while it’s still here!)

It only takes a glance at this composition to really feel Summer… the juicy oranges, the mouthwatering lime greens, the hot turquoises, the beach-ball dots and the silvers bursting with seashore imagery…

Clockwise from clasp:  “Dichroic Flower clasp”, “Turquoise Green Dot”, “Neither Fish nor Bird”, “Universal Unique – amber stripe”, “Turquoise Armadillo”, “Rainbow”, “Treasures”, “Power Chakra”, “Amazonite”, “Universal Unique – yellow & white”, “Ocean”, “Peter”, “Turquoise Bubbles”, “Orange Steel”, “Neither Fish nor Bird”, “Turquoise Green Dot”.

I like the repetition of a couple of bead designs in this composition:  The “Turquoise Green Dot” reminds me of a child’s beach ball, and having two of them framing the clasp on this bracelet adds a playful note.  I also enjoy the odd little “Neither Fish Nor Bird”, and like the symmetry that it offers at the ends of the bracelet.

Another outstanding bead in this bracelet is the extraordinary “Turquoise Armadillo”… It’s quite petite, as many armadillos are, but the intensity of colour and unusual lime green element are stunning.  It’s perfect in this colour drenched design.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Citrine

This juicy bracelet features a simple citrus and black colour theme, where the brilliant yellow and orange beads can take centre stage.  For a touch of subtle interest I selected a very unusual unique as the feature bead – it has a rare combination of periwinkle and tangerine.  To settle the blue-grey into the bracelet nicely I used a “Khaki Stripe” with a very blue cast to it, and a “Milan”, where the blue is also very clear.

Clockwise from clasp:  “Freja Lock”, “Milan”, “Universal Unique – orange stripe”, “Flowers”, “Black Gold”, “Honeydew Amber”, “Two sides to Everything”, “Diamond Bead, Black”, “Universal Unique – periwinkle & tangerine”, “Orange Steel”, “Transformation”, “Khaki Stripe”, “Power Chakra”, “Chick”, “Limited Edition Diamond Flower – black & white”, “Universal Unique – orange, yellow & lilac”.


Trollbeads Inspiration: Orange!

The orange side of the Trollbeads spectrum is perhaps an acquired taste:  these are not the first beads that I was attracted to in the collection, but lately I’m finding them totally delicious.

Some of the citrus-y beads that I’m loving in this combination:  “Pumpkin”, “Honeydew Amber”, “Golden Cave”, “Troll with Big Feet”, “Power Chakra”, “Sun Circle”, “Rainbow”, and “Red/Purple Chess”.  Golden Cave is perhaps an unexpected addition here, but the bronze-gold leaf in this bead looks wonderfully orange when paired with other colours of that tone, and the lilac is a perfect complement.  The “Troll with Big Feet” has the perfect blend of orange, green and lilac shimmering in its dichroic stone.  The glistening feel is echoed in the “Rainbow” and “Honeydew” beads, which both feel like liquid light.